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                           The origin of Crucifixion is unknown, but the Roman Empire was famous for inflicting the debasing practice on society’s lowest. Yet today, the Cross-the representative symbol of Crucifixion-is often prominently displayed, cherished by believers in Jesus around the world.
                            The Israilites experienced a similar turnaround during their sojourn in the wilderness. After an exhilarating victory Numbers 2:1-3 God lead His people through a detour to avoid engaging another nation in battle (around Edom). But the people grew impatient with the long journey, and they began to speak aginst God and Moses . So the Lord sent poisonous snakes among the people, and many were bitten and died (v v 4-6 )
                             Moses prayed for the people and received this divine instruction: “Make a replica of poisonous snake and attack it to a pole. all who are bitten will will live if they simply look at it. (v.8)  This probably would have struck Moses as odd, given the commandment of forbidding graven images (Exodus 20:4) and the understanding that anyone who hung on a tree or pole was cursed (Deuteronomy 21:23) . Yet he obeyed, and as God had promised, anyone who had been bitten found healing when they looked at the bronze snake. ( Numbers 21:9)
In that wilderness, a symbol of death and judgement was transformed into an instrument of life and healing.  But God did not stop there- just ‘as Moses lifted up the bronze snake on a pole in the wilderness, so the Son of Man lifted up, so that everyone who believes in him will have eternal life” ( John 3:14-15)
  We often given instruction to look at the Cross.  We sing the hymns about the Cross.  We admire and adore the Lord for His sacrificial love by dying on the Cross to save us.
The Cross is a mystery, and foolishness, cowardice act to the people who are perishing. But for us who are saved its the power of God         1 Corinthians 1:18    What is this mystery , why we are supposed to look at the Cross, Does Cross speaks to us?–In difficult times God can transform even what is most painful in our life into a place where we experience His healing power. Waiting upon Him gives new life and hope to us.
Yes it does, all those 7 words our Lord spoke on the Cross does have something to tell us.
In my previous posting ” I HAD A PREMONITION..”I wrote how the Cross consoled me telling me that Its immaterial when one dies, its His will and purpose to finish the things when its work is over on this earth.”Once I went to a village, where I happened to visit a family in deep distress.  They were in great fear of the Satan.   Their house is like dark hole.   by 6 pm they close the doors, They fear people and fear the snakes which they worship.    They say the snakes come into the house in the darkness of the night.
The house was like a worshipping place of heathen.  All types of idols , all types of colours to worship those idols.
There is no peace in the home. The mother of the house was bedridden with fear.  she cannot get up and walk around because of fear.
One day they found they missed their one son.  Who was the hier of all thier immense,  property. lands, money gold. He was a big shot in political realms.One night after supper his friends came to talk to him and he told his parents that he would come after having a walk on the road.Which friends came where they took him was unknown to the parents or his family.  Because it was everyday incident which was very casual thing that happens.

They found that he did not turn up that night. It was common practice on his behalf too.
They enquired in the village and nearby villages but in vain.  Later after three days, they found that there was some foul smell from the old car which was abandoned in the back yard.
When they opened the dicky they found the corpse of the man.

The father while getting up from the easy chair one day slipped and fall on the ground , and hurt in his backbone and now not able to walk.
They had plenty of money but it cannot save them.
They had plenty of power but it cannot give them peace.
They had everything by their word and might but they are living in fear of men and devil.
who can give peace to this family.
There are so many families like this gripped in fear.
who will help them?
I forgot the name of the village, but I did not forget the name of the daughter-in-law.

Well I found that the house was not only dark without light , but there was deep spiritual darkness which I felt literally.
Still I cannot leave the house without giving Peace to that house.  Luke 10:5   Whenever you enter a house first say “Peace to this house”

“If a man of peace be there your peace will rest on him, but if not the peace will return to you”

Matt 10:14   ” If any one will not welcome you or listen to your words, leave that home or town  and shake the dust off your feet”

Yes, I cannot leave the house without praying for them in their house.

So before I take leave of them, I said.” Shall I pray for you'” and without waiting for their answer, I said, ” close your eyes” and I closed my eyes and begged the Lord to give peace to this family, I said , I do not know how to pray for this family whom you love Lord, and I do not know how to console the mother who lost her son and lamenting on the bed not able to get up. But Lord you are on the Cross,  Nobody can understand the agony of the mother who lost her son, its too complicated and fearful and sorrowful. I have no words to console them seeing the sorrow of this mother.
but Lord even on the Cross you did not forget the sorrow of your own mother, while your were being crucified you looked at the bleeding heart of the mother, you gave her a comfort and even while you were dying you did not leave her you entrusted her to your beloved disciple to look after.. Lord here is the mother who lost her son, her sorrow is too much, wont you console her  wont you give her your Peace which is beyond understanding?”—Thus my prayer went on and ended. with amen  . Surprisingly I heard another voice saying amen in that room.
The one who said amen was the daughter-in-law of the house. Shyamala.
I smiled at her, and  I found deep love and peace in her smiling face.
After I took leave of them while I was about to approach the car door, she ran and came to me. She secretly told me ” aunty I am a believer, I read Bible in secret, in bath room,  I pray God. They do not know this, please pray for me my name is shyamala.”

It was my turn to be astonished . I praised God for her. She went into the house as fast as she could .. again.
This is how God works,  Do you understand what does it mean when He said in John 3:16 God so loved the world,, ? He loved the WORLD   with all its races and filth, with all its idols and treachery, with all its WORLD since ages, He saw how His world which he formed with His own interest , clean, neat and pure has turned up into polluted and filthy..
Still He loves it.
I question myself, where is this Love in me which God showered on me.? Why I am so hateful vengeful and  sweet and sour at the same time.
When God loves the worst , how can I separate myself from others. in the name of religion.It is a cult if it inculcates fear in you in helping the souls.  Certain books when we read , instead of finding the great redeeming power of His blood on the Cross we will get fear of idols and fear of heathen and fear of ourselves, and also self righteousness and pride and lovelessness. Beware of such cults and the books. Now a days everything is available on internet, even sunday worship too, whomever we listen to, the sermon should be based on the word of God, So one must know the Scriptures more deeply  learning at His feet.

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