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Let us Learn from Abraham ” Doing the Will of God”



                  Doing the Will of God’ in Abraham’s Life                                                                        

Let us learn  ‘Doing the Will of God’ from Abraham the Father of Faithful.

Abraham did not know why he was asked to give Isaac, his only beloved son, as a burnt offering by God. He did not know on which mountain he had to climb in the region of Moriah, but he started his journey to that place. But still he his journey to do what he was asked to do. –In fact it look like very unlikely demand of God to demand like this. Can a compassionate, loving God ask for human sacrifice, that too his beloved son, his only son to be offered as a burnt offering?  Did not the Lord Himself give great promises and inheritance through this boy? If he offered him as a sacrifice what will happen to all those blessing he was offered by God Himself? Did he misunderstand the command of God? Its human sacrifice, nay, God would never ask such thing.

               These and many thoughts of his might had confused him. But Abraham is Father of the Faithful; he had faith in Him who called him. There is no mistake in His instructions, Abraham relationship with God was such that he would never mistook or misunderstand His commands.

             Otherwise how dare he was to take up such a step of sacrificing his son?  Abraham knew that God in course of time would sacrifice His only begotten son Jesus Christ on the Cross for the sins of the world. When God Himself is going to do such great sacrifice, Abraham thought ‘Who am I to say ‘no’ to His demand now?’ — Abraham could foresee the great sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the Cross, “For God loved the world so much that He did not  hesitate to give His only begotten Son as a human sacrifice to redeem them who believed in Him. His plan of human sacrifice is seen by Abraham even before the ages.

          He questioned himself, ,’When God himself could so such great sacrifice who am I to say ‘NO’ to His demand? After all Isaac is a the gift of God, and that gift has to return back who am I to say ‘NO’ to Him.  Abraham was aware of “Without shedding of the blood there is no forgiveness of sins, no Salvation” Hebrews 9:22 That too the blood of the SON.. The faithful eyes of Abraham perceived the future and the Cross of Christ. His call to sacrifice was not a mistaken guidance. The Lord who called him is justful and righteous. Thereby Abraham obeyed God knowing His Will.           

    Abraham did not tell anyone about the Command of God, He did not boast about the sacrifice he is going to perform for God. He did not discuss about this issue not even with Isaac. I am sure that he did not discuss about this with his wife, Sarah too.  He did not use his own intelligence by taking a lamb with him, in case needed.        He was in between his love for Isaac and the commandment of God, willing to yield completely at a neutral point, then God intervened and showed His will to Abraham. We should come to a point where our own wishes or wishes of others would not influence our decision.

  In order to know the Will of God in our small trails of life, we too need to go to the Tip of the mountain as Abraham did. Obeying God Trusting God till the end. No questions, no imaginations, no discussions.  Till Abraham reached to that Tip of the mountain,  Complete Will of God was not known to him,  He knew His Will in phases, one step at a time.

Take, Go, Give, Stop , Find, Do.   Yes these are the orders from God, one at a time. Obedience on part of Abraham could be possible because he has FAITH in God.

In our lives nothing is visible, especially Faith is not visible, it says that there it is, when it is not there. One should become blind to see the invisible. One should become dumb and deaf to talk and to listen to God. One should become dependent on God, to become independent in the Lord.  His Will is known to us when we reach the Tip of mountain, that neutral point. Where we have to learn to be Still and Steady to listen to His voice ‘Lay not your hand on the lad” –just as Abraham heard the command of God at the last second of his action. Do we WAIT in the Lord till the end. Are we hasty in doing things that we learnt from God ? This is another lesson, in doing God’s Will. Even if it is clear we must learn to do waiting upon the Lord at every step .until He would say “Get Set Go’

                                “Like the father like the son”, he had trust in his father’s decisions.  At one place he expressed his doubt, for ‘burnt offering ‘Where is the lamb?’ — the answer from his father, Abraham was suffice to him. “Jehovah Jireh” (God provides) No wonder he is called as the Father of the Faithful



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