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lttr 5

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Day 38 still in this place. Dubai

So you there—what are you doing? What happened today in your lives? Wish I were there. (Yahoo icon of sadness) Today (whole) I have been painting the accommodation outer bulk head (wall) Hay you know what? Actually I am excited to tell you this yesterday it self but I am too sleepy and tired so I did not. I bought z.1 channel (sub woofer+ Z satellite speakers) sound system. With 5 controls volume Boss, treble, karoke echo and volume. –2700 watts with 2 sockets for karoke type—I bought this yesterday just for 125 Dhirams (DMS) (1 DMS= Rs.12.50) so its cheap here. And more over I bought a cordless microphone (very good – black one) – range 82 feet – just for 18 DHS = Rs 225/- The moment I bought it I dedicated it to our Insiders band. I will get one more mike in coming days. God willing- when I get three I will bring along for us to have a gala tune. Hey you guess what, I am now collecting, currency, & CDs too for now I got! Russian CD and! Greek CD. They both sound Greek and Latin to me lol but music is good. Hmmm Just now I cooked some Egg friend rice and omelets (5 Eggs) in the pantry. Good life here lol Recollecting my first 15 days, how mean my attitude was – I was blind to see the blessings and grace God has poured over me.. Isn’t it? You must be realized from the above I wrote in the first 8 pages.
Day 39
Joel how are u hmm.. life it seems short to me. Days pass on too fast for us. The person “ YOU” brings to me a lot of wild, adventurous, foolish, emotional and funny memories Its just a few years back we met –oh my ! we grew up to be young and handsome now but those days in school and church with all new nicknames coming up everyday. The tensions in school life and working weird foolish ways to sort out some solution just like going to vizag – Joel I admire you. The inner you sometimes most of the times, when I think of you I now wish I am your kinda guy—All the charm to turn heads to you- know what I mean? You have been like a soulmate to me—thanks a lot for that “ words- Don’t come easily” right now I am hearing that song from west life ( boy zone?) (Or even back street boys?) any way Its true Joel words do not come easily for some they come out easily.. cause they do not mean it. But here , now, for me thoughts are running faster than my pen, and all I can say is the same you said to me “ I trust YOU” Joel , do you know these 3 words came to me from you the exact time I needed the most. Especially from someone like you. They brought out the Spirit in me. Kept me to steer back and stick on to my course. And even the wooden circular bablid with verse Roman8:28 on it , gave life to me cause those days I was really gloomy. and almost forgot that all things work together for good After reading this letter ( so long) don’t you think I am placed the exact place where God knows that something good is going to come out? Just now I returned from the supermarket and cooked egg fried rice with all carrots, green beans, colored rice, chillies… tastes yummy… work is sometimes hard But I am getting used to it Joel, could you given me some contact number to reach you please. Or at least write letter – first try trail letter with little stuff in writing to check if letters reach me OK please? Now Joel , how do you feel about your brother going to US? I think you will understand the emptiness when you go back home..huh? so.. are you studying well enough? Tell me some college incidents ho life. say a big loud hellow to Johanna for me. Joel the world outside tough. But I pray earnestly. It will be smooth for you from the very beginning . I grew up in a cozy nest with all the good people around me –in church , school, and college with ‘ fathers’—now all of a sudden people round me are so crooked. And all time evil minded. Always trying to push down the other to survive. I see that there is a constant competition for higher reputation and name among the fellowmen. And for that all an individual like me can do is to carry on with hope in God. Cause, sometimes we cannot stop the backbiters and slanderers who do things secretly –life here for me sis somewhat like Daniel’s in Bible. The king (captain and chief) regards me the highest among my fellow sea mates. Its all for His glory. ( the smartness he put in us, the technology we learnt in church and work camps and through our hobbies) so I feel a jealous environment. With all the twisted words fast hindi and sudden laugh sometimes rebukes and warnings from fellowmen who are even younger than me you know joel, its hard for me If I am like past John in Dec 2004, But now as I study the life of Jesus more and more I just keep silent and laugh within myself at the human nature. People are not bad. not good either. It’s the circumstances and the inner power deep inside human nature since creation to have a will to resist the moral breaking force) that make humans so feeble and powerless .Recently, I broke my own moral rules of not sharing food with fellow guys just under one’s influence – and later I faced guilt the hard way—never compromise. Joel, do not worry I am not teaching you- But I feel the care and brotherliness with you. Here they secretly play BFS and few Russians porn mags. But who cares? I never knew them Gods’ grace. One of the many factors that keeps me away from sinning is (my focus) God’s purpose for me here – a missionary- If at all God wants me to be. So I am preparing myself to be ready .God speed me! This factor was induced by my mom and annie. Of course I keep saying out of my mouth “ I LOVE YOU JESUS” cause it really helps me Cause love for him gives the thought “ IF YOU LOVE ME KEEP MY COMMANDMENTS” Love from Him sustains us even when we wrong –THANKS Jesus!!

Oh my gosh! I wrote much today –my hand’s paining –better sleep, tomorrow at 05”30 I got my watch duty. Good night Joel! Hear me??? Or else you already fast asleep? Of course you ‘d Motthu –kidding bye!
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Sing Praises to the LORD!!


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