Hunger vs Waiting


Hunger vs Waiting

       I often humorously used to say, ” Why God gave us hunger ?That too, three times per day+?,

The pangs of hunger is horrible ,unless we determined to fix on “fasting or Dieting”. We need to sleep for 8 hours, without fail, unless we are unable to sleep or control to a fixed hours of sleep by self will.
These two things'” hunger and sleep” are inevitable in Man’s life whether he wants these or doesn’t want these. They are there.These are two essential things which cant be eliminated from our lives. Hunger makes us to work hard, it could be quenched any way either by the broth, or by byriyani, in road side hawkers tent or in Maharajah  hotel.It can be quenched by one rupee or thousand rupees for one meal. But we need to work for it, either by sweat or by brain.
Funny no person can escape it since he we came out of the womb till he reaches the grave. The first cry of the infant could be for a sip of milk, pang of hunger. Sleep cannot be avoided either, whether he is a beggar or a king. must sleep or else he would act like a zombie.

So why man is afflicted with these two ?hunger and sleep? Why man is constantly work or wait for these two everyday? unless these two basic things are fulfilled to the core,  man cannot be a man Right from the ancient man, these pangs of hunger made man to hunt, run or quarrel or fight for it. In fact Adam and Eve were the ones who were overcome by this taste of the tongue.
How the world would be if this hunger would not rule the mankind ? Why God instilled the pangs of hunger in man ? Why He asked man to work, toil and bring forth the fruits of the land? There must be a Divine plan , purpose in this often forgotten secret of life.
The sleep is something which is beyond comprehension. What God wants us to learn from it? Is it the shadow of the death as scriptures or poets describe it ? The night is created only for sleep? When Electricity was not invented human race  has had nothing but to sit quietly in a corner because they could not see anything in the dark night, they doze and fell asleep? What were others who could not sleep immediately thought of the people who went into deep sleep?

What was the first reaction of man for his own sleep and of the others ? what was the purpose of God in making man to sleep and wake up in the morning, refreshed and relaxed?
We sleep either on the road side or on velvet mattresses, sleep does not bother of the place or comfort. when we really feel to sleep , it doesn’t matter where you sleep or how we sleep, sitting, or crouching, or laying –it won’t make any difference.

As they say, all this taste of food is only for three inches tongue, after you tasted and grounded the food in the mouth with saliva, the taste lost it purpose while it goes into the throat, and you do not bother about it. For this small exercise of munching you crave for different tastes and work so hard to get the taste of your tongue. Wonder  why this phenomena took so much time and energy in our lives.

People behave in different ways to have the Taste and Comfort , they make battles , quarrel, steal, rob and kill others to have better taste and better comfort, which could be any way be fulfilled.Hoarding money in Swiss bank, bribing, black mailing killing all for the sake of Taste , better taste, and comfort, better comfort?

While I am indulged more and more on these two basic needs of man, I wondered Why God made man with these two, right from his birth,I was led to meditate on  Waiting, which is also instilled by God in the heart of man. Whether he likes it or not , for one thing or another thing in life he waits, consciously or unconsciously.
Waiting inspires man to go further,  waiting for next morsel of food, waiting for next spell of sleep, waiting for events, waiting for marriage, waiting for jobs, waiting for children, waiting for death.. oh its too an endless steering force in the life of man.

When i was a teenager II used to say, that “The most disgusting thing for me is to wait for others.” I wanted to have everything perfect, punctual, and to the point. when somebody said that they would come on such and such date and such and such time, they should be there, I did not like waiting for them. It was most irritating blaring thing for me Not knowing that life itself intertwined with waiting.

When I was young, I remember very well I was waiting for my dad, all the time, When he would come from the office what would he bring for me, was the inspiring thing for me as I was waiting for him. Because he used to bring something or the other for me a chocolate, marbles, pens, flowers, toys, lipsticks, nail polishes, gramophone records, or at least he would take me on his great bike or zeep outside or for cinema, or friends house. So waiting for him was a pleasant thing, and he never disappointed me.

Later going to school, writing exams, waiting for results, getting a job, waiting to get married, waiting for children , waiting for husband, waiting for the results of children their schools, their jobs, their marriages, their children, my retirement, all became the part and parcel of my waiting list,

Now what for I am waiting ? Funny this I never had in my mind before, but surprisingly it became the constant issue in my mind whether I like it or not. That is death. How it come, when it come, is the priority of life.

This is awesome, because no one knows how it would be when it would be and what it would be?There is no human understanding or explanation or comfort to give.
So ultimately what all that waiting for taste and sleep leads us to ? To something which could not be explained, by human tongue,
The Scriptures give us the taste of it only by One who tasted the death, who had gone through the pangs of death, in the bowels of the earth, and over came the death and who became alive again to tell us what it would be , how it would be, what to expect from it..!! St, Paul was thinking of it and said, “O ye death where is thy sting?” he affirmed that it is nullified by the Cross of the Saviour. When fear of death is over come by the Cross that is only by the death and resurrection of Christ , waiting for death is the sweetest thing in life, whatever may come, however it would be , whenever it may touch us, does not matter, There He is waiting for us, yes, WAITING for us, , this time we need not wait for it, He waits for us…!! There lies the sweetest hour, anticipating in coming near future.

Therefore God taught us from hunger and sleep and waiting … the greatest lesson of waiting for the One who waits for us.  Praise God. Alleluia !!

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Hello All! I am a retired Lecturer, Former Air Hostesses, and a writer. I love to share MY STORIES, WITH MY GOD.

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