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Day 40 and a few more……. Still in Jeber Ali 27th August
Its like 40 days and 40 nights. hmm life is going fast actually today is 01/09/05 here (I made some corrections in the last para anyway (anything good of Christ I believe now) Actually today is 01/09/05 here what’s makes us good or bad. Can anyone term anyone as ‘ good or ‘ bad’ person? Suddenly for me things collapse It happened the same way before, when I was much relaxed with people.. (Pen in finished after r 60 days.. – hmm so that phase one night I suddenly realized there no magic in love at all. It all depends on our decision whether to care about a person or not is it not? Could please give your comments? Or did I alone feel so? If so then why do people sung that they are addicted? Anyway so what up there nearly one and half month passed over and whets new in your lives? Any new relations? Any new incidents? (Joseph any new guitar bits?) Howx Bernard doing? Is he a member of us? If so I’m so sorry not to remember. Are you guys ( prem and sly) practicing some guitar bits along with Bernard? Thank God he is kind enough to help you there in Hyderabad that way. (House?)
Hey guys you are all I got and I rely on when I feel sad and lonely (a part from God and Family) I love you guys in fact I plan to give you surprises. But I am stuck here and I desperately want to be there with you at least for a short day off. You may not agree with everything I put in here In fact you have a right and all of us are univocally unique and the same time have many things in common) above all love that makes us unique as group. Sometimes I take pride in you guys. And I thank God for it every time. So, If anything here hurts or seems odd and resentful I hope you will forgive me.
So on day 40 there nothing much here I did my night (12hours batch from 6 pm to 6 am and chief officer (who looks like Bruce wills in “DIE hard” movie) took much concern about me and explained me some ship stuff in detail I feel the love he had for me and he added “ you will remember me and the knowledge I give you even after I sign off will you?” …Little did I guess that he would be signing off the very next day? I felt so sad almost wet in eyes.. Lol I loved him like I should and I pray that God bless him and if possible I hope to see him again in heaven at least. I pray for his sick son. The reason he left so suddenly. He brought the “ officer “ out of me he constantly encouraged me. Thank you Jesus for him in my life. All these days what I took care of is my name before captain and chief cause they are the ones who really matter.. Even while I was sitting alone in the crews mess room or working among a mentally separated Indians. So it’s the same with Christ and this world we live in. is it not? At times the 2mpeople (Capt. and chief) gave me cold drinks cans (cokes and fanta) calling me over to Air conditioned (on our way from Dammam to Jeber Ali port.) Is it not enough to say God is gracious towards me, they gave me enough rest while others worked in sun called me over to ships office to work on computer and Xerox machine while the rest worked or took tally in Dubai’s hot blaze. If at all I worked on deck even if its in a shade area, the captain saw to it that I had a wet cloth band round my ears and nose. Who am I to enjoy the pleasure, God guest?? In Bible God promises us “I have traded other’s lives for yours” Is it not God just awesome????? So, can you see now why my fellow mates are jealous and gossip? Lol I love them God help me more.


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Hello All! I am a retired Lecturer, Former Air Hostesses, and a writer. I love to share MY STORIES, WITH MY GOD.

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