Old Age

Old Age

Alzheimer… a beautiful meet
Today God has given me to spend some time with an elderly woman who is having Alzheimer.

When a person is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, abnormal changes are taking place in the brain. In Alzheimer’s disease, the parts of the brain that control thinking, memory, and language no longer work properly and symptoms start to appear. An accurate diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease offers the best opportunity to start treatments that can help slow the progression of symptoms.

The following chart can help you recognize some of the common signs and symptoms of moderate to severe Alzheimer’s disease.
Signs and symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease

Symptoms of
Alzheimer’s disease Signs (examples)
Memory loss——– Frequently forgetting new information
Problems with familiar tasks——– Getting confused while cooking or playing a game
Problems with language——— Forgetting simple words or using wrong words
Disorientation to time and place —— Getting lost in a familiar neighborhood
Poor judgment—— Dressing inappropriately for the weather
Problems with abstract thought—— Trouble with simple math
Misplacing things —— Putting an iron in the freezer
Changes in mood and behavior——– Unusual bouts of anger or rapid mood swings
Changes in personality ——– Becoming overly confused, suspicious, afraid, or dependent
Loss of initiative ———– Lack of interest in usual activities

Talk with a doctor or healthcare professional as soon as possible if your loved one has any of the signs or symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease listed above. Please keep in mind that having these symptoms does not always mean your loved one has Alzheimer’s disease. Only a doctor can make an accurate diagnosis.

i spent an hour or so with her. The first quesstion she asked me is, ” why you came at this hour?” it was 8pm. I explained that I am on my way to a shop with my son’s friend and I just dropped there to see her. During the hour of my stay with her this question was asked by her at least three times. knowing the symptoms of the Alzheimer I answered her as if I have heard that question first time from her.
Later I asked her how she is, she answered me ” my son is taking care of me very well” This she told me three times again during my stay over there, in a gap period of ten or fifteen minutes. whenever she said so I was telling her, ” Yes God blesses such sons.” For that comment of mine she was giving the most beutiful smile that I ever saw. She asked me whether I know Tamil, I said to her, ” No , I do not know Tamil, but I know Telugu very well.” for that she told me, ” I know five languages, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Hindi, English, and French.”.. This piece of information she tried to impart me atleast six or seven times.
Later she asked me how many children I have. I said two children. One girl and one boy. for that she felt very happy and said, I have no daughters, I have only one son. Then she asked me who is elder? son? for that i told her, ” no, daughter is elder, only one year difference between them. She inquired the age of my children, i told her that my daughter is thirty and my son is twenty nine. This piece of conversation about children was repeated at least five times between us.
again she asked me whether I come by car. I said yes, my son’s friend brought me by car. she asked me whether i know driving. I told her i know driving but i drive only in India. She asked why I do not drive here. I told her that here the driving seats are different and the traffic rules are different. Again this conversation as it is repeated three times again and again. She asked me how far is my residence. I told her that it is not very far, but only ten or fifteen minutes drive, for that she showed me very happy countenance. When I asked her whether she play any musical instrument she said no. then I asked her whether she can sing a song for me. she said she cannot. but she started to sing the song” God is so good. god is so good to me, God is good for he saved me. God is so good for took my hand. : I too sang with her. For taht she showed much , pleasure. She sang another song which i do not know very well. Then I sang the song ” God’s love to me is wonderful with action, she said,” oh very nice song.” i asked her shall I read Bible for her. She asked me do u have a Bible.? i said here it is , and i took a Bible which is there. She asked me whether I wear specs, I said I wear but only for reading purpose. She felt happy for that and expressed it by her beautiful smile. she is a beautiful lady.
She asked me to read New Testament. I told her first I would read psalm 23 for which she has given her consent. When i was reading the psalm she repeated it with me. after I finished it she told me that she learnt it by heart.
Later I told her that I would read Psalm 91, she said yes. and after I finished it she felt happy. Later I read Isaiah 53, for which she showed her immense pleasure. Then lastly I read from the gospel of John , the words of Jesus about”I am the true vine…”Till I finished the chapter she intently looking at me and listened to me without any distraction. She thanked me for that reading of the Bible.
she asked me what I am thinking of her age. how old she is. I said may be seventy or so, because I already know that she is more than that. just then her son came and said she is seventy nine years old. and that she forgets her age often. For which neither me nor she answered him. later she asked me” do i look like that?” I said ‘no’ u look like u r fifty or so. later she said she is twenty eight years old. and she can climb the steps, and walk and remember things, see properly, ” I added yes u can hear well, too. for that she was very happy.
She asked me in french’ whether i know french? and she told me that when she went to France, they asked her whether she knew French. and they started to talk the language very fast which she could not understand at all. blah blah they talked it seems. and she smiled at me. This bit of information went on and one atleast four or five times during my stay over, there.She asked me “parli vu france’ and asked me whether i know the meaning. I said no. she told me that the meaning is” Do you know French? and she told me how to pronounce France’ and then she said,Ja paal parli vo france’ the meaning , she explained to me, is, yes I know french.
I asked her at what time she would go to bed. she told me it is at 9pm. I said now the time is 8.45.pm for which she nodded her head. Do u see movies I asked her. she said ‘no, i see some thing in the tv. When i said that she belong to Methodist church , she said yes . You must be very active in church work when u were young. she said , yes i was. I told her that i am very much pleased to meet her she expressed her joy by nodding her head .

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