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In the Lap of Mother Nature-my childhood

SUNDAY, MAY 28, 2017

In the Lap of Mother Nature-my childhood

                         O Neele parvothonki dhaara, aaye dundule kinara badi dhoorse-sab ko sahara chaahiye…!!!
My childhood song.. ringing in my mind, seeing those beautiful tall majestic dark mountains in distance, I sat at the window of the Airoplane looking down at the Globe from which we took off a few minutes back.  The white clouds and gray clouds everywhere standing still and looking down at the small toy like cars , people and skyscrapers scattered all over the receding ground.
The Aircraft zooming and shooting into the thin air steadily and swiftly.
The little girl who was fond of these white clouds was there in front of my closed eyes. How I loved those white clouds at the age of four years, I thought of them some things to eat, like the cycle walla used to bring sugar candy every day calling,Peechu Mithai.. all the children gather around him to have stick of that sugar candy I imagined the clouds up above the sky also must be tasty just like this sugar candy, and I used to dream that I was walking on those clouds eating them now and then.

The taste of clouds was real in my dream they were like cream on the milk sweet and nice.  And there were white little flowers on our terrace, they were  just like little dishes, with a small spot in middle of those creamy white petals. I used to pluck them and bring them down to my bed and stare at them for a long time, admiring the beauty of those little flowers. clouds and little dish white flowers were my friends I could talk to them and tell them stories which nobody knew and listen to the stories they tell me with keen eyes concentrating on them.

The little stars were a wonder to me, why they were twinkling like that, why some of them are too bright and some of them not so bright? I do not know. Sometimes I wondered whether those stars are really sitting in one place or moving slowly in some direction? I wanted to test so lieing down on the mat on the terrace beside my mom and aunty, I used to concentrate on one particular star, staring at it hardly, I used to feel that it was moving, but its not moving staring and I go into deep sleep at one point.

When I was on the bike of my dad I used to look up into the sky and look at moon  was after me running to catch me. wondered why moon is running like that.

I was in   5th class , our house was on the banks of the canal. which was flowing fully , the banks were full of green pastures., we used to walk on the pasture while looking at the glazing water, the sun reflects into the water and the small waves used to give gret reflection on our faces. One of my friend told me those were the dead fish on the water. I wondered whether I can catch them.. any time

,               .There were palm trees, on rainy day we used to get one big black Palm fruit for a KAANI , the Kaani is a coin of copper, there were two types one is a round one another was a round one with a hole in it.We used to buy one fruit with that kaani and bring it to home to burn it in the fire where we used to cook food.  The taste of the yellow juice in that big black fruit was so good. After we ate it, in fact we used to lick the juice with our hands and tongues, the seed would be hidden in a mound of clay, after a few days we used to dig it and break the seed and used to eat the white pulp in side, it was so sweet and yummy.

The canal was such a beauty, there used be big boats, some times the boats were anchored in front of our house in the water. The families used to cook on the boat, and eat food.  My dad used to bring up a beautiful garden in the home, with all the fruits and vegetables and flowers. There were Tenkeis, Roses of all colors, jasmins, chrysanthemum,r

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Hello All! I am a retired Lecturer, Former Air Hostesses, and a writer. I love to share MY STORIES, WITH MY GOD.

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