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                 HOUSE BUILT ON THE ROCK


House built on the Rock -“How are  you my boy? How is your family? I enquired a relative who came to take me home on our drive back. ‘He quipped as his hand was on the stearing the wheel and staring at the traffic, “Its on rocks aunty” –Not only he there are many families on rocks. Instead of building House on the Rock of Ages, living on rocks. I feel very sad seeing the modern families. Confused and ruffled up. sad and pretending to have joy. —

(There is an order in the family of God. Equality of the couple does mean respect for one another not that they could argue over the issues with one another. People still ask me ,”Why you obeyed your husband so much? Should we obey him like that? What if he is dull headed one? What if he could not take up one good decision in life? –“ I tell them, Family cannot be built in one day. Preparation for marriage starts right before the marriage. Your commitment, your respect for him right before your marriage. You can treat him as a ‘’king and make him a king or treat him as a pauper and made him a pauper’’. Woman is the crucial member in the family. Even before she begot children, a man is at her disposal to bring him up.  For girls who are going to get marry my advice of this sort may be useful, if they want to. Then what about the women already married and led some years with a man who would never show himself worthy of leading the home? –Woman thou are not fragile, you have the weapon of prayer in the corner of your house, if you really longing to build up a home based upon the Lord’s pattern, as of Abraham and Sarah,  the time is never over. You still can learn at His feet how to deal with such husbands. There is a place to inject wisdom in his dull head, not in public at least.)

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Hello All! I am a retired Lecturer, Former Air Hostesses, and a writer. I love to share MY STORIES, WITH MY GOD.

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