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 Being grateful to God

 Being grateful to God
Good that my heart is at rest to scribble a few lines here, after a long period of time.
I have been very busy these days but only with plannings and schemes to do. Hope one day these plans will come into exist. I am spending time in such a cozy manner, without much distractions from out side. only a limited few friends visit me, and only a few outings I chose carefully.
Now as there is a lot of time at my disposal, I pray God that I could use it prosperously.Gone are the days of self pity, and gone are the days of futile efforts of achieving something, a morsel of food, well cooked and a little extra effort to clean and decorate the little house, God has given to me , makes me really serene and sweet at my own.

How many people would have such utopia, of calm and healthy life in spite of not having any one around. I see God has brought me this far, hoping to bring something great into my life.I need to be vigilant and look out for such great things to happen with His help.

He takes away all that is unnecessary in life, He takes away all that I lean upon without any reason, He takes away what is a hindrance to my growth even at this autumn years of life.
And He lovingly brings into my life new people, new thoughts, new desires, and new opportunities.. only thing i need to seek His will and rest upon His great wisdom, to put the things in to practice.
Just wait and see, has become the slogan of this little life, wondering at the same time that I should not waste the great days of His care for me.
Oh How I wish that I can do something concrete which benefits my thirsting soul for achievements. I wonder the phrase , how can one persons efforts of this life will be beneficial to the generations to come except that they exceed in scientific fields, like T homos Alwa Edison, John Gutun Burg etc and etc, and may be some writers like John Bunyan and missionaries like Hudson Taylor etc. All others who strive so much but achieve only for a little, are forgotten very easily.. and their works never get any recognition beyond the roof.
But still there is a hope that all seeing God would love even the little work we do for good. The work down behind the curtains, the work done which is far from the human eye, the work which is not counted by human standards.. would never be ignored by Him…
This solace makes the mankind to strive thru the life and do the things that gives some

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Hello All! I am a retired Lecturer, Former Air Hostesses, and a writer. I love to share MY STORIES, WITH MY GOD.

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