Secret Heist.7-“Once He said, Twice I heard”


“Once God has spoken; twice have I heard this: Power belongs to God”           Ps 62:11

               Power belongs to God, do we trust this? Once if He say so, how many more times we exercise this promise of His in our lives? Do we always trust in this Power and can we hear that again and again in our lives?

   But the story of pension did not end there,  it so happened I was  retired from the post with old pay scale, and the revised pay scale is applicable now,  so I need to send those papers of revised pay pension again to DHE office..  this time the real urge to claim the promise of ‘Once I heard, but twice it happened, the Power belong to God ‘  Ps 62:11 God hath spoken once; twice have I heard this; that power belongeth unto God, came in handy to my rescue.   I started to pray louder claiming this promise.

But this time as I was not in the service, I had to take the papers to DHE office for scrutiny, all by myself, Though the particular clerk in college,Ms.V worked out all other lecturer’s pension papers, she left out my papers as I was out of service then. Therefore I need to go to Hyderabad to  get the papers be sanctioned, this time the particular clerks in DHE office, played games with me.  Making me to stand there for hours together, the attender came and told me if I give Rs.300/ he will go and get my service register to be scrutinized,  and that the papers would be kept on the table of the superintend etc etc.. This is the first time I ever was told to do so on my face.    I know the money to give is in my hand bag, i can easily sought out the money from my hand bag and finsih the work then and there,  but where my faith lies, in my bag or in my God?
          I had to talk sternly, and also act docile. I ignored the words of the attender and went inside the office where I was told the service registers were there. On her table the red service registers were there. So I went and introduce myself to her and asked her to pick up my service register to be signed as I had come from Eluru on this errand. She even did not bother to look at me, but keeping on doing something on her papers, without giving me any heed to listen. after an half hour she lifted her head and told me, “ there are number of files on my table , I have plenty of work with me to be finished,  ask the concern clerk to come and give me your service register.” I politely asked her, where that concern clerk is in that office. She said , behind her.  There was a big Godrej buearo  as a concrete wall between her and another clerk and his table. So I  took one step towards him and asked him, “ Sir my service register is on her table, but she is asking you to pick it up and give to her.”  He neither looked at me, nor answered me properly, but went out of the room as if he got some work to do, after 45 minutes he came inside and settled in his chair, again I approached him and asked him about my Service Register to be sought out. He answered me sharply, “ Mam it is her duty to take the Register and give it to you. I had given to her, and my job ended there.”   Not knowing what to do now, but knowing pretty well that she heard his answer, as she was only a step away from him , I pretended to be docile again, and approached her this time, requesting her, “ Mam please give me Register, so that I can get it signed by the Superintendent.” 
 She siad, angrily, this time, “ I told you to tell him to come and pick up the Register , see, there are so many registers here, on my table, and under the table, and beside the table, I have not time to sit and search for yours. Ask him to come and get your Register, or else you come tomorrow again.”–
I said politely, I have come to Hyderabad from Eluru only on this errand, I am staying in my friend’s house, I am  a little bit sick too, as I got chikengunya,  so please try to get it.”  She adamantly answered me, I can not help you, please ask that clerk to come and search for it. ” Again I took a step and approached that male clerk again and told him, what she said. He said, its not his work. Not knowing what to do, I went near to her table and said, Mam, if you do not have time, as I see you have much work to do here, can I search for my self, with my brother who accompanied me? He is an accountant in so and so office, he applied leave and came along with me, we both will search and get it for your approval.” Actually my cousin was standing out side the office room and waiting for me.  As she did not answer me I went out to see him, he was at the end of the corridor, so, on seeing me he came and told me, that the particular lady clerk with whom my register is, going on long leave from next day, and would not be available to us for one or two months to scrutinize the papers. So I informed him that I request that lady clerk that I offered to search my Service Register along with him. We both went inside the room, but she adamantly rejected our offer saying, that we cannot handle the Registers, and it is the duty of another clerk behind her to come and search and hand over it to her.  We both stood there staring at them, not knowing what to do. It was going to be lunch time soon, we were there in that office standing for more than 3 hours. now, once they leave for lunch they would not come back very soon. So not knowing how to tackle this situation, I stood there for a few minutes, and suddenly I blurted out,  by increasing the volume of my voice so that those two clerks and even the other two clerks in the room could hear me, “ See, between you both only one Godrej shelf is there, since morning you made me to stand here to fetch my register, saying to one another that the other is responsible to pick it up, for further action. Even I offered to help you to get it, but you are not willing. In this case I have no other go except that I should approach, the Chief, Suneetha IAS in her office” and I waited to leave the room  as those clerks were getting ready to leave for lunch.
                   Telling them like that I went and sat at the portico of the officer, I was sitting in the sofa, my cousin said, that what if we give some money to them and get the work to be done. I was in pensive mood, slowly but firmly I testified to him the incidents of bribes in my life, especially that one about the transfer of my husband, how God helped us in 7 steps of hurdles , to get settled in Eluru without giving a single pie as bribe. While I was giving my testimony my heart melted, and find myself very very lonely, due to the absence of my dear husband then, as he went to the abode of Heavens, in 2000.  We both prayed for such occasions before and won the victory, now I am alone praying, without my prayer partner, to win this battle. After a while Pilli Subhash Chandra Bose, a Political MLA came and sat in the next sofa to us. He asked me about our errand, whether he could stretch his helping hand. I said, no sir, we are just waiting for some work to be finished.  After his departure,  the attender Of the Chief, came and asked me whether I would go to  meet Suneetha, as she was free to receive us then. But I denied to meet her, because I knew my Lord is the higher authority and as I was sitting there and praying Him I knew He would do this on my behalf.   I was patiently sitting there,   later the clerks called me and gave the papers I needed and told me to get the signature of the Superintendent whose office was in first floor. As it is I was too sick to walk on steps, my cousin took the papers and went in search of the Superintendent, I was still waiting at the portico.  He came at last and told me that he could not find him anywhere and he was not in the office premises that day. I was in the attitude of prayer, before I answer him anything, another clerk, ( a christian, e come to know later)  came to us and told me, to hurry up to get the signature of the Superintendent as he was in nearby room in the same floor where I was.  he ushered us to the room and went inside and told the boss, about us. Soon I entered into the room and introduced myself and gave the papers to be signed.  He took them , studied a minute and signed underneath. As he was asking that christian clerk to put the seal on the papers, the other attender who was asking me to give money to the work done came and said, that the office clerks told me to go and get fresh application from Eluru Principal office to get the signature of the Superintendent,  but the boss, sharply said, “Hey I signed, that is all, it is enough, no need for further applications.” saying so he left the office. I thanked him and took the papers and reached home with Service Register and signed papers for my Revised Pay scale .
Later when my papers reached Eluru, for release of my emoluments and pension, the clerks in the Collectorate were waiting for the bribes like wolves.My colleagues told me it is impossible to get things done, unless, we shower them with money to the work to be done. At that I remember one late clerk whom we led to the Lord, by name Babu Rao, Manimmma’s husband. He used to take bribes, but when he tasted the love of God he stopped to take bribes and set right his consciousness. He was no more in the office as got retired from the post. So I was praying for the work to be done. I told Mr.MM, our family friend, about my papers in the collectorate, he went to the office with the code number of file and  with concern papers to release the funds. There his neighbour was the clerk in the seat, who had great regard for Mr MM, he did the work within one day gap and entrusted the papers without any delay.  Later MM took the papers to  to Treasury Office where the officer and the staff  had much regard for our friend, and did the work the next day without asking for any bribe which was an 8th wonder to my colleagues, in college who were retired along with me, and who had to give bribe at every step to get pension.  Thus the promise which I got at the time of my husband’s transfer, Ps62:11 Once I heard that His is the power , but I heard it twice. In case of transfer His Relieving Report and again Joining Report; in case of this Pension, Once the first release of my Pension and emoluments, and second Revised Pension and arrears  and New scale.  Tasted and See that God is good.

                                                                Oh taste and see that the Lord is good ; Blessed is the man that trusteth in Him Psalm 34: 8

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