Life 3

However I run and fly in self made colorful clouds, that bitter nagging in my core of the heart is all ways there reminding me that I am only a temperory being on this planet, and nothing in this life is real.
It reminds me that people come and go, some of them come again as angels once in a while but some of them are just vanished and could never hear from them.
Every day in life I meet new people and visit new places. It was not like when my husband was alive or when I was working within the big walls of college coumpound, the same type of people the same type of routine life is not the salt of the day.
I changed the church now, I changed many visits to many old friends now, the main reason is not liking to strain myself by climbing the tedious steps to reach them.
strangely whom I thought were must in my life replaced now by new people, and new adventures.
I lament along with the psalmist, where were the people whom I led to the House of the Lord ?
Strangely enough we stick together, laughed together, dined together and sang togehter, but now their faces are hardly remembered, their names almost vanished into thin air somewhere … which I never could recollect.
If life is so vulnerable what is the use of develping love for some, and crave for some friendship, and spend time for some who would only take advantage of us?
Life is a drama thus said by the Shakespear, yes it is indeed. I knew it in real sense. I knew it how well I acting in my role given to me.
Yesrday I went to see monks dwelling place where two sisters had a conference. I was there enjoyed a lot with freshly grown up vegetables, beetroot, carrot, cabbage, mint coriander, onion, tamoto, lady’s finger, etc etc… they find their joy in these little plants along with bushes of different colourful roses.
The other day I drove a sister who had cancer and who was on healing process. My heart goes for them I met one wonderful fr. who dedicated his whole life in serving the patients. His rooms were full of old antiques, and memorable hangings, This old timer still lives in that ancient times, and enjoys the fresh and seren atmosphere away from the buildings where the groaning patients dwell.
I visited another Fr, who had big compound and builidngs with so many cars and trucks and schools among the wretched sections of the people, he is serving them by teaching them skills of life , educating them. some 20 Italians came all the way leaving their higher call for jobs, just to serve and show the dignity of labour by teaching the locals th backery, tailoring, carpentary, plumbering , scavanging.
For them there is joy in serving the poor slum dwellers in that place.
I met some sweet sisters who had a little plot of land where they grow all sorts of vegetable by toiling day and night, and taking care of the old people who finds joy in complaining all the time on the management or government, or on themselves.
I had had a long time conversation with this group and understood how eternal is the life of the man in his mind. It is allways young and adventourous, it could all ways plan and dream better things, admiring itself on the whole. Only the body is feeble and the mind often forgets about the weakness of the bones, and muscels but finds joy in dreaming the dreams of the past.
They had kitty parties, they had complaints, they are experts in spreading rumours about one another, they eat and quarrel, they quarrel about the bed, food, and place, and medicine, at the same time lie down and dream that all are brothers and sisters,
They dream the land of heavens, and wish to sing and dance and read to the tune of the scriputres, they are at the edge of their termination of life, but none of them like to realize it because they the eternity lives in their souls and makes them to run , run for the life.
Their small little world is in between four rooms, and enjoys alot in different modes of life .

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Hello All! I am a retired Lecturer, Former Air Hostesses, and a writer. I love to share MY STORIES, WITH MY GOD.

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