A True Story- YP is H




“I remember the days of old, I meditate on all Thy works, I muse on the work of Thy hands”

 Ps 143:5


This book, “ A TRUE STORYYour Prayer is Heardis a book of miracles; it’s about the questions I asked of Him and the answers He has given. It details some of the joys I found in my quest for finding His WAY and HIS WILL; and in doing so, how His presence was miraculously magnified and glorified.

Yes, miracles do happen subtly, as the water flows underneath a mat; as snowflakes fall silently decorating the conifers; as ripples in deep waters, we recognize the miraculous hand of God. These miracles are there, real, amazing, to touch and feel, astonishing our hearts with His wondrous presence. These miracles may seem fragile while they are happening, yet when reflected upon they stand the test of time, forming the milestones in the journey of our lives.

Sometimes when we are encountered with such miracles, we are often left with a pondering sense of astonishment even for the sheer fact of having gone through such a journey. God gives the gift of faith to see those invisible things. He loves to see how we handle such miracles. He reaches down and helps us to fulfil His WILL by the working of His Holy Spirit. It’s very difficult to understand a miracle while going through it, it will be understood only after we have gone through it. This itself is the miracle of miracles.

The Purpose of Miracles:-

Sometimes it seems as if we lost the meaning and purpose of life itself. Life bleeds tears; but the possibility of Finding the Will of God at that juncture gives us hope and a joy unknown to others who miss the privilege of being in personal relationship with the orchestrator of the events. Finding one’s identity and the source of it is a tricky affair. Often it is searched in wrong places and self assigned for selfish reasons. However, when one is divinely privileged to be assured in their heart of hearts their identity and its source, joy becomes central even if certain inevitable sorrows latch on to our lives. It’s His miracle in our life.

In my life I love to see His signature, insignia, in every incident of my life and praise God for it. Miracles happen when we gently are aware of His hand. When we are not anxious about anything, but pray, plead, thank and request Him to answer us. That is the only way to reach His throne of grace and find His answers and sometimes find Him as our answer. That is also a miracle.

The purpose of miracles is to bring glory to God.  Sometimes miracles happen when we least expect them, they manifest themselves through a little act of a stranger or a friend, or a little child or even through people who were just passing by. Sometimes it might only be a one time encounter with somebody, but that person would be remembered forever in our lives; because God used that person to work out a great miracle in our lives; even though they never remembered that they took part in that miracle.  With certain people we get certain things done amazingly, but yet we could not see the larger picture of the miracle, at that moment, but later” we realize the hand of God having worked through that person inconspicuously, in those situations.  Some miracles are beyond any human comprehension. When they happen, everything surrounding us will be electrified in a moment.

When God helps me to “Find His Will in my life I feel like walking in the clouds” And when He performs a miracle in my life I feel that my whole body is being electrified to the utmost. “My soul longs and faints, my heart and flesh sing for the joy of the Living God”. Psalms 84: 2

FAITH in our life helps us to grow in the LORD. Those who are with us also witness these miracles in our lives, and grow in their faith. “If the purpose of the miracles is not to grow in faith they are frauds…”  When we lose our FAITH, we are blind to see miracles. But some of us see a miracle because we are blessed to see His love in everything. Miracles are God’s way of telling us that we are not alone, but that He is with us.

When a miracle happens; we experience the presence of God with us. And our Faith grows beyond the heavens and touches the throne of God. Love brings miracles, goodness brings miracles, and forgiveness brings miracles. These miracles emphasise that Emmanuel is with us. His presence becomes so near, and real.     “ A TRUE STORY-Your Prayer is Heard” is a book where you will see how the Lord was interested in every event that passes by,  and how he purposefully work out many miracles- some as gifts and some to test , to see whether we would give more importance to miracles or to His Will.

 Are we prone to worship -“Miracles”?  —                                                                                       

Do miracles become an idol to us? (Nehushtan- 2 Kings 18:4)

Sometimes we become more enthralled and fascinatingly glued to a miracle and do not want to estrange with it.. – When the Israelites were dying in the wilderness by the bite of snakes, Moses made a bronze snake and asked them to look at it. All those who looked at it were saved, but in later days they started to worship it, taking it as a miracle idol. So Hezekiah broke the bronze snake into pieces that Moses had made,(Numbers 21:9)- { for up to that time the Israelites had been burning incense to it, it was called Nehushtan. (2 Kings 18:4)}

When God gives a gift to us unexpectedly, in a miraculous way, there is always an inclination to be attached to that gift, and not willing to alienate it, and would like to make it into a little idol in our lives. It could be a person, a hobby, a profession, or family, for which we may give more preference than the Giver; in such times we are prone to drown into the misty clouds of presumptuous sin.


If God gives us two gifts side by side miraculously, and if a time comes to choose one, here is a litmus test for us to go to God and ask Him to help us to know which is to be chosen according to HIS WILL.  Once I was given a test to choose one out of two gifts given by God in a miraculous way, beyond human effort. Choosing one among the two gifts of God is a TEST. Being attached to any one of the two gifts would have made me miss HIS WILL and His best WAY and fall into a presumptuous sin,” Keep back your servant also from presumptuous sins; let them not have dominion over me!” Psalms 19:13

Presumptuous sin:  Gift or Giver?

God TESTED Abraham to know whether he would give more importance to the Gift or to the Giver. Abraham easily could rely on the first miracle of getting a son by flesh and deny the second instruction of God giving a son by faith in old age, and thus missing the great opportunity of restoring Isaac by a miracle. He might have missed God’s perfect Will in his life and thereby missed the great mission of becoming the ‘Father of Faithful’. When we receive a miracle in our lives, we should not give glory to it, but should remember that all Glory, Power and Might belong to God alone. Just because God has given something in a miraculous way, it does not mean that we should stick to it and be unwilling to part with it. If God asks us to part with it, we should be ready to leave it then and there. Otherwise it would lead us into presumptuous sin.

Therefore, with this in my mind, I was careful enough to pray to the Lord that the gift He had given should never hinder His purpose in my life. ‘He asked- God Answered” could be one phrase to depict the life of Abraham. I learned this note of “I Asked -He answered” is a great lesson which I must keep in my life forever.

Getting answers amiss: Presumptuous Sin

“(1) I prayed about this issue very much, telling God that HIS WILL be done; and then this thing happened so I believe this is His Will.”— We hear someone bragging — They prayed for their pleasure. They may get it by hook or crook, by bribing, or by getting too much loan beyond their capacity etc.  This is presumptuous Sin.  …..You ask with wrong motives, that you may spend what you get on your pleasures James 4:3.  This type of person’s prayer is a repetitive prayer, he prays and prays, but never gives himself a chance to know what it is to search for HIS WILL & His Way. These people pray but search for the answer in their own efforts, in their own surroundings, if by chance it happens as they assume they give glory to ‘chance’& surroundings’ but never to the WORD or WILL of God as they are not sure of it.. “I prayed much and it happened /or didn’t happen. So it might be His will.”  –is the mantra of these believers

They WANT something, they say they prayed for it, never do they mind to ask His Will to have that something, they get it by their own plans, and say that this is the Will of God, otherwise they would not have had it. They argue.

Simple is as that- They simply attribute their whims and fancies to the WILL OF GOD, very easily. These people are thieves of God’s glory. “King Herod made an oration; the people gave a shout, saying it is the voice of a god, and not of a man. Immediately the angel of the lord smote him because he gave not God the glory; and he was eaten of worms, and gave up the ghost” Acts 12:21-23

(2). Some others would say, that “This happened this way; even though we did not want that to happen in that way, so we believe that ‘this is HIS WILL.’—These people speculate, this or that , and do all that they could, go to people and prostate, beg and get what they want, and yet they say that “ We never thought that this thing would happen this way, where actually we thought of getting that in other way” This is again Presumptuous Sin.

Like Ahab and Jezebel they plot and grab things and say it’s GOD’S WILL

(3). Some others would say, — “This happened in this way means, it is GOD’S WILL, because without His will it can’t be done in this way.”  – They declare themselves that they believe in KARMA, fatalism – though outwardly they say that it was the way of God. These are the Fatalists, they believe in Fate and glorify Fate but with their lips they glorify the name of the Lord. There is no promise from God, no specific instruction from God, but because they prayed and something happened good or bad, they think it’s the WILL of GOD. That is heathenism, even though they use the name of Jesus on their prayer, they disguise heathenism as Christianity. A few traces of Christianity here and there, but they believe that their life is already determined and so if anything happens tragically they attribute it to a fierce God who already determined everything, and there is nothing they could do. So they do not repent, plead or call upon God because there is no use to pray to a God who determines everything in life. They live in a sort of misty flats, never having a personal relationship with God the Father to know why it had happened. The devil makes them contend with their own understanding of God.l. They are the laziest people, could not find time to watch and pray. They are ineffective and unfruitful in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ 2 Peter 1:1-11

Then what is the difference in between BELIEVING IN FATE and KNOWING THE WILL OF GOD? Or OBEYING HIS WILL? People who do not know this living God, this relationship with God, do not know how to call upon Him as, ‘Abba, Father’ – would be satisfied with anything that happens in their life. They pray but no peace in the answer.  But a man who knows to pray and find the Will of God, walks in His WAY and enjoys His presence in His peace.   That is the difference. A man who knows how to pray and find the Will of God, rejoices in Him, while he walks with Him. A person who believes in FATE lives in fear, not in faith. He may comfort himself saying, ‘ok, it is all in God’s Will it’s my fate’, but there is no joy in life. Their emotions take the best of them, but they wind up in the muddle. They cannot trust themselves they know it, but still go further, they replace trust with fear in the unknown future. They rather have trust in a perfect uncertainty in this imperfect world, thus living in cryptic of their future.

Faith reveals the ways of the Lord beforehand, and makes us equipped with the courage of seeking an answer, if only we humble ourselves and yield to Him. “ If my people which are called by my name , shall humble themselves, pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will heal their land” 2 chronicles 7:14 We are given an opportunity to humble ourselves and pray, turn from sins; then God hears and answers us. Here the LORD is giving an opportunity to plead Him and change the course and curse of life. God blesses a man when he repents of his pride and humbled himself then he will be healed.  God gave man a WILL to obey, repent, and reconcile with Him. In fact knowing God is itself a MIRACLE in the life of man.

 A Ray of light

There would be a ray of light when we are in bleak and black confusion if we only crave for His presence. In this book you will read a situation where I did not know what steps I had to take about our future. I envisage my future was misty, full of fog. I was searching for a way; I was not able to find a light to show me the WAY.  I was at my wit’s end; I stopped and blinked into the future hoping for a solution in my dilemma.

Then I realized God is my fort and my Counsellor. I sought the WILL of GOD; in my desperate finding the solution to my predicament. When Jesus shows me the narrow way to trod upon, promising me that He abides with me till the end, all in a sudden the misty fog evaporated, melted away, and vanished. The rays of Righteous Sun shone upon my face, the path is clear, future is steady and sturdy, no fear or doubt about next step to take because I sought HIS WILL and it was revealed to me. That gave me Peace in the heart.

God shows His Way to walk safely. Everything is well planned by an invisible hand. It looks like He bent down from above and took hold of me to lead me into the future. There are no words to explain. I was there and His limelight focused upon me. You will read all those confusing questions of mine and beautiful answers of God in this book.

You will wonder at times that, and may exclaim, “Is God so near?” Yes, hundred times yes, if He speaks to us.  If only we humble ourselves to seek Him with all our heart, with our entire mind, and with all our soul He comes nearer to us, and answers our prayer. Pride would not agree to accept that God would speak, and answer our questions. Pride makes us to depend on ourselves, our schemes and methods of solving our own problems, or depend on other kith and kin.

“Seek the LORD your God, you will find Him if you seek Him with all your heart and with all your soul.”Deut 4:29 “If you seek Me with all your heart you will find Me.” Jer 29:13 “Those who seek Me find me” Proverbs 8:17



It’s all in SURRENDERING ourselves to Him. We often sing “All to Jesus I surrender” in the church along with the others unto the pitch of our voice sitting in our pews. But the EGO in us does not allow us to bend and surrender to HIM or to cry from our heart unto Him, These verses guide us “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not unto your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight. Do not be wise in your own eyes; fear the LORD and shun evil” Proverbs 3:5-7   “Lord, I am not wise, I need your HELP. Need to know Your WILL, Your guidance, Your thoughts” —and if only we could pray like that, He will give an answer to us. It’s the easiest thing to do, yet we do not like to pray like that. We strive to resolve it in our own way, not depending on Him.

Pride is such that; it wants to trust oneself or anyone else except the Lord. We believe in our own efforts and intelligence to decipher the problem by seeking different ways to help ourselves. As long as we think we are not able to depend on God we could not get any answer from God. We may fast and pray, and do the things successfully by our own efforts, but as long as we do not surrender ourselves to the WILL of God we would not get an assurance from God that He heard our prayer. I wish my depictions of these miraculous stories in this book should show what the Lord unveil our future to us.  I am not a strong Christian–at all, I only tried to be submissive and surrender to my Lord so that He reveals His strength through these lovely stories,  to praise Him and learn of Him to do  HIS WILL.  “The eyes of the Lord search the whole earth in order to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to Him” 2 Chronicles 16:9

God works miracles in and around us. Look at the sky, the stars, the planets, and plants, flowers, stars, waves, and birds and animals, worms, and even bacteria everything in this universe is a miracle. Yet, God brings His special tiny seeds of miracles in our lives to extract a smile on our wrinkled face while enjoying His presence. The purpose of miracles in our life is to increase our FAITH in Him.—otherwise those are not miracles. Those are the result of presumptuous sin.

“A miracle is an event which creates faith. That is the purpose and nature of miracles.”

-Bernard Shaw, St. Joan

“There are only two ways to live your life; one is to live as though ‘nothing is a miracle’, and the other is as though ‘everything is a miracle’

Albert Einstein


“He is the One you praise, He is your God, who performed for you those great and awesome wonders you saw with your own eyes” Deuteronomy 10:21





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