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Obstacles in doing the Will of God

Why many godly intelligent people cannot do the will of God ? Why do they seek to do their own will rather than God’s Will in simple matters and important matter?
There is peace, safety in doing the Will of God There wont be waste of time money and energy by doing the Will of God. There is no peace, no joy no safety in not doing the Will of God. knowingly or unknowingly the godly people do not seek the will of God. Why? oh Why?

When a person depends on his own intelligence, his own good moral values, his own financial and friends resources, he does not feel to seek God’s will in his life. To seek God’s Will one has to become child like. surrender to God, and faith in His Word.
This look so simple and look like at the threshold of the godly people.
They may be highly intelligent in Bible study in different languages, good teachers and preachers, Healers, and good leaders, but they cannot give one simple incident in their life wherein which they sough the Will of God. Abraham did the Will of God when he left his native place Ur, he simply dependent on God for his direction simply leaving his kith and kin started his sojourn not knowing where to stop where to live. At every step he sought the Will of God. Father of faith he was know but did mistakes too which he history of the world changed. Jacob was cheater, intelligent, crafty in possessing things for his own use, but one day he had to levee everything, become empty handed and sought the Will of God, sought nothing but the blessing from God. at jobbok , since then he learned to seek the will of God. One must leave his own intelligence, his own patience, his own good moral values, simply lean upon the Will of God. Surrendering to god.is needed. Oswald smith beautifully described this surrendering in his book. The country love best. A person when swallowed by the current of sea waves, if some body jumped into the water to save him the person who has been drowning should surrender complete to the person who came to sae. if by chance he tried to give a helping hand to the person who came to sae him both of them would be drowned in the water. what he ned to do is just simply trust the person who came to sae him by becoming useless, listless, helpless. he should not show his swimming skills, his way of helping himself.
yes if a person is suffering by the mouth of his wife, he shows his patience, as long as he shows his patience there wont be redemption to him or her. He should learn to yield to the power of in the name of Jesus. Then he would be redeemed.so is the child, he does not show any intelligence, just yield to the instructions given to him a little child, in the cradle, yields to the parents. one should become like him then only he will be taught to do the will of God. Its not a great thing to practice, its simple thing of humbleness, humility yielding to Gods word. But the godly people do not like to surrender, but show their intelligence by their knowledge they gained through out.
sad sad, sad part is not able to know the will of God.

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Hello All! I am a retired Lecturer, Former Air Hostesses, and a writer. I love to share MY STORIES, WITH MY GOD.

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