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FRIDAY, JUNE 1, 2012

Since the Face Book

Since the Face Book started into my life, during my last visit to Virginia, there has been dearth of postings in my blog.  The thirst for writing , and publishing , and sharing with family and friends through the blog has been replaced by Facebook. In short, I found there would be more viewers and readers of my postings in Facebook, rather than my blog, as there are limited social net work friends for me here:;  and also it is not viewed publicly as it in the case of Facebook,
But , alas, I lost the most beautiful way of articulating my thoughts into words, in Facebook. The nature of Facebook is it would not allow you to put pages and pages of life history, observations, and reflections , as the space provided there is limited. And that too, now a days no body has time and patience to read pages, hardly they find time to read a few lines.  How many days , may be 25/30 days of a month the news paper lies there on the portico without being read, Because the news comes in it early in the morning is already out dated. The TV gives Breaking News all the time, and the public are aware of the incidents in a second, as it happens. Sometime/ More times, they see live shows of news, so the Headlines in the news papers are already 24 hours late information for us in this speedy world.
And about the magazines, books, short stories, novels… oh, no place for these beautiful friends in the homes and in the lives of the people. TV,& Computesr are fulfilling every craving for new information.
A book in the hand, in the bus stop , orat traveling points, is replaced by Ipod, mobile cells. and lap tops.
Hardly we see any one reading a book in public places.  We used to read some book or magazine while waiting for the Doctor’s appointment, even that is replaced by small idiot box on the wall. Every patient and his attendant are glued to this box stretching their necks up, to stare at the screen.  Hardly the human relations takes place.
The family is the most effected and destroyed unit due to the high tech appliances of Information.
In this context, could we go back to the past golden days? Impossible. It cannot be.  In fact if we go further into our ancestors lives, they were more happier than any one. Because, the Speed did not touch their lives. They were the agriculture folks, depending upon the Nature, for their livelihood, The nature taught them to wait patiently for the fruit of the land. Patience is the letter of life. Their attitudes, emotions, life pattern everything ruled by patience, the lessons taught by the Mother Nature.  The result of theri hard work and patience is Fruit of the land to meet their simple needs. But now the result of man’s toil is Paper bucks, We fill our granaries, Banks with paper, unlike the food grains. Do not know when this paper money lost its value, the humankind is allways at the brink of suspension, tension, and uncertainity.
Our old saying, is, ” One who trusts the land never fails”  is true by all means.
But again the question, can we go back to that Seed values, leaving this Speed values??
Can not be. Life is at its hike. Technology, Globalization, Privatization, cannot take back step.
As a result, the family relations are taken up as just contract. and for the selfhish errands. No commitment, no sacrifice, no love.. these are the strange and useless words for the present day generation.
What is life for , after all to live happily. If this is not achieved what is the use of earning and working and saving and working?
My question is, can we find Time to develop our soft skills, like, expression of love, acts of commitment, and sacrifice, deeds of kindness….? Whatever you do , However you are busy without a little time for yourself, there won’t be a sigh of peaceful contentment in your heart.  Remember there is difference between Sheep and goats all the time. Sheep are sheep, goats are goats… their deeds of spending their money, time, makes the difference. Thier expression of love and affection makes the difference. Their life goals, of searching for the needy and poor, meeting their needs makes the difference. Forget about what you do for your after life., here in this world one hour / or one half day in a month for such needy, the time you spent with them, the comforting hand you lend to them makes all the diffence…. FIND WHAT YOU NEED THE MOST… DON’T LET THE LIFE STEER YOU, YOU STEER YOUR LIFE… because the Poor are allways there for you .
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Hello All! I am a retired Lecturer, Former Air Hostesses, and a writer. I love to share MY STORIES, WITH MY GOD.

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