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​When our children were in kindergarten school they used to play a game called “Fire in the mountain” wherein they have to run and run and hide themselves from some unforeseen things and be safe till they were found out.
sometimes I find people in this situation of life. Life is game, we cannot run from it, there are sports of all sorts. some give us pleasure, some make us thrilled, inspired and elevated, exhausted, victorious, etc. But each sport has its own implications upon our personality. The other day I was telling my grand daughter all sorts of plays I enjoyed in my childhood. She is not only surprised but became a great inventor of new plays saying at the end, “ammamma i made it” clever girl. But I am sure I have seen that little trace of disappointment for she does not have that chance of playing those plays i described. Because in America you do not find many children to play with as in the streets of India.
Life gives bitter experiences to some of us. Life will be in different chapters, of a long long novel , each with its own title,and with its own different colors of joy, and sad happenings. They say life is a mix of both. But for some life is a seperate entity of joy and sadness.
When life asks you to be with some strange people, who are no more yours in mind and likings, when you find yourself that you are hooked in there for a while, due to your own commitments or responsibilities you have taken up, you find this sport called ” Fire in the mountain” would be a great help.When there is Fire, just run away to the safest place you can rush to. As often as you can, As long as u can. It’s not cowardice act. It’s the courageous act in fact. and a clever act which is needed at that moment. Bible says,” the hurt caused by the words of the mouth” there are some people who enjoys life by saying harsh words to others. They enjoy seeing them being hurt. The real motive behind is their selfishness, or calculating mind, or stinginess, or just the pleasure they derive from hurting others. Tiger, Lion these are carnivorous animals, why do they hunt the other weak animals, apart from the pangs of hunger? Its their nature to hunt,hurt and kill. You cannot change them. They are born like that. Even you pray for them to become soft natured they just cannot , because they love blood, flesh, its their food and drink. When you live with such people in your close circles of life, which is inevitable to escape, you need to find some “Hiding place”
A ” hiding place” is nothing but under His wings, the Bible says, ” A righteous man will run into the name of the Lord , and consider it as his fortress and he will hide himself there and be safe there.” wow its really a great comfort.
When any body ask you what words were uttered by them that you were hurt in such a way. Hey there is no answer for it. Because each word, has not only its dictionary meaning, but also the meaning includes the tone, the gesture of the body, the severity of the voice, and the context of the situation.
for example ” you can say to a girl” get up from there” u can say the same word with love, with contempt, with anger, with authority, with severity of hatred etc. so is another one” do not eat that” only the person who was addressed will know how the word was spoken and how he/she was treated by the others. Life is complicated, nothing is fixed as it looks. And when you are just helpless, right in the fold of such people and no way to escape from the physical surroundings, what we can do? say loudly “hey there is Fire in the mountain.. run run run.. ” and I add to the Hiding place of His refuge.
I will write all the games and sports and plays we played in our childhood in another chapter which is unlike the other chapter I already wrote before.

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