Old Age

Old Age

 “Grandma, when  I eat food it falls on my shirt”  my grandson said wiping his curd filled lips on my saree apron. I said,” Don’t worry sometimes it happens to me too.” I supported him in his agony.

            “Grandma, that little boy in the next door goes for toilet in his underwear itself,” his face was all most wrinkled,and he pressed his little nose with his two fingers.

“Umm, even my mother is like that dear little one” remembering my 83 year old mom on bed.

                “Grandma, mommy is scolding me,saying” you little fellow you cry for every little thing. I said,’ Yes my darling, now a days even I am crying the same way” with traces of tears in my eyes.

      “Grandma, on the other hand when I cry nobody bothers too” he complained, knowing well now u will have my full support.

I said, “yea dear little one, the same thing happens to me too.”—

    Don’t know what had happened, but we both laughed aloud when  I said so.

“Once youth–twice childhood.”–Shakespeare

         Old age would not come slowly like a snail.It comes suddenly like tornado, once we are gripped in it we have to washed off as it takes us out and out.

       But one is for sure. How you take care of the old parents, old pastors, old teachers is all that matter. Its the touchstone of your character.

           Even the cruellest tiger knew how to take care of its cubs, its not a great task for any one. But how you are taking care of your parents who are 30 or 40 years older to you?

        You wipe the mouths of your children, we clean them, you even dress them properly, and you help them to walk by giving your hand as a support. but helping an OLDBOY, you find it disgusting, there lies your real character.

        You may say, “Oh no, I don’t want to die like this old rag on the bed.” ” I don’t want to depend on any one in my old age” — are you determining and planning your future?        Oh no, you do not know your future. you cannot do any thing about your old age ailments.

    you have to face them .. certainly.

         What happens in the future you will never know. But you know that you never desire for a death in your youth or in your mid adulthood, you are strong, energetic and lively. Do you think you will be like this till the end ? I know no one wants to die when they are young and strong, but do you know that if we do not want to die in youth we certainly need to go through the old age ??

 Because you are young— you can jump the stairs four steps at a time may be, but you cannot escape the old age, and then  ? Then you can not take one step even, you need to get the support of something and some one.

Do you think you can escape this old age??

At that moment you will remember who had gone through this life stage, and how you showed your restlessness, your impatience and your disgust comments.

But the time is over.. you can not take back step in life.

71 Psalm … read it completely… line by line This is the prayer song of an old man. The lamentation of an old man. But he ended that lamentation with a prayer, with a hope, with  faith. ” Lord , I beseech you, I am at your feet, ..deliver me, rescue me, save me…my fortress, my Lord, Do not leave me in my old age, When I became weak, oh, please do not forsake me.” his prayer is a prayer we should learn when we are still young and bold.

Once the body was healthy, robust, strong, but he will become weak , lean and thin, the spirit is strong, but the frame of the bones which has had the spirit is weak. Then you need to help this LITTLE OLD MAN/WOMAN

You have to treat that big man as a little boy. you have feed him, wipe his mouth carefully, change his diapers, dress him well,(dignified way,as he used to be, do not through him in a piece of rags, whatever be the reason.)

comb his hair (in a way he likes, not the way you feel comfortable with your time)—-This Big boy feels ashamed to get help from you , surely, when you take him on your arm … his spirit cries aloud in his heart. Can you hear that ?—His spirit laments because its not the way he lived all these years, but now he is helpless, if you treat him improper way… The blood of Abel cried to the Lord, so is the Spirit of this Old Big Boy cries to the Lord. Remember.

In 71 Psalm the Psalmist remembered the disgusting words addressed to him, the shame he faced because of his inability to do things fast cute and tidy, he remembered the poophs poophs for the way he dressed up, he remembers the mocking when he could eat properly , and he prays, 10 verse, “Lord let not the enemies talk about me, Please, Lord”

Dear friends do not become an enemy to the old person, just because he could not retort back do not treat him as you like. That would be a curse on you. You do not know how your end would be. The psalmist knew that some people want him to die soon, they want to get rid of him soon, by throwing him in an old age home or out of the house, so he prays, “Lord, my enemies are trying to trap me, avoid me, they conspire against me…verse 10

Are you the one who is contemplating the Old age home for your dear parent? Are you calculating the expenses you have to bore for the Hospital in his old age? Are you the one who wants to shun of the burden of taking care of your old mother and old father?

Beware, what you sow you will reap.

Are you saying, ” This old rag, I cant serve him, I do not know when I will get rid of him?”  If your mother or father is a praying many, do not forget he or she is king or queen, in the sight of God, and His angels will go and inform Him of their tears and the reason for those tears. Its true. Read. Ecc 10:20

We are living in a selfish world, The word of God says, Do not neglect the mother, the one who bore you for 9 months, who shared her blood to you, who brought up you with all her might, if you are negligent in her old age, God will not forgive, the word of God says, Especially when she is old do not be negligent of her needs. Don’t close your eyes on pretext of your busy schedule to spare a few minutes to talk to her , to make her laugh with some jokes… Don’t do that ever. Or dont cheat yourself that she is not really old, and she doesnt need your time !!! Mother needs her children all ways, especially in her old age. She sent you to your chosen places because she doesn’t want to be hurdle for your bright future. No mother wants her children leave her alone. Understand her sacrifice. When I say mother it includes father too. They need you so much and very much especially if they are without their spouse.

Proverbs 23:22–read , read.!!

Last week something happened in PREMALAYAM ( Old age home ) In our little town, It was published in news paper.

There is an old woman who sits in the verndah of the old age home, she refuses to go in side or eat inside. she is sitting a chair and waiting for her son, saying, ” No, do not ask me to come inside, my son told me he would come and take me, till he comes , he asked me to stay here. He will certainly come and fetch me back to our home”—Poor mother she doesnt know that her son wantonly dropped her to get rid of her and went away.  Poor mother she never suspected that her end days would be in an old age home.  The stories of each woman in the Old age home is a pathetic ones. God willing I will write those stories too in these series, in future.

Psalms 74:24  Dont be an enemy to the Old people. It would be a great curse on you. Dont you ever dare to think that old age would not come to you. Everybody has to go to that way, and that is the destiny of life.

Death in youth would be horrible and painful, Death in old age would be easy and sweet.  Better to die in old age, What do you say?

Psalms 71:22 This old man in this psalm praises God, and he was getting read to the end of life. He says, I too will play the musical instruments, and I will sing the songs of praise.

The road is in front of us, we have to walk in that road, no escape, dont think the church is only for the youth/adults, the programmes are only for them, invent and invite the Elder people in your church , give special attention to them, treat them lovelingly, the other day my mom was objecting me when I was changing her diapers, I said, “mom, I do this even to my grandchildren, you are like one of them. yes they are little children.

 If they cry inwardly its not good for us.

Welcome them,

 Listen to them, Comfort them, and do not insult them, and don’t be merciless, useless, cruel person.

” I am like a strange object to many, but you are the strong fortress to me” Psalms 71:7

( This article I wrote to our St. Stephen Lutheran Church monthly magazine, in Telugu language)

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