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 Killer  Instinct

As a girl born and brought up in a Police Officer’s family; observing the power, and authority of my DSP father, and also as a post graduate in Criminology and Correctional Administration; and Dynamics of Human Behavior  while studying the life profile of the criminals in the prisons, and in the field of correctional administration in Andhra, Telangana, Karnataka, and Maharashtra states; I often feel curious to further my observations in the studies of criminal mind; and the psychological analysis of it.

There are evil men in the Bible; many of them right from the beginning with satan in Genesis, to the Anti Christ in the book of Revelation. Cain,Pharo, Korah, Dhatan, Esau, brothers of Joseph, Belshazzar, Haman, Iscariot Jude etc etc. There are cheaters in every spectrum of life, either  religious,political or economical or social.

How does a cute little baby grow up to become the face the face of evil ? How does Austrian boy became Adolf Hitler? How the son of the privilege turn into Osama bin Laden? What makes one group of people slaughter the members of neighbouring group?–How could they think that was a good idea?

Those were different people who were difficult to understand –We may not have killed anyone-but we do mistreat him or her and made them an object of lust, gossip, disdain and commit character assassination of that person. This instinct of harming others physically, mentally with all our might in all our tasks to bring shame, humiliation destruction by oppressing, suppressing, demanding and  commanding beyond limits and bring the person to ruins.  That is  the killer instinct lurking in the darkest chamber of the human mind. Right from childhood to the death. Why and when a person become a killer with these thoughts of darkness is beyond comprehension, but Criminologists tried to peep into the human mind and life to find whether a person born as a criminal or made as a criminal.

What is in their mind? 

Are we susceptible of committing crime in an unguarded moment? Is it a one second abrupt action or contemplated and guarded, protected action ?

Why a person kills the other person without any reason sometimes like Cain? What makes a killer? a rapist? A kidnapper? What makes them to be sadistic murder? Why a person end up being evil? What are the roots ? Why a cruel husband beats his wife black and blue? Why a man beats the other man/woman?Why the innocent Nirbhaya faced such cruelty in Delhi Bus gang rape? Why an innocent Andhra girl was burnt in Maharashtra ? Why a boy of 9 years old killed a girl of 3 years old? Why a little girl Vaishnavi was burnt up in furnace? Why Graham Steins and his two little innocent sons were burnt in his zeep in the middle of the night while they were sleeping by Dara Singh?  why the jews were killed in millions in consecrated camps ?

Burning alive, slashing neck, hitting with a club or rock, cutting head, torturing? Why the whole village Karam chedu, Chundur were wiped of by burning by authoritative caste? Why even a little girl is raped and killed? Every day, every second, through out the world ? Why a teenage boy enters into a school premises, or church group and kills people with his gun? Why the buses with people will be burnt up by criminals? Why one family kill other family from generations together? Why these honour killings of decent girl by a decent parents? Why these mobs kill another people of different caste, religion in the name of self righteousness? Why an illegally related man and woman kill her own son in the darkness of the night? Ranga and Billa why they kidnapped and killed two innocent children without any reason?

Hatred, envy, sexual perversions, greediness, power consciousness so on and so forth make people to commit terrible deeds on others are some of the conclusions the lay people have.. But..

What is in the mind of the criminal?

Why a murder lost complete control of what he was doing? Was it the result of abusive childhood? Were they hard-wired from birth? Is someone born a criminal? Or someone made a criminal?

While I was doing case studies of these men and women in the prisons, I faced dark and dangerous side of human mind; face to face with pure evil and ventured into the inside of the mind of these people who were looked normal .

After committing murder and as he himself facing the execution a Navy officer, was reading a bundle of James Chase criminal novels when I went to meet him in his prison cell.

A boy of tender age was playing in the basket ball ground, just like any other boy after killing a little girl of 3 years in the fields when  he was caught up by the police. when I interviewed him in the Boy’s Certified School he did not exhibit any trace of guilt or remorse.  A boy of 20 years old was learning book binding in a cellar, who killed his own sister with an axe , when I approached him to study him. A man who killed his wife with butcher’s knife right in front of everyone was doing garden work tending beautiful roses there, when I requested him for an interview .  These are only a few cases, out of umpteen cases where I faced the dark evil nature of human being.  I found these people not having any remorse for the evil they committed. They told me their stories as a matter of fact as if they were depicting a cine story.

Even in daily life we see some of these people with this Killer Instinct, who are fond of controlling others, and show dominance over others. They feel great about in every situation, and look down at others. They love to control  people and the situations, power and authority over others.

In 1880s Jack the Ripper, in London streets killed women especially prostitutes brutally;  some even cannibalized their victims, keeping the organs of the body in the freezer. Idi Amin President of Uganda from 1971 to 1979  was an example of such acts.

Criminologists and Forensic Scientists searched for key to unlock the twisted psyche of  these monsters. As Criminologist student I studied the common traits of these criminals, in umpteen numbers. Their family and social  relationships, most of them come from the broken homes, where the parents ill treat the children; a very dominant mother who belittle the father in front of the children; or a mother or father who exercise dominance  and control over the children in the absence of the other parent; the revenge towards the  mother turns up towards other women who are physically weak than men .

These people faced significant abuse physically, psycholigically and sexually. Criminal behaviour and alcoholism in the family affects the criminal to some extent.

Why a man become a killer, rapist, sadist? These are eternal questions. A criminal is born or made? If this killer instinct is in every person from the genes why in the twins, one become a murderer and another become philanthropist. If they are brought up in the same social conditions why one kills the other as in case of Cain? Why a man kills his lover? This Killer instinct is there always lurking in the dark chamber of mind and heart from birth to death. Character assassination gives joy to someone just as the killer gets self gratification ? Let us go deep into the mind of this killer instinct check ourselves where we are! If you say to your brother ‘Fool’ you commit murder is the higher standard of human life dictated by our Lord.Are we careless, guiltless, remorseless even after calling our brother with such cruel uncivilized wordings?
Matthew 5: 21 You have heard that it was said to the ancients,” Do not murder, and anyone who murders will be subject to judgment .” 22 But I tell you that anyone who is angry with his brother will be subject to judgment. Again, any one who says to his brother, “Raca” will be subject to the Sanhedrin. but anyone who says , “You fool!” will be subject to the fire of hell. 23 Therefore if your offering your gift at the altar nd there remember that your brother has something against you,leave your gift there in front of the ltar . First go and be reconciled to them ‘then come and offer your gift.

Next chapter would give a more deeper explanation of Criminal mind with the support of theories emerged from 1960s.



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