Ahha, I have come back to my sweet home on November 23rd , 2011, after a long vacation in USA, most of the time I used to spend at my lap top, my day used to begin with Lap top , and ends with lap top, It was my whole life pattern there, it was my knowledge, my entertainment, my music , my friendship, my relations, my link with my Jayden and other sweet freinds in India. My life most of the time in those 5 months, was linked to it, my lonely hours, my fears, my sorrows, my excitements, my feelings everything is known to my little Dell. I cannot imagine my life without my Dell in USA. There was something to write there, something to share with , something to write and feel real. But now after one month stay in India, I hardly feel any touch with Dell, because here there are real people, and real problems, and real life, not an imaginary life which i was in there. The more we involve in life the more we get from it. I had been thinking it was real, and real things were happening over there. But strangely after I came over there, all those things which were so meaningful to me then are disappeared in a inconspicuous way. Oh life is attached to limited people and in limited place, people fall in love with people who are in their live circles, within their vicinity, within their own kith and kin, and think that it is all that matters. once the vicinity is changed everything is changed, everything, yes everything, all desires , feelings and all attachments and all excitements would change The piece of the land to which we are attached gives all emotions to us, once we leave that place every emotion and every attachment that we do entertain would disappear. Oh how I wish I could have wings so that I need not stuck up with one piece of earth where I live. I do not know why God gave gravity power to the earth. we human beings are glued to this earth, and to the piece of land we possessed, and to the land where we are born, and we are attached to the people, in the name of language, customs and familiarity we are glued to the piece of the land where we live, once we leave that piece of land we are free from everything that bound us there. we forget people, and they forget us, simply there wont be any connection between us. It is strange, only when we come back we feel to contact the same people once again, till then we are simply forgotten. Now I understand what it is really mean when Jesus said, ” look at the birds, they won’t sow, or harvest or do not weave or hoard things like we people do, they do not worry” Because they never lay their feet on earth, even if they do it is just for few seconds, they fly, stay up in the sky and migrate, live on trees, they are not attached or glued to the earth or controlled by the gravity of the globe. No wonder King David prayed like this, ‘ How I wish I could have wings like a dove , so that I can fly and go and hide in a forest.” Once we flew from this great earth, nothing is left for us to remember, or for others to remember us. The houses we love so much, the bed the wash room we are so much accustomed, the people we are so much linked with, everything is forgotten. It so happend to me when I was in USA, and when I was there I thought I was all in all there and I forgot everything and everyone here. I started to cultivate new habits, make new friends, tast new type of food, found new pattern of life was more enchanting. Once I came back all that i was fond of there even the few new dresses such as pants and shirts and shoes became so useless, and became out of place here.
Now I know the secret of freedom, I tell you one thing very clearly, which I am experiencing so vividly, that is just believe that everything that you are involved now is a waste once you leave that place. Neither Home nor the furniture or the books or plants you are so involved now are not more yours really once you leave this place.

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Hello All! I am a retired Lecturer, Former Air Hostesses, and a writer. I love to share MY STORIES, WITH MY GOD.

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