At His Feet



Read :

  1. Ezekiel20:47 to 49
  2. Luke :23:33-38

The man of God was nick named as Riddle Man.  A man who speaks riddles.  This name was given by Israelites.  Strange these people are love by God so much. He called them as The Chosen people.  But they never heed the words of His prophets.  As Jesus said, they have persecuted them and stoned them and tortured them, still Jesus was telling them

“ Children just like the hen gathers its chicks I gathered you under my wings. “Luke 13:34

If we read the 20th chapter of Ezekiel we see how God was pleading His children.  In every other sentence He was telling them, that

“You are doing so many unworthy things, you are worshipping idols and you are rebellious, you do not listen to me but I am not destroying you, just because of MY Name. I do not like to bring shame to my name by destroying you.”

That was the essence of that chapter.  So the prophet brought that message in 49 verses How God is concerned of them. But what did they say?  Oh this man is speaking in riddles.

He is not speaking in riddles, his speech was just a plain talk. In fact those elders of the Israelites came and sit in front of the prophet to listen to him but when he told them what the Lord told him to tell them they pooh poohed saying .. This is good for nothing, all riddles, we cannot understand this.  They are proud of their IGNORANCE Happy to be ignorant, this is mere Foolishness. They come and sit in front of the prophet just like any good persons, but do not try to understand what he was telling, and do not like to correct themselves. On the other hand they are making fun of the prophet and his words of the Lord.

Isaiah 29:11-13  This is a verse, where  a person well educated reads the Bible but could not understand, and also a person who is illiterate was asked to read the Bible but he refuses to read because he does not know the letters.

This is a strange situation. A person know the letters but do not know the meaning. A person does not know the letters but do not know what to read and how to read. Both are sailing in the same boat.

 There are 4 ty pes of people:–

  1. Those who do not know   what they do not know.-Foolish- be away from them.
  2. Those who  know          what they do not know.-Simple- Teach them
  3. Those who do not know   what they know.-Sleepy- awake them
  4. Those who know                    what they know.-Wise- Follow them

There are different types of people who were associated with Jesus while He was walking to the Calvary.

  1. The First type: – Those whodo not know  what they do not know.-Foolish- be away from them.

These people are those they do not know anything. Muffs, not clever, dull, docile, cannot understand anything. Bible says they are FOOLS. The Proverbs give different traits of these people.  But these people are so foolish that they do not know anything.  They do not know that they do not know.   They think of themselves very high. They look down at others.  We cannot mend them. Better we be away from them. Keep distance from them.  To be associated with them is very clumsy.

Who are those people our Lord is praying for   who do not know even that they do not know?

“Father forgive them for they do not know what they do”

2.The Second type:- Those who  know what they do not know.-Simple- Teach them

These people do know at least that they do not know.  It means they are aware that they   are not so clever, not so wise, that they are not aware of certain things in life. At least there is some hope to mend them. They are teachable. We can show them where they were wrong, because they are aware of their ignorance in certain matters, there is all ways a chance to make them wise. They are just simple people.  We have to teach them. But these are some people during the crucifying time.  Jesus was praying even for those people

“Father forgive them for they do not know what they do.”

Who are those people for whom Our Lord was praying for? who are aware that they do not know?

  1. The Third type: – Those whodo not know  what they know.-Sleepy- awake them

Those who do not know that they know this is miserable ones indeed.  They do not know that they know.  They are sleepy. Dreamy, not in real world. They know certain things but they do not know that they know. Sorrowful situation indeed.  They are underestimating themselves. We have to wake them up.

Who are these people for whom the Lord is praying for? These people who do not know that they know?

“Father for give them for they do not know what they do”

  1. Fourth type;- Those whoknow              what they know.-Wise- Follow them

These people are those who do know what they know.

They are wise and great. Jesus Christ is the only One who knows all . He knows why He came into this world. He know what He saw His Father was working, in close quarters as father and son. He know what His Father was telling Him to do.  Because He was with Him all the time. He was one with His Father. So He knows what He knows. And very sure what it was with the Father, and on what errand He was sent to this world. He know that He had to give His life and He know that He was powerful to give His life and take it back. He know the past, the present, and future of this world.

Therefore this WISE ONE, HOW He is putting with these IGNORANT LOT?

Why He was so kind to forgive them who mistreated Him just pleading on their behalf that they do not know what they do?

Let us see who are these people who were ignorant of what they are doing?

Let us see who these First type of people are at the time of Crucifixion

Who were these people for whom Our Lord was praying? ?

They are arrogant, furious, foolish and proud.  They are none other than the authorities, , the soldiers, the Pharisees, The High Priests namely Anna and Caipha,  The Jews, and all others, who tortured Him and made fun of Him, who shouted at Him, Who recklessly dragged Him on the road, decorated Him in mocking attire of the King,  Of all the other things they never bother about His teachings, never cared about His life, His preaching.


s were shouting at Him saying “This one can save others but he cannot save himself. If you are really Christ save yourself “If you are the King of Jews, save yourself. They wanted to mock Him further so they wrote a caption to put up on His cross, THE KING OF JEWS.

Soldiers: . (Mark 15:16-20) John 19:4; Mark 15:16-20

 They made a wreath of thorns and pierced His head with it as if it was a crown to the mock king. They beat Him with their palms. They put on the royal colour dress to Him, put on the thorny crown on His comely face, and shouted “King of Jews!!all is well to you!!” and they prostrate in front of Him mockingly as if they were prostrating in front of a real King. They took a branch of a tree and hit on His Sacred Head; and spat on His face and knelt before Him and folded their hands and made fun of Him .after a while they took off that royal dress and put on ordinary dress

Jews:- Luke 23:1;Luke 19:12 John 19:7

they were telling to the authorities, “ We have a rule among our religious lot, If anybody claims that he is the son of God we have to put him to death “They also threatened Pilate saying” Tell us whether you are the friend of Ceaser or not. If you allow this man to lose you are not the friend of Ceaser; and you must know that if any man claims himself that he is the king, he is the traitor, and enemy of Ceasere. They also were giving false witness saying, ‘This man made the people to revolt; He prompted us not to pay the taxes to the Ceaser; further he told us that he is Christ and He was a king”

High Priest: Scribers, Elders:

They were affirming to the people and every one gathered there, that they do not believe in other king except the Ceaser.- They mocked at Him saying,” This fellow cannot save himself but boasting  himself that he can save others. You are the King of Israel, aren’t you? Now get down from the Cross

People on the way:-Mark 14:65

some of them spit on His face and covered His face with cloth  and shouted mockingly,” Now Prophesize “ Some people said,’ Oh ye, you claimed you will destroy the temple and rebuild it in three days, save yourself now. If you are the Son of God, come down from the Cross “Thus they reproached Him out rightly.

 Caiaphas John 11:50

He said that “You do not realize that it’s better for you that One Man should die for the people than for the whole nation to be destroyed.”

Women:-  . Luke 23:54,55

  There were women who  followed Him from Galilee and  also women from Jerusalem. They were crying and wailing. Jesus saw them and told them not to cry for Him or for His suffering. But they must cry for themselves and for their children. Because He knew how the Jews are going to curse themselves by saying, ‘Let His blood be upon us and upon our children, “ They shouted like that to crucify Him.  These women loved Jesus so very much but they did not know what was happening. They know that Jesus is the Lord, but they do not know why He was being crucified. They did not leave Him when He was on the cross, they were there when His body was taken down from the cross, weeping, they followed Nichodamus and Arimathai Joseph when they laid down His body in the empty tomb. They were the women who came back to see the tomb on Sunday .Mark 15:47 Among them there was Mary His mother, Mary of Magdalen, wife of Clopa, Salome etc. They know not what they know. Even the wife of Pilate belongs to this women group. As Job said God speaks to us sometimes through the dreams, once or twice to make us aware of the things He intended to inform us

Herod:_Luke 23: 8-9

He was the most carnal king, fearless, useless, and loathsome.  Lazy ,slothful, lives in luxury eating and drinking and carnal life.  He too was pleased to see Jesus. His sinful nature is inherited from his ancestors. Just like his father who said to the wise men,

“ You go and find Him , I will come afterwards to worship Him” with a wicked plan of killing Jesus Christ. This Herod also was so cunning, he wanted to see some miracles performed by Jesus, he thought he can pursue Him to do so.

He asked many questions to Jesus, But Jesus did not answer him.

He reproached Him along with his soldiers, made fun of Him and gave a precious cloth to cover Him and sent Him to Pilat .Luke 23:11

It seems whole world joined to gathered to bring unjustful justice on our Lord.

Pilate  Mark 15:9,10,12,14,,15

He knew that the High Priests brought Him because they are jealous of Him.  So he was asking, them

 ”Do you want me to release The King of Jews?’

Then what shall I do with this King of Jews, you tell me, I myself cannot do anything.

Why should I crucify Him? He did not do anything wrong.

He wanted to please the mob, so he released Barabbas and sent Jesus to be crucified

He enquired whether Jesus was a Galilean, and found an excuse to send Him to be judged by Herod.

Luke 23:6

Are you a King? John 18:37

What is Truth? John 18:38

I do not find any flaw in this Man John 19:4,6


If you see Luke  This Pilate is a man who found joy in killing Galilians and mix their blood into the blood of their sacrifices.  He was a cruel man.

We find Pilat here in a strange meeting with the Creator. The minute he saw Jesus his life was upside down. He never could be of himself after that meet.

His wife warned him, she knows how stupid her husband was. He will stoop down to any level for the sake of power and money.

This Pilat was such a person he can threaten any one in his office. But at home he has to be an obedient man to his wife.  Tiger outside , inside a cat.

Once a  tiger got married and invited all the animals of the forest to come for a dance dinner. So a cat was asked to sing a song meow meow. The cat started to sing a song, like this. “ Meow Meow, do not get marry , do not get marry.” Tiger was annoyed and asked the cat why he is singing such a song on this happy occasion of his wedding. The cat answered,  ‘Meow Meow, Tiger sir, I too was a tiger before I got married. After I got married I became a cat. So I am warning all the animals not to get marry”  Cheerio,

This Pilate was such a wicked man  a wicked judge,  He was a hard core enemy of Jews, a  foolish judge appointed by the Romans.   He was an enemy of Herod.   Herod considered him as a threat

to his power, but when they decided to kill and get rid of Jesus they became bosom friends.   Its an evil friendship.  Just like Ananiah and Sappirah.  To cheat and deceive and to kill some people become friends.  And Pilate was afraid of the counsel of his wife. Because she sent a note very clear that Jesus was a righteous man and should not do anything wrong.   He was afraid of Jesus as well as his god fearing wife.

He questioned Jesus  “ From where you have come? John 19:9

Jesus did not answer him.

“Don’t you talk to me?” he is demanding Jesus

He was boasting about his power to deliver Jesus or kill Him.  John 19:11

He wrote of the Title on the Cross Jesus that He was the king of Israelites in three languages. Not because he know or believe it, but he was so confused, not knowing what to do. He trusted his wife words, but at the same time as he was mad of power and money he could not decide anything properly.

He tried to play a game by putting Barabbas a murderer in front of the mobs asking them to choose Jesus to be delivered.  He was such an irresponsible judge, he could not take any responsibility of any act of himself.

He was such a fool, he went and washed his hands saying he does not have any part in the death of Jesus. For whose sake he did that?


These are the people who Do not know that they do not know any thing about the Cross and Christ. And His sacrifice, and His love and His compassion.  But they thought they were the masters of the event.   They behave as if they were the ones appointed to do everything. And whole event was in their hands.  Which is not so. They were just fools.

If we take this situation to the Present situation.  How many of us are like that? How many times we  do not know that we do not know.

Cultural  and  contextual Theology is something we should be aware. We cannot force people behave as it was in the past.  I travelled whole world, I met many races, and spoke in many countries. Visited almost all the countries, studied them. But if I say I know everything its foolishness.  Did you see an ant on a big canvas of painting, if you ask it how is the painting , it would answer it is so red, only red, because it sat on the spot of red on the painting. And thinks the whole paint is only red.  Only the Artist know what the canvas was consisting of . You need to see the paint from distance to know what it is. If you put ur eye near the paint on one spot you do not know what it is. But if you say, that you know everything, you are the one who do not know that you do not know.

ISSUES are not Important. Bible is important. Culture changes, circmustances changes, dress, rites, customes, civilization, change. We are not like the people in the Bible. Not even Israelites are not like they were in the times of Jesus.

Their dress is not like it was. People change. Do not force outward things as of Bible.

Values would not change. The Moral of the Bible will not change. God is God all ways. He loves the sinner but hates Sin.

Fear of people and fear of Customs   Isaiah 8:

Once a person came and told me this door should be here, that window should be there, When I asked the reason she said VAASThu,  should we be afraid of window, door,? You will become mad if you have this sort of fear. We should be careful only about God. Only about His word. Recently one pastor told me even God told vaasthu, how ? I asked , he said God gave Noavah how to construct a ship.  Donot you know the difference from architecture or engineering and vasthu? Which makes you fearful?

Fear does not come from God.

Once an old lady told me that I have to do something to get relief from pain. It was not medicine but something I need to depend on some sort of woman. I said whatever of not the faith is sin. I do not have faith in that woman because it was not according to the word of God.

Are you in a deep pit of not knowing that you do not know?

Bribe and Dowry.

Taking is sin? Giving is sin?

Yesterday How many you teachers took bribe to vote for this MLC election.? They came to me that they would give silver glasses as bribe. I said I do not need, I wont touch them.

Once when I was in college, when I went to my class to teach they kept the silver glasses on my table. When I enquired they told me its for voting. I gave them to HIV AID patients who were pregnant at that time. With tears I beg you dear ones hate this ill gotton  money. Never spoil your soul. This is only for this world. But you will never have Peace God gives you. Remember the song sung by the Angels, in Christmas time… Peace to those who are His beloved.

One day gold and coin or land will not give peace to you, you cannot ask God whatever you like if u do so.

You cannot pray like David. Or Hanna, or Esther, or Daniel. Peter..

Last but not the Least. Repent for your sins and return to the Lord.    Rebirth//   Its called Maaru Manassu in Telugu language.

Do you know what was the first message of Jesus consisting of? Do you know what was He was preaching to people in His ministry?  Do you know what was His last message consisting of? Do you know what was the message of John the Baptist consisting of?

Do you know what was the message  to the churches in Revelation. Repent. Repent and change your life.

Read Matt4:17  His first message.

Luke 13:1-4 If you do not repent you too will perish like them.

John3:3 Unless you are reborn.

Matt 3:10 Luke 3:8 John was speaking about the rebirth.

Revelations 1:3.2:5; 2:16; 2:21,22;3:3; 22:18,19

These are important, not how you eat, how you dress up, how you laugh. Please God is going to ask us which we give importance? Rebirth or dress, food, or customs?

Plz do not be like thos who do not know what they donot know. And God

Will consider us as ungodly and foolish.

For us Christ prayed on the cross. . He prayed Father forgive them for they do not know what

they do.

He is praying for u and me. Let us not be Ignorant and unware of His plans for our lives.

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