Poem-Just a Second

MONDAY, JUNE 5, 2017

Poem-Just a Second

Elegy in my Memoriam—- Sweet were the days,
sweeter the memories, Causing floods of tears, Thinking of beloved Bidding farewell million times Gives immemorial presence Forever and Forever.
The People are busy in the church
The men, women, and so are the children
Each endorsed with some important task to be done,
So is he,  with work for both hands,more than any one,
Busy like a bee, workaholic, a smile for one and al,. friend of every one
Everyone in cheery mood, to work with him is a haven,
Working for the Lord is a nectar with His presence in very nook
 Working for The coming Festival of Children,
Pamphlets distributed, children from different towns invited, , 
The kitchen crew is giggling along with tingling  vessels
Work at hand, loyal to their enthralled task, Teachers, choir,
drama crew, cleaning crew,  ticking  the works done
Planing much better  to be done
All  waiting , looking at his comely visage
A gesture, or an instruction, never an order.
He stood abruptly,as to obey an order,  book and  pen ,  
Scribbling,stand still, others stood, bewildered,
Rushed into his much loved resort, and into the arms
His faithful Help-meet .To adieu, never think of leaving
Without looking into her face, or bidding farewell  to her.
The last name he uttered was hers.
Alert at once and  took him  at once into
Her fold at once, to comfort,cajole and
Carefully, soothing strokes genteel words, a wont 
Since they met, on the first second their eyes met
In that wedding attire, Just a second, Just a second.
The same pensive look into her eyes, closed his, 
 Forever,  disappeared, unto unknown sunny clouds,
Looking down at his faithful wife.
Shocked, shrieked, the name of her Lord,  
Anchor in the time of trouble,  fortress to hide.
His entry into her life was abrupt, sudden,
From unknown  realms, The farewell
Now is as mystic as it was,….
Just a second, Yes Its Just a Second,
Everything could be changed Just as He willed
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