LTTR3 from sea



Time 00:00hrs (10:08:05) Day 23 (entering the Gulf of Oman)
Hey Jimmy! Still in India? –Just kidding I hope you’ll also soon go abroad, from the land we ever knew! But that’s the question, which tormented me all those months while I was in Bombay searching for a company. Hey Do u know – I am just off my watch keeping on bridge from 20:00—00:00 hrs. but this time it is not just 4 hours—But for the first time in my life (like Hezekiah king? l0l) Its 20 min more that 4 hours so, I have done extra 20 min duty; though I enjoy my work here on bridge (Bridge= The upper part of accommodation with glass wind shields to watch over the ship from where ship is controlled) here he drew the ship and the bridge and where he sorry if you guys already know. Hey do you know – the place above the bridge where magnetic compass, radar, antenna…etc are fixed is called
Any way , so how have you been? I called your house and dad’s office, and he was trying to tell me that your university people did not send notice yet—Just then an officer here came on deck to me( actually I was on duty –tallying the cargo being loaded in) so, I have to hang up telling your dad that I would call again- this is when I was in Tutuicorn. But I could not call again- say sorry my cell is low in balance.

Time 00:45 (11:03:35 Day 24 ( ANCHORAGE)
Oh my! Life is hard today ( day 23) till now I am used . No sleep only 6 hours — since morning 8 I worked in hot sun. Its too hot here. Moreover this Bosum saw to it that I worked more – I was always given the hardest task and hardest position in every work today. Out of his fun and my pain he did boxing on my both shoulders when I was not aware all of a sudden—hmm twice I fell down to his shots—lol He is hefty 6’2 feet, well built Syrian, eats much, makes us work like slaves. I couldn’t continue now—I got to sleep. Tomorrow is going to be more tough, coz going to port we need to secure ship with mooring ropes which weigh easily ¾ tons each Adding to this Bosum challenged to others and me that he’s make me pull out all those hawser ropes out from the bottom of forward store room Jesus – you got to help me- I am dying … sigh!!

13:02 Last (Danmam) Day 27 (14:08:05)

OH jimmy! You have to forgive me . I am getting to the general topics again to update you guys of what happened in the coast ¾ days. Oh thank you Jesus is what I keep saying out . Life is hard to fit in but, as beautiful(still) because of Him. Today is the Lord’s day and what am I doing here and now? I am bit worried that I am missing all my Sundays, the ones that I used to be so (over) religious as some Pharisee. Now everyday seems to be Sunday for me. I desperately hang on to him every minute to survive on . I do not feel that I need a special day for thinking about God., like in old.
Now its 13 hrs and you people must have just returned from worship service. Here for me Bible is all I got to keep on the track and learn lessons of life. Everyday , I feel it’s a new challenge to prove and glorify God in my activities.
God blessed me enough – I some times feel that God is so clever keep me here ( LOL) the exact place where I can be molded as He wants. You know, If I start counting the blessings, they will stretch on for some 2meters down this page atleast for now) . Here are someà Captain is so considerable and carries a very good impression on me.
· He said he has thoughts of making me the third officer of this ship. – is it not wonderful? Actually its impossible without me doing 36 months cadet training certificate and passing the 6 month +z very hard exams in the shipping (MMD) to clear my II mate exam.à But it can just happen the way in this gulf company. Its so funny like some guys change from deck department to engine department( vice versa) without any prior notice or problem
· The chief officer a strict disciplinarian ( strict officer as Joel says) also regards me well these days. He even complimented me that “ I am good on bridge” , He , I think keeps telling Bosum to consider me special and teach me deck work too. In fact, yesterday while I was working with the fitter, He appreciated me ( very good s fitter says) in Arabic language (family, ethnic )
· Bosum heard my background two days back, and since then I have noticed his attitude changed towards me. Thank you Jesus!! Its goodness you put in me—and not my own.
· ON 25th day “ I steered the ship” all alone. For the first time and I am doing it daily now. Praise God!!
· On day 26th we started sailing to Dammom ( Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) and for the very first time I have seen dolphin, live, 10 of them , swimming along with our ship—I got so excited and shouted out loud even “ while at work” Jesus They are wonderful!!
· Day 27th We reached Dammom early morn around 7 am new air! Clear waters ,dry sky.. big , structured port. But not a soul around. The whole place is just lifeless. The stevedores are all (mostly) Indians who work for Rs 5000/- and the rest Nepalese and Bangladeshi. The same day I got class from 3rd engineer saying Christ didn’t die, making fun mocking using bad words to all Christians—me, my dad, ,my family –lol I just kept smiling and said you do not know- said Christ died for sure for my sins, and said within myself – if not why does the devil tremble and why do I get peace when I trust Him. I felt reassured comforted when I recollected my God given promise while I was in Loyola among the catholic fathers No one shall pluck them out of my hand John 10:28

To be continued

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