I asked and He answered –SHAELTIEL

SUNDAY, MARCH 15, 2009

I asked and He answered –SHAELTIEL

I have been thinking to translate the episodes i published in AMMAVODI  exactly as they are.  Somehow it could not be worked out. i feel my glow of language is Telugu is far excellence and to translate it into Englishwith exact accuracy and diction could not be possible for me.  On the otehr hand my flow of the language in expression in English is quiet differnt, natural and smootha nd simple.  When i realized this i myself erased the baricode i kept for writing inEnglsih translation.  Therefore i am here today with great zeal and enthsiam to put my thoughts, feelings, incidents in my life in a manner whereinwhich i feel uncurtailed freedom.

Last time when i visited OOTY i felt that was the right place for me to write and fullfill my dream of becoming an ‘Author’ but as i do not have that much of money to invest on a home of mine there in OOTY.. i disappointingly retreated back to the 46 years old house in ELURU.
But today in IOWA, DESMOINES in the house of my children James & Happy i feel that my dream come true. This place is more ideal than OOTY more cooler…infact with heaps of snow, white sheets of it endlessly spreading all over which behold through my glass window in an amzing scenario.  The conifers drooping thier branches with heavy lumps of snow are like bicotrious soldeirs standign erect in midst of the deep snow reminds me the inner strength that God bestows into the sould of those who trust in Him inthe ‘ Storms of life”  The little chipmunk the only stranger, anda freidnly being often coming if the whole businesss of the world i resting upon her puffy soft back and it is running hither and thither in the snow as a spark of light from one corner to t the other.
 Cuch congenil atmosphere and cool and quiet surroundings gives me immense joy to write and write without a mrk of disturbance or attending daily course of calls and people as it have in my home in ELURU.
The house is warm, with 24 hours of hot water, and thework in the kitchen is so cozy as everything is prefixed exactly as they should be . Happy’s fridge and shelves are full of food stuff, canned foods, begetables, and eatables and drinks.  Its just requires a minute to go and have anything for our hearts content.  The microwave, and Modern gas stove, dish wahser everythi is within reach and to cook in such congenial and comfortable amenities is giving me joy as my dear children are hungry for ‘mothe-madefood stuffs’.
so in this peaceful and happy surrounding, i feel i can work through in better possible way rather any where else.  Oh i got time to stay  3motnhs over here, i wish I can write 4 hours per day and thus complete this book which i have been dreaming to write sincea long time (MARCH 1ST , 2007)
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Hello All! I am a retired Lecturer, Former Air Hostesses, and a writer. I love to share MY STORIES, WITH MY GOD.

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