Excellent. All LEF “members” and “ex-members” should read this
May 31 at 6:28am · Like

Andrew Immanuel I didn’t realise murdering from the pulpit was JD. He did that to me and his daughter did that using FB.
Thanks for explaining why some don’t have bank accounts! BTW, JD always said I didn’t take a penny from LEF. He was careful not to say rupee!
May 31 at 6:38am · Unlike · 2Well said, Aunty. Your reference to May retreat as Mayabazar is quite apt. In t
Of course either jubilee garu or whoever they were made to play the tune of hq.
All of us were puppets.
Some of us like jubilees escaped this maya in right time. But like them or me all of us were prone to do certain things which we never intended to those. Like these acts of oppression on poor souls like my dad in the beginning of his repentance.
I like ur direct and transperancy of speaking all ways rather sneaking back
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Leelavathi Malaka Wait for the next episodes… how my dad and my family were illtreated… without any reason. U will be in tears bec i wrote those lines in tears flowing unceasingly… though my dad my dear died in 1992 still the wound is fresh bec i treated him worse than jubilee garu or HQ…
hat Maya bazar, some are rule makers who hardly show their actual colors as the people who are commissioned to implement the rules are often seen as villains in LEF. Your reference to the evangelist from Hyd complaining set me thinking. It is unbelievable how LEF sets stage for two unrelated people to become bitter enemies even though neither one of them has anything against the other. I can imagine poor Jubilee uncle trying to do the “Gurkha” job he was assigned to do and here you are may be after 30-40 years still being hurt about it. While in that Maya bazaar, we never realized who was the hero and who was the villain. I personally sometimes wish that someone gives me a list of all the wrongs I may have done to people while thinking that I was carrying out the “Godly work” commissioned by these LEF Demi Gods. People who at any point in their lives were in LEF can see the “Maya” in LEF only after coming out of it. I guess God needs to show double the grace to LEF people- first grace to save them from sin and the second grace to save them from LEF…

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