On Women

–Kitchen Sink Politics


–Kitchen Sink Politics

 Woman!Thy name is frailty!!
Women are told that they should be well versed only in culinary art.
 not in writing poems ,  can be well versed only in flirting.
 Intelligence is claimed by man. . 
Hello Shakespeare bro, you cannot expect more than
 that from women who were stripped intelligent pursues then and now. 

                Nala Bhima Pakam  is famous for men’s culinary skills, 5 star Hotel kitchens are filled with male chefs.  Men become cooks only to seek fame and name or financial benefits. I have known the best bachelor cooks, who can cook  a banquet for 30 friends in no time.Right from shopping ,cutting cooking and serving and cleaning with ease.  

But married men sans cooking talent, becomes only source of grumbling. How can any one grumble at a talent which they are poor in?  It’s too Cold, they say, or too hot, or too spicy or lacks salt, or salty, too sweety or tasteless..” continuously grumble through out the period of eating. Eating stomach full, not leaving space for another morsel. But grumbling continues till the next meal. 

Women are the most docile . both she and her husband or in the same profession, say, Medical Practitioners or teaching profession. she is expected to cook or get a cup of tea ready after the duty in the hospital/school. While the poor man sans talent of cooking having hot bath ,freshly ironed clothes, and tv screen in front.

Here is the trap. He says, “You prepare tea very good, there is miracle in your hand, the prepared food by the cook is so terrible, you cook the best.” 

     Poor ignorant wife thinks that the husband is praising her, drags her self into the kitchen with her cup of tea to cook for supper.

” Sweet heart, you know, curries from the fridge are not suitable for my tender bowls, cook any thing even  a chutney fresh enough, I will adjust” 

        Poor docile wife says. “Oh no Hubby, I will cook nice curry,” And hurries up into the kitchen as it was already supper time after the long journey to reach home from the hospital/school.

Husband sitting in front of TV cricket show, says for name sake, “Shall I cut the vegetables?”

              “Oh no need, the maid helps me”, is the answer from her from the kitchen sink  washing the tea cups.”
           He answers her back in foreign language which is not known to the maid.” Wife, please do not allow her to cut the vegetables she does not have clean hands.If you want me I will come”
             “Oh! Don’t worry hubby I will cut the vegetables”

                         He happily sings aged old stupid song changing the words of the song,with the same tuning, “You are the queen of my kitchen”—

       she smiles in herself, and hurries up with cooking variety food for her dear husband. 

                      Husband retreats into the reading room, takes medical books/class books and updates his knowledge on diagnosing the new type of diseases/or writing a thesis for his PhD. 
                      After that he prepares a great Essay on recent developments in the field of Medicine/Education for a world famous Medical/Educational magazine.

By that time this poor well educated uncanny Lady doctor/Teacher finished her toil in the Kitchen and set the table for dinner.

        Then she coos, “Sweet Husband come for dinner,everything is ready.”

                       He pretends that he was really tired very much and says” My sweet Queen, how lovely you are.You are working hard in hospital/school and in home” 

                        She feels shy and says,” No hubby do not think so. we love each other, its for us”

                        Soon after the dinner, husband needs some more ‘pleasure’, the wife all ready tired says, she needs sleep. Coaxing and flattering a little more he fulfills his needs and start  soaring loudly and at once goes into the Resting world.

                             Poor wife staring at the roof, closes her eyes wondering what type of breakfast will be welcomed by her loving husband tomorrow.

She lags behind her profession while he is soaring into the sky. She is unknown in the town because she never attempted to study or write articles to famous medical/educational periodicals.Nor attend conferences in and out of country.

                               Once she tried to express her disappointment, saying ” I am not doing justice to my profession, I do not find much time now a days.to improve myself.” 
     He answers loving,” Oh no my dear wife, you are the apple of my eye. We are one of mind soul and body,Do you think you are different and separate from me? Is not my fame is yours? Is not everything of mine is yours? she almost swoons seeing his love in his eyes breathing on her face.

Why a woman should spend so much time in kitchen is an eternal question because she all ways answers herself. ‘Is not Sati Savithri devoted to her husband? Is not Sita followed her husbands foot steps even to the forest and even committed suicide when she was questioned of her chastity by the subjects of the kingdom and indirectly by her own beloved husband Rama, to prove herself?

     Is it not the Scriptures tell women has to give utter honour and obedience to her husband? 

Oh is it so? Then is it not the scriptures tells the role of woman is only giving birth to children but not working equal with her husband for the running of the home? Is it not husbands prime duty to look after the financial matters of the house?

                    But the demands of the life are too many on woman now. Once upon a time she was deprived of education, deprived of everythig, she was asked to live under the shadow of man only. She did not have individuality, the social evils of hating girl child, female infanticide, prostitution, Devadhasi system, sati sahagamana, widowhood, dowry kanyasulkm, child marriages etc etc oppressed her, exploited her, now she being educated, became a working woman earning equally with her husband is not sans the household duties, she became more burdened with double work both in home and outside, Her responsibilities doubled, and she is more oppressed now because what she earns is not hers, it should be given to husband, his family and his parents should be taken care of , other wise supremecourt gave permission to the husband to give divorce to her. As if she does not have parents, and as if she need not spend her money on her parents, as if she need not take care of her parents ,the world is still cruel to her, no one has voice to speak on behalf of her. 

She is not supposed to voice her suffering, and other women if they care her , they are called feminists and looked down by men folk.  The world is still unjustful to her.

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