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Joy, and Gentleness


I was suddenly called by the in charge pastor to speak a few words from the Word of God and share my testimony. My name was announced, and I can’t but get up and proceed to the dais, not having a least thought in my mind to speak about. I stood at the mike and opened my English Bible. I am more comfortable with my Telugu Bible rather than English bible as I read and meditate the word of God only in my vernacular language, rather than English lanugauge; to my dismay I found my self in front of the mike and in front of the expectation eager, devoted and spiritual congregation. As 99% of them do not know my language, they expect me to speak in International language that is English. So I depended on God and His ministering angels to help me, and took up the challenge.

So here I found my self .opening the Epistle written by St. Paul to the congregation in Phillippians. This Epistle is known as the ‘Epistle of Joy”

How Stipule could write a letter like that while he was right in midst of problems, jailed, persecuted, and all through his life for the sake of his love for Christ? That was the secret of his life.

He spoke many things in this epistle, One particular verse always, grips my attention, “Let your gentleness be evident to all” What type of a Christian he/she should be to be a role model of gentleness? How our reactions be shown, through our facial expressions, gestures, way of talking, our gait and traits we exhibit, everything shows it, even while we drive, smile, and laugh…oh.. How important it is to be careful about our every move to show this gentleness.

St Paul was speaking about how important it is to be joyful always, Rejoice, I say again, rejoice. In the Lord always. And he admonishes us let your requests be known to God in prayer… and then the PEACEthat exceeds every human understanding would guard and protect our hearts, minds…This must be the top secret of a gentle Christian. How I wish I could be so!!

Yet I know, that it is not an easy thing we need to practice it, learn of Him every minute, and conscious of Him every moment and be alert how we influence others with whom we come in contact. And love them as we do love our selves. Keeping ourselves in the shoes of others, feel like others, gives us this disposition, trying to win friends only being a friend to them. Gives us this peace. And joy in our lives. There is no other short cuts… try and learn this. Let the Lord help us to learn of Him more and more.

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Hello All! I am a retired Lecturer, Former Air Hostesses, and a writer. I love to share MY STORIES, WITH MY GOD.

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