PORT-PIPAVA 26/09/05….MONDAY 23:45 hrs

Mom, My Mom,

Greetings in His name! I’ am glad you’re doing well. I praise Him. So, How life? Hmm. b4 anything else- I just (first) want to thank u for all that you’re to me not all guys are not lucky as me—I ‘m proud of you. God= I believe, guided you to bring me up to be the man I am now. The thing is on board we get to live the rest of the crew for all the 24 hours and we easily get to know the real faces of others – of course some (here) are ugly. But, the goodness lies in admiring those faces out of love- which comes out of forgiveness just because He commanded us to: But—God has been soooo Good to me. In fact I can just swipe those faces. Out of my memory just like saying ‘ who cares?’ But I still carry on. Sometimes I get unnecessarily blamed but I still carry on. My strength comes from MY BIBLE on my desk ever opened to read anytime.
Things sometimes suddenly get shattered those facts we believed so far—of course, they included the things we imposed on others saying, what we believe is right. Remember those days –where – wearing jeans is a topic to higher people (that, so) playing chess is a deadly sin –reading paper on Sunday is out of question – not buying a water packet or drink while selling chandler or distributing tracts on sunny Sundays is considered righteousness—playing video game in a parlor is a discussion in church (among parents) –LoL! 1 God spared us –he guided us – and still does. Sometimes while letters or a dairy (here) I often get silence up – all of a sudden all my wisdom, al the “ thought – so” spiritual knowledge and experience vanish off before the thought of “ GOD’S SMARTNESS. So, in times like that my pen doesn’t go further like Balaam’s donkey—lol. So, I keep praising Him till I feel sleepy..Lolol the Goodness within me (us) –is it goodness at all? —But on the contrast I’ve seen people who have never fasted, goodness in their lives, so, they are all –time crooked. For people like them, the false pretenses and ‘ show of’ goodness is something they adore.
Thanks for teaching me letters ( ‘G’ letter) on your lap. Thanks for telling me all the Bible stories right in my primary. Thanks to Dad for teaching me how to pray . I remember the incident how he taught me how to pray for the first time in the house near Vedharaj theater, Thanks for good dresses and shoes you bought for me right from childhood—I wonder how and why I do not even think of buying my own choice of clothes till I am in my 11th class. Thanks for the delicious dishes you make for me –especially those when I sued to get back home from NCC camps or hostel. I miss it now. Thanks for the fear you put in me to stay off the girls. You saved my moral health. Thanks for your courage and cool Spirit after Dad went to Heaven. Of course I mean you are better than many others who close in. Hey! Thanks for re- re- re repairing the computer every time after I crash it down—still allowed me to play video games –lol Thanks for allowing me to chat. Thanks for accepting Madonna as my very good friend, (say hello to her on phone—sometimes please) Thanks also for keeping me off some relatives. I could have been deviated. Thanks for teaching me to say thanks and please and sorry. I guess you are aware f ho I use those terms. Thanks for being yourself. GOD BLESS –
Love, son JMX

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Hello All! I am a retired Lecturer, Former Air Hostesses, and a writer. I love to share MY STORIES, WITH MY GOD.

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