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Pray like a child -an extract from my new book





An extract from the book “Your prayer is heard- a True story”


  The promises of God are abundant, and amazing, if we have the faith as of the size of mustard seed, even the mountains can be moved out of our way. The Lord, who takes time to talk to us, is faithful one. He is interested even in our trivial matters. Our God is the Lord of this BIG universe with all its stars, Milky Ways, planets and oceans, and He is also the Lord of small things as of my life matters such as;        ‘Should I work or not, where to work, here or there’, so on and so forth. Isn’t it wonderful thing to talk to such Father God?

                                     I was told that the D-Box motion cinema seats pitch us forward and backward; side to side, up and down in sync along with the action depicted on the screen. It is more thrilling than 3D movie. Walking with Jesus would give us similar thrill. It gives thrill in real life adventure. The Lord would be with us when we go forward and backward; side to side, up and down, His presence  thrills us.

                I have Four Questions in my mind.

Should I work or not;

 If I work, should I work in Vijayawada or Eluru?

 If I do not work, do I have such mighty faith to depend on       God alone, for my family needs?

 If  I am going to work as I have to toil  in and out of the house, I know that,  a ‘helper’ is essential, so would my Jesus assure one for  me?”

               I know Jesus is the ONLY ANSWER He guided me to ask these questions in my prayer, and He would answer those FOUR QUESTIONS. He not only answered all those questions, but He  taught me how to gain more, by claiming the promises given at that time.


        God’s children often remind God, of His promises,   again and again. This I learned from the prayers of King David. His Psalms were my guidelines to pray. God was reminded again and again about the promises HE made, His people reminded Him of His promises and requested Him to fulfil them again and again. It is faith and trust in God like a little child. It does not mean that God has forgotten His promises. It is, we who are vulnerable to forget His promises, so we should remind ourselves by remembering those promises in prayer again and again, claiming the same promise yet times. It look like that we are there reminding Him about His own promise. Just like the poor widow asking the unjust Judge for Justice. (Luke 18:1-9)

                      An analogy explains this very well. “A child was promised by her father that he would buy a chocolate, so the child would ask his father again and again, because her desire for that chocolate so much, and whenever she thinks of it, saliva oozes out of her mouth, she cannot stop but ask her father tugging his hand without an interval.

  “Dad, you promised me a chocolate.” It’s not the father who forgot his promise, but the child is very anxious to get her desire to fulfil. Thereby she asks her dad for the chocolate again and again. “Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate Daddy”

       It shows that the child is learnt to lean on her dad for her need by trusting him alone. She knew her dad, she knew he loves her, and she is sure enough that he would not turn away from her longing.

         Because she trusts her dad so much, she is not striving to get the chocolate by another means, by asking someone else, or by stealing it, or by earning it by herself, or by begging others for it.

     The child’s trust is in her dad, she is asking him alone for the chocolate, because she is a child and she has faith in her dad, not in other person or means and ways.

     Did not our Lord teach us to be transformed like a child? It means we must learn to trust Him as the child trusts her dad.

Me & my pens

            In my childhood, when I was 4 years old, I asked my dad for one pen, he said, “Why only ONE pen? I will give you a load of Lorry.. Saying so he left for Office, that day I seated myself at the gate of our house. It’s big gate for car to enter, but it had an inner gate for one person to enter so I sat on the curve of that inner small gate, and waited for the lorry whichever comes and goes in our street. My eyes fixed on Lorry till it disappears at the corner of the street. I even refused to go inside to eat or drink, when my mom called me , I told her I was waiting for the Lorry, I posted myself on that curve of that small wicket gate patiently,  waiting for that lorry load of  pens.

          In the evening when my dad came I asked him about the ‘lorry loaded with pens’ very anxiously, he might had been very much surprised , and of course I do not remember what he said, but afterwards I never had the dearth of pens in our home. He used to give me the best pens. In those days, having a pen was a luxury that too, a Parker pen in my school days.

I found that pen is the best thing in the world that I could express myself with it on paper.

 If such was the love of earthly father, how much more the heavenly Father’s love and concern for us? (Matthew 7:11)

                The only important thing required in faith is, whether we learned to lean upon Him, upon His promise, remembering it, reminding it and recollecting it again and again in our hearts and in prayer.

 Jesus told us.  ”Have faith like little child, unless you are changed like a little child, you will not enter into the kingdom of God.”Matt 18: 3


           Many of us pray for our need, but often we keep faith in our own efforts, or in the recommendations of others, or in the money that we have in the bank or in the purse. It means we have already chalked out our own plans of solution, Plan A & Plan B–but as a habit we continue to pray as a parrot. That is the reason Jesus told us not to pray like the heathen in many words, repeating the same words again and again, for the Lord knew that He has to give even before we asked Him.  There is vast difference in praying and reminding Him with His promise, again and again and praying like a parrot again and again without having His promise.

“When ye pray, use not vain repetitions, as the heathen do: for they think that they shall be heard for their much speaking” Matt 6:7

                     Praying and asking Him to grant things not really depending on Him but on one’s own plans is not faith, it is ‘Over Confidence’ it is because there was already ‘a pre-planned way of solving the problem’, even before asking His plan. It’s already sits there in mind to be administered. That is not FAITH.

      Faith means ‘trusting and yielding to His Will” that He would do it, not by human intervention or by our intelligence. Many people are capable of solving their own problems in their own way. Very good! But if you want God to solve your problem do not insert your own methods of solving the problem into it.

                    In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight. Do not be wise in your own eyes, fear the LORD and turn away from evil.  This will bring healing to your body and refreshment to your bones. Pro 3:6-8

                  As long as you do not dwell in His wisdom, things can irritatingly overwhelm us, and we find ourselves in the muddle. If you are thinking you are wise in these worldly standards, in God’s sight you are a fool. Yes, Faith is a very delicate feeling which requires you to trust Him alone.

Faith is very vulnerable and fragile FEELING but when you posses it, it is as strong as the DIAMOND.

                  “EXPECT God to hear you. If you do not EXPECT, you will not have ANSWER from Him –Charles Spurgeon

  Read the prayer of David, in 2 Sam 7:18-29–—“Then King David went in and sat before the Lord, and he said,

  • You have spoken about the future of the house of your servant.

It is like he was telling God, {“Dad You told me that you would do like this to me do you remember it?”}

  • for the sake of your Word, and according to your will

{“Dad, please do it, you know you always say that you are a man of honour, so I request you to do it as you wished to do”} You have revealed this … You said you will build a house for you 27.v–

{“Dad, you told me specially, that you will build this for you. Though I am just a tool you will use in building this house, you are the Master minded, of the sketch and plan and resource of this house, so please dad”}

  • You have promised these good things. 28.v

  • {“ You love me so much, and you always do take care of me and do all good you can do for me, and you promised me also that, you remember?”} and keep forever your promise, do as you promised 25–v

{“Dad you know you promised me that, and you are a man of word, so do it.”}


  1. For YOU Sovereign Lord, have spoken….29.v

{“Dad, my beloved hero of my life, you have spoken those things to me… I am just telling you again to you.”}

                        It was God’s Great Promise—-The Lord’s promise to establish “David’s throne forever”. This promise was one of the series of Covenants between God and his people- with Abraham (Genesis 12) with Moses at Sinai (Exodus 20) and now with David. The New Testament sees this promise being fulfilled in Jesus, The Son of David, and King of kings forever and ever. (Luke 1:32–33) David was reminding God about His promise; he was begging God to fulfil that promise.

                My eyes are welled up with tears, to remember the faithfulness of God. Yes, when God says, YES, it is YES all ways,   ( for all God’s promises are fulfilled in Christ with Resounding YES, and in Christ, and so through him the AMEN( which means Yes)is spoken by us to the glory of God.(“2 Cor 1:20)

If only we can give TIME to talk to God; He would make TIME to answer us.  There is no other short cut method to get His answers.

                   How many times you claim that promise, when and how you claim that promise depends upon your need, your prayer your relationship with God, It is up to you! When we seek the assistance of Holy Spirit in our prayer, He will pray on our behalf, according to His will and His word.”Likewise the Spirit alsohelps in our weaknesses. For we do not know what we should pray for as we ought, but the Spirit Himself makes intercession for us with groaning which cannot be uttered (Romans 8:26)( Luke 11:13)

                  When we pray according to the leading of Holy Spirit, we will immediately know that we have prayed according to His will and that He would answer certainly.

     Many plans are in a man’s heart. But the counsel of the LORD will stand. (Proverbs 19:21)

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