Old Age

Life in Autumn years

Old age (Part.1)--



Life in Autumn years

  “Gray hair is a crown of splendor; it is attained in the way of  righteousness”–.    Proverbs 16:31

   “Grandma, when  I eat food it falls on my shirt”  my grandson said wiping his curd filled lips on my saree apron. I said,” Don’t worry sometimes it happens to me too.” I supported him in his agony. by lovingly taking him into my fold, enveloping my both arms around him.  Grandma, that little boy in the next door goes for toilet in his underwear itself,” his face was all most wrinkled,and he pressed his little nose with his two little fingers. Umm, even my mother is like that, dear little one” remembering my 83 year old mom on bed.                               

 “Grandma, mommy is scolding me,saying” You little fellow you cry for every little thing”.        I said,’ Yes my darling, now a days even I am crying the same way” with traces of tears in my eyes. By now he climbed into my lap and cozily settled into the warmth of it enjoying the loving bondage between us.  “Grandma, on the other hand when I cry mom and dad doesn’t bother too” he complained, knowing well now that he could get  full support of mine. He had an unknown assurance that he would be understood in his little world of huge problems.  I said, Yea dear little one, the same thing happens to me too.”– Don’t know what had happened then, but we both laughed aloud at once looking into each other’s faces.                                                                                                                     

 “Once youth–twice childhood.”–Shakespeare                                                                                      Old age would not come slowly like a snail.It comes suddenly like tornado, once we are gripped in it we have to washed off as it takes us out and out into unknown realms of skies. we come to know we cannot do any thing, the eyes, ears, teeth, legs, every thing under repair, but in vain. We have to have many trips to the doctors of different specializations, but none could find the solution, often they try to console us saying, Old age know!! with smirky grin on their faces. There is plenty of time in old age strangely enough   no time to do anything, ’cause every little thing like getting up from bed, eating, bathing everything takes lot of time. Others do not understand how this old buddy is spending his time after the retirement.

  How you take care of the old parents, old pastors, old teachers is all that matter. Its the touchstone of your character. Even the cruellest tiger has love for its family. But children forgot to take care of their parents in real sense. Just saying a hello, or providing a morsel of food clothing and shelter is not the only thing they expect from us.

        We wipe the mouths of our children, we clean them, we even dress them properly, and we help them to walk by giving our hand as a support. but helping an OLD BOY, or OLD GIRL , we find it is disgusting, there lies our real character. They are thrown out on a bed, in a lonely room, and we do not have a little single smile for them. You may say, “Oh no, I don’t want to live like this old rag on the bed.” ” I don’t want to depend on any one in my old age” — Are we able to determine and plan our future for sure? —   Oh no, we do not know our future. we cannot do any thing about the ailments that we get in our old age.

    We have to face them .. certainly. What happens in the future we will never know. But we know that we don’t desire for the death in our youthful years or in our mid adulthood; we are strong, energetic and lively in this stage of life, weren’t we?  Did we ever thought that we would be like this and would face old age, until we encounter it face to face? We assume that we would be as ever green as of the youthful years forever and ever, because we never take one minute of time to imagine ourselves in Old age stage.

                 It means we need to grow through the old age , by all means in the coming years of life. Death is inevitable, so is Old age !! unless we are plucked from this earth in our vigorous energetic years by terrible accident or horrible chronic disease. Most certainly we never opt for it. So Old age is a stage we must get acquainted with even before we launch into it.

 In our younger years, we can climb 4 steps at a time, we used to do so when we were in our teen years, but at this old age, even to climb one step takes the whole lot of the  strength from us, thereby whenever we go out, without reason we feel terribly tired. Certainly Autumn years of life comes after the Spring. The cycle of seasons teach us lessons of life. Do we foolishly dreaming or living in numbness of consciousness that we could escape this Autumn and Winter in our lives?

                Winter seasons in our lives?  At that stage we may remember those beautiful souls who had gone through this stage long before we  already launched into it.  We regret then how cruelly we tried to be adamant, indifferent to look at their longing eyes for a smile from us. What is the use of remembering our impatience, and disgusting comments,we had had on them ? Its too late, milk spilled on the floor, we can not have it again.The time is over.. we can not take back steps in life. Past can never become present in life. Past is past. Its over. But we can lay down the bricks carefully and build for the future, by learning lessons from the past.  Let us ponder, reflect the way we misused out life in taking care of our great grand parents, or grand parents (in-law) , the life questions us, and gives answers back to us, unexpectedly and either kindly or cruelly. 

                             In these days of callousness, and blunt consciousness, and fast electronic lives, we are supposed to stop and think of Old parents, (in-law)  and draw a chart of timetable to spend time only with them, and to understand the needs of them, and keep some amount out of our savings to spend for their comfort, or fulfill their long forgotten desires or dreams to revive. If we already lost them in the floods of life, we still have time to spend our resources for other old boys, and old girls in this God forbidden callous society, and communities.

Let us never know what old age is. youth is the gift of nature, but age is a work of art. Age is a case of mind over matter. Our uniqueness makes us special, makes perception valuable-but it can also make us lonely. Cherish all your happy moments; they make a fine cushion for old age.

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