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Here I go again—–this time it’s a new venture, if you’ve already notice—this is the paper printout roll of weather reports and official letters to and from ship to chatter (the organization that takes the voyage plans on lease from the sip owner) This ship’s charter is about to end after this voyage to Damman and Ajman. So soon the ship’s company (owner) will give the ship on lease to a new chartering company, which will decide the trade routes and cargo type and destination, ports —for the profit of the ships company (Kassab Inters hipping) Got it? Sorry if I am bothering u with this kind of stuff but I want you also to know how things work here just for knowledge.
They say that soon after this chatter closing this ship would be sent to ‘ workshop’ (Deck work) where as “Dry Deck” –means repairing the under water part of ship too so this might require 2/3 weeks of stay in Ajman before we start off with new charter. I was afraid that I might somehow miss sending Birthday cards to mom and sis so I posted them while I was in Tuticorn itself.
So far, I am putting aside the urge to get into the personal touch – But now lets start- so Hi Mr. D.J!! How are you dong? How is your dad’s health? And where did Rupa join for B’tech? Counseling over? Howz life going on?
Guess you are staying in your aunt’s house in Hyderabad. So how is the GRE preparation going on? Guy—you really need focus—sincerely hope you are doing it—huh? Man- and Man’s advices- wont” work much—I know it on my behalf – so, I ‘ am trying to keep my mouth shut—but, still I like to tell you just this which sums up all that I can say for now to you” Just let God Do the Dealing” and stay still to see His Salvation” – I say this because of what I have gone through and learnt for the last few long months. Prem, Do your best, some people – like you seem to go on with life no matter what they are surrounded by—I mean people like you wont get much pushing from friends and family, like saying some thing encouraging. But, for sure they make you feel that they are looking up to you, expecting something extraordinary out of you –ain’t it true? But Prem for in life (good) people come and go- just like the hard times, which enrich our moral soul. And every one in their life sometime or the other silently go through tensions “ swimming hard water like a duck- but still appear as if everything is cool on the outset”
Few months back I happened to meet a Christian psychiatrist (well known enough to be one of 8 representatives of Ravi Zachaia”s in India) I told him some part of me – specially a few very dark patches in my secret life, which of course you guys know though not vivid. So after a few sessions of long hours of walk by the sea side at night time—all he said, which of course helped me is – to read some spiritual book at least for ½ hour –everyday” It amazingly worked for me- you know, now I am afraid that I am running out of spiritual books here on board I hope it work for you too. Specially in times when the Satan makes you feel d’ disappointed with God” – you can still hang on to these books which will in course lead you back to track to see where we missed the joy.
Oh my! My mind is running fastà Many thoughts lapsed by even before I started this Para—lol, Prem, If I ever made you feel left out among others, really sorry. I could say and a thousand words or more. But, for now-“god is here, don’t let go off Him” Please pray for me. I for sure need your prayers. No matter how busy you are (or seems to be), I just want you to pray for every time you pray for yourself. Pray that I pray more. Please and thanks. Sorry if hurt.. Ok? Say greetings to your mom and dad your brothers too. Don’t forget or should I ask Joel to convey it? Finally sorry, if you feel bad about me Oh, now my time up I need to take shower, shave read some stuff and get ready for my Bridge Watch you know I am the most qualified guy o board (B.Sc) LOL of course the atmosphere we grew up music, church, books, letters, games, computers, relations and faith is parallel to none here. (Thank you Jesus!) Gods timing is prefect so are His ways and plans for us God bless!!

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Hello All! I am a retired Lecturer, Former Air Hostesses, and a writer. I love to share MY STORIES, WITH MY GOD.

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