On Women



 LIFE is still the same, Dhroupathy was sold to five brothers to use as a prostitute, in royal palace, Our people colour it as Pativrata and take it to glorify it. What if anybody turn up the example of her in these modern days? Rape is killing the girl of her very essence of life. But Men have different opinions. They blame her dress, blame her freedom, blame her parents, blame the culture, but never their animal instinct. 9 months to 90 years..not a safe zone for a girl in this weird world.

For some jeans is an objection for some other panjabi dress is obscene. Where is vulgarity? In the eyes of man, A woman should not laugh in public, it provokes men, a woman should not walk on road, it gives evil eye to men. Agirl should not say NO to the love expressed by men , acid will be poured on her, or she will be raped.

Curse of Eve? oh yea, certainly it is, even today Women is duped by sweet words of the men, lured by their offers, the woman is vulnarable, she cannot have her own will or wish, What redeems her?

  “The victim is as guilty as her rapists …She should have called the culprits brothers and begged before them to stop”–Spiritual Leader and alleged rapist Asaram Bapu on the Delhi gang rape and murder

  ” Boys are Boys, they make mistakes.Should rape cases lead hanging? Poor fellows ,three of them have been given the death sentence. We will try and change such laws”–Mulayam Singh Yadav

  “We should stop our girls from wearing jeans” Ranvir Singh, Haryana Khap Panchayat leader.

 Girls should be married at 16, so that they have their husbands for their sexual needs, and don’t need to go elsewhere”--Sube Singh Samain,, Haryana Khap Panchayt leader.

 Rape s ar” e on the rise because “men and women interact with each other more freely now”–Mamata Benerjee, Chief minister of West Bengal.

 ” When you are taking food which gives good josh you tend to be more naughty as time passes. Rapes are not in the ocntrol of the police even the villagers from coastal Andhra are wearing salvar kameez as against traditional dress. All these things provoke.“–Dinesh Reddy, Police chief of Andhra pradesh.

Curse of Eve can be modified by epidural anesthesia , no pain in labor, but her very life so tender and vulnerable, unguarded. Its the curse on women . Who will redeem her? can she be guarded in school from the evil eye of the male teacher? Can she be protected from the evil father of her own? Can she be safe from the serial rapist even she was traveling with her family? Can she be protected from the husband when he pawns her in his gamble and sells her to Dhuryodhana?
Can she be protected by Rama  when she was duped for charity? kidnapped, insulted. oppressed, and pawned, is it not the curse of Eve?

Who can redeem her? Where is her shelter? having money? Having education? Having a battalion of soldiers around her? Her redeemer is Emmanuel, God with us, her resort is His name Jesus Christ, who loved and forgave the adulteress woman and changed her life from curse to a blessing.
Faith walks in everyday life, otherwise , if it is exhibited only in church premises, or on pulpits, there is no safety for women. God is her fortress, prayer is her breath, faith her armour, it redeems her from fear give her caution to live safe. 

Curse of loosing the very essence of her life is following her wherever she goes, But blessing of being a blessing gives by the compassionate only Gentle Man .Let Him be your guardian, your body guard, your companion, protector now and forever. Amen


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Hello All! I am a retired Lecturer, Former Air Hostesses, and a writer. I love to share MY STORIES, WITH MY GOD.