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FRIDAY, JUNE 6, 2008

life in Oregon–blessing of to be all myself

                  I must say that I am thoroughly enjoying my stay over here in Oregon, Its the most beautiful city in America ,know for its flowery roads and green meadows around, tall green trees and ups and downs of long stretches of car drivings,  Its thrilling and cool both geographically and mentally. I enjoyed every moment here unlike any other days in life, wondering?

       What I am doing here/? I am just spending time without anyresponsibilities, just cooking when i am hungry and sleeping when I feel like to go to bed, and chit chatting with wonderful friends here… about God and praying and  doing and thinking whatever I would feel like to do. I have no commitments, no duties to do in given  period of time ( i was still working in a catholic college, I came here for summer holidays) no.. and no obligations to please any one.. and no restrictions of time and space. that’s cool , is it not. hey I think, one must have a period of time just like this once in awhile ,just to be oneself all the way thru‘ .. that would enrich you mentally, a time to reflect and rethink and readjust and renew , and also physically, we would bound to relax, and stretch out all those taunted nerves of the busy hectic days of the past. hey, I am looking forward for the coming days.. to meet my old friends at home , I know my views about life enlarged, and I explored the in depth feelings of mine. Its a blessing to have Kamal and Binoy to chit chat here , to share the love of God , and pray together. This is really good and cherishing. Binoy helped me to create a blog, and to have gmail account, I m grateful to him forever. I need not tell about Kamal, he is a diamond in my life, who has given me joy in my desert life. As a son he helped me to be myself again after these 8 years of loneliness of teary life.
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Hello All! I am a retired Lecturer, Former Air Hostesses, and a writer. I love to share MY STORIES, WITH MY GOD.

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