LTTR4 from Sea

FRIDAY, APRIL 10, 2009


( Time : 08:00) Day 28 ( Independence Day)Joel is it a holiday for you? You are still lucky, wonder if the others (J’s) are atleast aware of it. I think GRE coaching class wont give a holiday –lol so, I am up early today—Hey ! Jimmy I am listening to (Diana King’s “ bye bye” right now on FM studio. Time :20:30) Had a normal day of continuous 12 hour duty. I did tally sheet of cargo being discharged while others worked in batch- am I not lucky today? I think tomorrow is going to be a tough day specially for me . Its better I sleep now Goodnight Hear me?? hahaha

(Time : 08:20) Day 29 (Dammam=26 0 30”N 51 0 12 “E) (16:08:05)

Seems different everyone sleeping I thought I was the only one late and got dressed in boiler suit and went out to gangway ( the stairway connecting port = Jetty) and ship, where the ships routine is made, passes are given to people ( port people) to come on board and such) but to my amazement no one except the 2 duty watch guys are awake. So I came back –hmmm This roll is becoming something like a second dairy with all this daily report and thoughts. Wonder what you guys are doing right now. Jimmy’s flight is supposed to be on this 19th huh? Got ready? Good wishes! Joel getting ready for another stylish day at college? And Prem and Joseph must be already at the coaching center-na? Hey Joseph I am right now listening to a FM channel where only music is played 80% of time the old classicals by bach , Beethoven Clyderman are played and the rest soft slow music and rarely songs wish you are here – OH Not !! Its hot here. Joseph , you know, I was named many different weird names –here, by the chief officer and Bosum, the first one is “JOSH” ( It always reminded me calling you too) Then MICHEL JACKSON ( Jackson because I was staggering zig zag when the ship started sailing for the first time from Bombay and TYSON , because in the later day my head was dizzy with hay feet from this time) of course they call all (Indians?) who did some mistake (even the new guys on board) Tahaz= donkey in Arabic hmmm did I tell you that I wired mom from a cell phone of some local guy at 100/ per 10 minutes. In fact the previous day I gave missed all to you. Hoping to get a return call from you—cause that day another guy was taking 1 US Dollar for 1 minute too dear for me I decided not to spend not a buck from the salary . I get here other than the extra pays for hatch cleaning etc..)While I am on board . that’s till I sign off after one year. Or 18 months( that’s January 19th 2007 –to be home for my Birthday) Hey Joseph howz Madonna doing Say hello to her for me, I will call her someday soon Howz the remaining pen pal friends? Got anything new? What happened to your exam for Airforce? ( oh my grammar is going worse yahoo icon of sad face) I got no one to speak English here – so I am teaching them and hoping in future they could speak well. The only 2 guys who speak English are the Russians. But their accent is different from what we see in movies. but, one (II nd officer) is reserved and the other ( Elect officer ) is low tempered . so, I avoid them . If I have a guitar here I bet (this time) that I could learn it for sure. Cause It’s a single room and no guys like Kalyan ( Loyala ) who take off my guitar and play it for months. Lol —hmm I will stop here for a while I will read some time .

Day 37 24/08/05 Tebel Ali (Dubai)

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