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It’s All About Money


                It’s All About Money

We think we have to do everything, and find ourselves in a ditch and from which we cannot come out. Now a days how greedy we have become, we want to imitate others, their houses, their marriage alliances, their furniture, people are buying every thing in installments, or on loans,  beyond their capacity. They are so greedy they never can have any relationship even with their own spouse, without financial profit one way or the other.

First we must know what we need, do we need pomp and show or peace of mind? Why we should go after Mrs. Jones life style, when we cant afford?    Better we could have vegetable curry on our platter rather than having feast of non vegetarian food with financial debts and problems. Better we have cotton clothes rather than silk attire when we need to save. Life is in between  “Needs and wants’, we should learn to distinguish what are our needs and what are our wants. In my Degree Economics class I learnt that every “want need not be fulfilled. Malthus Theory of Economics wonderfully explains us,   that Needs are finite Wants are boundless.  Our wants once fulfilled gives rise to Diminishing Returns.     If a christian do not know how to control his wants,he is useless in every field. Once we fulfill our Want, and when we seek more wants in life, after it reached to a peak the desire for wants will diminish down the graphic.  The more we gain the less will be our satisfaction and Peace too.  Malthus Theory teaches us the value of money and how it should be used.  The value of any good depends upon the demand we have and upon  the supply of the goods.  When we lack the good, we demand it more and more, when that good is not within reach we give more value to it and seek for it all the while. But if there were many goods within reach our demand automatically decrease thereby the value we give to it also diminish.  I saw our children in Foreign countries have too many toys to play . They are scattered everywhere in the house, in fact they spill out of the room they are supposed to stay.  I saw there children are not happy, they play with the new toy for a few minutes and throw it away, their demand is less, because the supply is too much, thereby the price or value for that toy diminished to zero. I found these children grumpy, lonely , not even with a smile on their faces.—  But I saw a group of chumps in a village of India playing in utmost joy jumping up and down on the banks of the river.They were shouting ecstatically, and their voices heard echoing the place. When I approached them to see with what they were playing , I saw one boy among them caught a rat which was eating the limited grains they had in a pot,  and he tied a thread to its tail  and as it was trying to escape by jumping up and down, these children too were jumping up and down enjoying the show.  Money and luxury do not give joy, the more we have the more we become cynical, and lonely.                                                 Man is ruled by Money and by the way he spends it. A beautiful and controlled personality of christian describes his way of life of spending money. If you are a Christian and do not have control over your purchases, and investments which lead you into debts, which should be paid through out life, you are the most foolish person in the world. In case you fall sick and not in a position to work to get salary and pay your loans, how shameful it would be!! Should a Christian go for highest investment and pay the loans life long ? by not enjoying the daily comforts of life? Should you count your coins always to pay the dues? Should you leave your debts to your family even after your death as a memory ?                                                                                                                                                           Some people argue with me, any way as we are paying such big sum of rent on our residence, presently, let us take a loan and pay that amount as an investment on our house or other investments. Some people argue that they want to buy goods and furniture on instalment basis , “let us enjoy the goods now itself even without paying money fully, and let us pay the due amount little by little for coming future, say a few months, or years. They thus buy Gas stove, Fridge, car, all expensive ones.

Don’t you have shame or consciousness, or proper calculations of money in using thus? Do you know the future of your capacity of earning in the coming years? At least do you have some property to sell and pay the loan when you are not capable of earning? These people may be worldly wise, but they are earning only a curse of the money rather than Peace of earnings, joy of spending it and praising the Giver of every good gift from above.

Life is like a bubble, how can you trust yourself that you could pay the loan in long run?  I do not have that much of greediness nor my husband . We preferred to stay in small house, even in a thatched house literally  rather than go for big house beyond our capacity We sacrificially spent for others. We did had some savings for the rainy day, to face sickness, or disaster. We did not want to depend on any body. Because God gave us good jobs, can’t we save and buy things we need? Why should be our wants turn to be a need? This is mere absurdity in our opinion. Therefore till today we did not incur any unnecessary expenditure beyond our limits. Yes, better to have leafy veg in our plat than to have fatty mutton to eat, with a debt lagging behind. Thus by doing and living so, we might have looked as very low in strata of the society, but we both knew we were rich, and higher in our cadre and in earnings. We valued the identity given by God rather than by possessing higher appearances in our lives. When my dad wanted me to study for IAS exams, I sought the will of God, after I resigned the Air Hostess job in Air India International Air lines, I sought for His will in my life, and He told me “Not to seek for greater riches for myself” Jer 45:5 “and seekest thou great things for thyself? seek them not:” yes of course I may not have Queen’s bed, or posh washrooms, or highly polished flats to live in. But this 60 year old type house is like a palace for me, and my simple bed gives me sound sleep and happiness.

Wants and Needs. How we fulfill them,? Do we have control over them? Or they control over us? Our life our character, our personality, our very existence have its meaning by the way we deal these wants, and needs. Whole world is rotating around Wants, and Needs. People are misled, earn, borrow, invest, to have a Status in the society. People try to get Status by making Debt, or get things by instalment basis, live by fear, die by fear not knowing how to keep things they gained by various methods, plans, and tricks in life. Poor we, once in the 6 feet ditch in the bowels of the earth, not even ONE THING, Yes, ONE THING stick to us. Money makes everything crazy, our aims, our goals, our relations everything rotates around currency and makes life dizzy and busy. Ultimately what we are taking with us? Empty handed, Naked body, only into the grave where people smile inwardly looking at us. Soon they leave the body in the burial ground, rushed home to pick the things left by the body in the tomb. Life is Funny.

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Hello All! I am a retired Lecturer, Former Air Hostesses, and a writer. I love to share MY STORIES, WITH MY GOD.

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