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SUNDAY, JUNE 3, 2012

Old is Gold

There is sweetness and hotness, and beauty and rhythm, and harmony in the past.   I do not know the past of the present generation. I do not know ever they could think of their past with nostalgic feelings like we do of younger girls of 1960s….and 70s. I feel that was the golden age of people on this Earth. The wonderful English pictures.like  the Ten Commandments, Sound of Music,My fair lady,  and some other classics.  And those wonderful Hindi, Telugu, and English  songs… with melodious music and theme, like Ye mera prem pathr,  Pagale vennala, and Oh Diana… and singers like Latha, suseela , Jim reeves… !!!
The jobs were plenty , the studies were concentrated, the novels and magazines were meaningful. The Radio, the cinema, the books , the schools were conveying values like punctuality, honesty, love, respect, manners, patriotism,  fear of God, discipline, and sacrificial life. There was hormony among the people, we never knew the caste of our friends, the inter religious , and inter caste marriages were many. People used to try to keep their word given.
Clothes were very limited, but those were very choosy and beautiful.  Food items on the table were  very limited too, but tasty and dainty.  When we go to hotel, which was a very rare phenomena, there were hardly 4 or 5 items on the menu list on the black board, and they were good and healthy items. There was honesty among the businessmen and they were trying to keep the customers by their best services.
We used to have family doctors, who visit the house often, and who knows the medical history of every member in the home. The simple medicine they prescribe used to heal us and restore our health in no time.
People used to trust one another, the cheaters are looked down by whole society and avoided by every one. so Good name Good reputation were being sought by 99% of the people. Workers have the virtue of gratitude, and used to give the best services to their masters, saying that they owe much to them for they eat at their homes.
The education in the schools do not cover much syllabus, but every one in the class become good students, by learning good language techniques. On the whole people used to think and live according to their hearts’ dictation. Therefore the life was simple and sweet. No complications of misunderstandings, Friendship was without any tags, it was just sweet communion between them.
I invite comments of disagreement and agreement  please do so.
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Hello All! I am a retired Lecturer, Former Air Hostesses, and a writer. I love to share MY STORIES, WITH MY GOD.

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