Madras — my sweet childhood stories


Madras — my sweet chilhood stories
Do you think that my christian life started since then, and I am a blessed girl to love God from that very tender age? oh no, It was only a little seed of faith, It did not sprout till 20 years after. I just come to know that , ” Only Jesus Christ is the real God, and none other idols I see around do not have any meaning for me, and in heart of hearts I know that they are not gods, but man made statues.”
Before coming to Guntur, we were in Vizag, after my birth in Madras, Egmore hospital in 1952. My dad was given an optioon whether he wants to be in Madras, a tamil state to work , or else whether he wants to work in Andhrapradesh. My dad opted for andhra pradesh. so they came back to andhra , and to vizag.
My mother used to tell others how i was born, I remember those incidents, very much. It seems my mother was trained Higher grade teacher and was working in an elementary school in Eluru, but as my dad got job in Madras, he made her to resign that job, and made her to go with him. Both of them were from a small village in Andhra pradesh, they do not know how to live a posh life in that great city. Mom was telling that once they went to market to buy vessels, and bought clay vessels to cook, she cited this incident to quote how innocent they were without any guidance from any one. It seems once my dad had had an accident, he fell under a lorry, there were major stitches on his upper lip, my mom was too innocent to react in any way. If u see the oldest movies before independence you will understand how women were not expressing their sorrow or joy out wardly. My mom used to tell others about the entertainment they used to have like they used to go real wrestling , boxing games. I do not know, or I cannot explain all that but I still remember that I too went and saw those type of entertainments along with my parents. Oh but i was only an year baby, then, but I do not know how I remember that. May be because my mom often describe those incidents that was pictured in my mind and imprinted there. Do not know.
It seems my mom’s blouses were stitched by the tailor who used to stitch for the cine actresses in those days. My dad was very very updated man, fond of fashions and liberty of women. But my mom was very conservative and very limited tasted person.
My parents used to have a very close friend, Police Inspector James, he was a B.A graduate. and very good looking person. It seems once he went on a camp and when he came back before the scheduled date , he found that his wife was unfaithful and he caught her red handed. He without another word sent her home and married another woman from his village. It seems my parents were the elders of that marriage. later his family and our family worked in the Police department in vishakapatnam, Machilipatnam and Eluru again. The friends between these families continued all those years, He is not more now, but His wife and my mom are still friends as they both are in vizag now.
My mom used to tell others, about my birth too. It seems she was pregnant and was playing throw ball in the school where she was working, in Eluru. then she was hit very hardly in the stomoch by a ball in the play, she fell unconsious, and her friends come to know that she was pregnant then. No body knows that my mom was allready married to my dad, when my dad came to see her when she was in the hospital then everybody come to know that she was married. see theirs was child marriage u know, dad was 9 years old and mom was 5 years old, for their marriage. Later mom went for teacher training, and dad for Police officer traing to Malabar, Kerala, They used to meet secretely now and then because their parents were angry with each other, at that time. It means my mom’s mom and her brother , that is dad’s dad were not in good terms after the marriage, due to petty quarrels.
umm that was the story of her first pregnancy, she delivered a baby boy in Madras, when she went away with my dad, to put up a family. But that baby boy was still born, mom used to tell that the boy was just like my dad, tall, fair, with long fingers, big eyes etc. I wonder how my parents took the death of their first born, but , in deed those were the most innocent days of my parents. Later mom conceived me , in those days it seems the pregnant lady used to be joined in the hospital as soon as she got pains. So dad took mom to the Egmore Hospital , and it seems no body , even husband was not allowed to visit the wife in the delivery rooms. All the husbands used to stand outside the hospital and waiting for the bell to ring. whenever a baby was born they used to wring a bell very loudly. and all the husbands used to run to the door. and a nurse used to come out and announce the name of the husband that he got a baby. so my father waited for me for five days, out side , and running to the door whenever the bell was wrung and was anxious to hear the name of his from the mouth of the nurse. it means my mom had labour pains for five days, to deliver me.
Dad and mom were so happy to have me in their lap it seems. later they thought of giving me a name. They wrote hundred names and picked my name by lot. this name Leelavathi was picked by my parents, and it seems that was the name of an actress in those days.
All this story i heard from mom when she was telling others, like her sisters and friends etc.
Coming to the memories of vishakapatnam when i was only till i complete 5 years. we came to vizag in my second year.
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