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[insidersband] letter 7 JournalsFriday, October 7, 2005 11:56 PM

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Day 41 is my mom’s birthday (28th August) God bless her! She took enough care about me. She reacted the best way even from childhood, best suited enough to correct me and make ME__ME. Of course I sometimes still have memories of hard days with her, but seeing her love now—its covers them all. Thank you guys if you could call her on her Birthday to wish her lol I owe you a lot. Thanks again.
Prem, I wired you first hoping that sly will also be near you or thing at least that you will be well informed of who’s where and doing how and what. But down your cell the same story. Lucky that Joseph and you are together how are you doing I bet some differenced in between but we just keep on going am I mistaken? Can be people change! I called my sis, she told that James got another job in IOWA they moving there sometime in mid September I praise god But my sis sounded normal may be the news is belated or she couldn’t express it with my hurrying her to speak fast so I could nap up Jimmy howx life? Praying about you I wonder when you will be reading this (me .. but hang on I ill wire you some day soon Hello Mr. Joel, could you please for at least my sake call this damn number #08728251042 and Chouhan’s home and ask for Ravindher kumar Chouhan (his elder brother) and do what I asked you to do many months ago? Please, use it all and enjoy for my sake the total is Rs. 850/- you know what that figure is. You are my brother too. By the way I decorated y room today and it looks very good just awesome with a curtain flowered, like a background wall paper Big black noofer with equalizer beats screen here he draw a diagram) what do you call this? Pleas let me know the term plz then I wired Madonna but could not reach her either may be its too early for them there. Yes then on day 42 it’s my Dads Memorial day. 5th …hmmm wonder a lot – a lot of things anyway I never felt fatherless and so I did not even claim some of those texts in Bible But I learnt lessons well and God in his mercy is taking care of me that much. Thanks!! That day we did not gave A.C the whole day and its scorching heat oh my I took bath 3 times in 6 hours opened wide my door port hole and played pop loud and sang along with Karoke (MLTR) and attracted (called in) a whole lot of the seamen to my cabin so that night my watch on Bridge insight the new II nd officer (DMY thro) Ukrainian) from 10:00 to 0600 so I slept on. By mooring ropes on the fossil and watched the dolphins nearly 10 of them race along with our shipping the Bulbous bow. I praised God for giving me a chance to see them live! That very next day I got my very first money (Bonus) in cash 150 dames 1DHD-12: 50 res. = 3.67 usd.. You know for what I got bonus its for the sculpture hatch cleaning in Bombay good is it not?

54 the day… here and today we started off IRAQ 15/09/05
Towards AJMAN and then to kandla (Gujarath) India Today is my Sis wedding anniversary missed wiring. Iraq postal services doesn’t work they are barred since Saddam got captured anyway I am glad we are coming back to India Hope my sim card still exists. I will recharge it Joel I will call you an everyday. Lol I got a lot to update and share many things will write another roll later have nice times God bless bye.
16/09/05 Oh Joel Joseph and dear DJ we are still in India isn’t good? God is so gracious to us. Jimmy. I feel so loved by you guys thanks a lot I love you guys lets be faithful to HIM> Joseph and Joel may be you will be reading after a spiritual refreshing retreat in BG its more important for you to keep the flame burning all those days while on my busy all those days while on my back from Bg. I that that I would be keep myself every growing. But things were different for me there is phases didn’t even remember that I have been baptized there. But as my name means JOHN= God is gracious yes I feel it coming back to India for the first time I felt extremities good Indian food oh my hunger for those bujjies pyramidal. we used to go alone to eat I miss you guys mostly I have never seen any other person so all transparent like you. God Bless! I will meet you all if at all u want –Love John.
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