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Angel Spot in the Brain

Criminology Part 2.


      Nature or Nurture??

Second series of Criminology Nature or Nurture plays a role in the life of a serial killer? His life circumstances , his childhood experiences his parental negligence make him a killer or the defects in his brain make him a criminal? Strangely enough the brain and the heart has their roles in making a person a killer just as importantly as his life circumstances.. Let us see how this convinces us

In 1960s J.M McDonald tried to explain the traits of the criminal in triangle form of Mcdonald Triad, in which he brought out three red flags to indicate the onset of criminal mind, 1)bed wetting 2). fire setting 3). animal cruelty—– were not really the red flags, but explained without much research.  But only  for some time People used to give much importance to these Red Flags.Because there was no research support to this thesis.

What type are these serial killers?

Strangely enough the psychopaths/serial killers show a mixture of charm, manipulation , and intimidation. —They have a knack of attracting the other people by their way of conduct, gait, smile and talk, they also can manipulate very cunningly that the victim trusts the criminal, ultimately the psychopath would intimidate the victim very cruelly.

They use violence to control others to make them to do what they want them to do. Their behaviour is such the other person would be terrified and obey.  Their goal is to satisfy their selfish needs, in this process they never bother about the feelings of others.

No empathy, no relationships with others, don’t feel emotions, and interact with others in a very superficially charming and deceptive manner. There is absence of remorse , and interpersonal and behavioral relations.

A criminal ‘x’ was notorious serial killer, brought up by his single mother who was a lonely women, surrounded by lies all the time, confused of his own identity.

Another common trait is Paraphilia its an abnormal sexual behavior, impulses, sexual fantasies, and urges most of these killers were sexually abused by his neighbours or relatives at tender age in their childhood.

This type of killers suffer from extreme type of isolation, wished to commit suicide in teenage,obsessed with violance and sexual urges.–Voyeurism, pornography , fusion of sexual thought with violence ; they do not look frightening at all while carrying the evil act, or when he was caught up by the law.  They look very polite ,normal, talkative, and condescending-

Some used to live in remote houses at the outskirts of the town, even successful in earnings, , not poor, well educated and have inner thrill –they keep a set of beliefs, patterns and action.usually nobody fantasize killing a person, but these serial killers have these fantasies which arouse their sexual urge.

If family is the reason for this cruel behavior, why two children brought up in the same family , sometimes, would not exhibit the same cruel behavior?

Parts of the human brain and its effects on behavior:

If the front part of the brain, namely Prefrontal Cortex  if it poorly functioning, which is regulating and controlling area, which is also known as “Guardian Angel of Behavior”–If it is asleep the Devil can come out.  

These people commit murder or rape in fit of rage or revenge, as this part of the brain is not working properly. Here we remember the adage,  ” Idler’s mind is Devil’s workshop”—— but in case of the serial killer this part of the brain works very actively, highly functioning, but at the same time their deeper part of the brain known as “amygdala” does not work properly, it is shrunken and depressed in low level. Actually this is the seat of social awareness, emotion involving empathy, conscience and remorse. for serial killer this part is physically shrunken to 18% size. That is the reason they commit murders again and again without any remorse or guilt.

Neurocriminology also points out another aspect of physical trait in the lives of serial killers. It is “Low heart beat rate” as a result these people do not feel fear as the other people experience. They are more violent and take physical risks because they are less fearful of the consequences. For these people life may seems very dull, and therefore they seek excitement and crave intense the ultimate question repeats, Is it Nature or Nurture ?

To discuss it further, we have to go to next chapter.

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