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This is purely my perception on reading this master piece of Ravindranath Tagore. I had a book by name The Queen of dark Chamber a few years back. But I never did give a second thought that the title might be a sort of imitation of Tagore Novel.

After reading this book I felt attracted to go through all his books and short stories as quickly as possible. ‘ think of the devil, and it is there’– I found the stories of Ravindhranath Tagore on Netflix as many episodes as I wish to see.

I started to linger in in strange world of Bengal, the actors, situations, the theme taken by Tagore touched my heart. I knew a story by name Kabuliwalla from the English text book , but today when I see the story , I cant but shed tears softly from my eyes, cheeks falling on the pillow where my head rested.

After I spontaneously scribbled the analysis on the King of the Dark Chamber , I happened to know that most of his works draw the spiritual rhythm from not only Hindu Upanishads, and Buddhism but also Christianity
Therefore when I looked back the wright up of mine on this novel did not surprised me nor I feltt that I discovered a secret of Tagore personal life. I know, to understand this drama from christian perspective one must be thorough with the Bible. only those who are aware of the Scriptures from the Bible could understand the inner meaning of the drama. Therefore all my predecessors who wrote comment on this book could not do justice because they do not know the Bible. . And those who knew Bible might not read this great novel or give time to go deep into it to understand it through the eyes of the Gospel,or there be some wright ups which are not in my amateur’s per view.

Before launching into my analysis , I will tell the gist of the drama for my readers who never happened to read this great book. Even those read consider it a as strange, useless, Chandhmama story of time pass , like me when I first read it.

Here is brief story of the drama for my readers.

“There was a King who was too ugly to look at. Nobody like to see him. so he used to hide himself in a dark chamber, his father wanted to perform his marriage, knowing no one like to marry his ugly son, he somehow got one beautiful girl Sulochana as his wife without showing his son to her..
once she wanted to see the king – knowing that he was in procession she tried to see him. But the king did not ride the horse, he. whease preferred to walk on the dusty road. Seeing a very handsome guy on the horse she mistakenly believed that must be her husband and the king. the real king was waving his hand at her, but she never noticed him, as there is nothing special about him. Her maid of honor Surangama once happened to see the King in the dark chamber but her version of description was different. She said that she never saw such benevolent and compassionate being .His heart look like a Lotus with Thunderbolt in it. For which the queen was surprised. So when she tried to see him in the dark chamber she could not bare the sight Whereas the grand father and maid could see him with implicit trust and talk about his radiance. Soluchana could not believe them, She was very proud of her beauty and left the king .She followed Suvarna on the horse, an impostor. The king of Kanchi also erred like the queen , he too tried to search for the truth, understood his mistake like her and started to walk on the dusty road along with the queen in search of the King.”–

The great writer and critic Edward Thomson comments ‘The drama is magnificently dealt with the theme of God dealings with men. This drama is the 20th century master piece of fairy tale, metaphor, and philosophy all in one.(continued next blog) soon. Meanwhile think of the story and you can comment
Just pick this story line by line and write your own comment on it, for my enlightenment.

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