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When God promises you will enjoy His immense presence around you, and you believe that it already happened. God gives us such impeccable FAITH which has   its foundation on the rock of His Word. Matt 7:24

This is not enjoyed by the believers who would say that ‘If God planned it already, it would be certainly given to us, if He hasn’t planned to give it to us, and we would not get it’ – (It’s like KARMA principle in Hindu religion.)

This faith is good but it does  not lean on His Word. Because they said man has no part in getting things from God, he gets only what is already intended, referring one single sentence like Roma 8:30. Yes you could take rest and be safe in the arms of Jesus just believing that you are chosen by Him and everything happens to you or do not happen to you according to ‘already planned document’ of your life.  Your faith is good and you are at rest.

I say your faith is greater than mine, but my faith seeks His special word His special intentions to my life at every turn. I seek His mind in my life, thus I enjoy His presence much closer to me. When I get a doubt, I look unto His promise, and claim it again and again in my prayer, thus enjoying His warmth of love around me. Yes their Faith is good, but my Faith joins with deeds or action which I should show in my disposition.  People witness this peace in my life because I give testimony that God said so, and thereby it happened in my life, basing upon the Word of God in His Scriptures. Of course I feel safe in this.

Their faith depends on One sentence of Rom 8:30’ but my faith on number of promises at every turn of my life. Doing His Will is my walk with God. Certain times when I went astray basing on my own intelligence and my mind, I did commit drastic mistakes for which I repent even now, because they brought irresistible worst consequences. I found myself in miry clay. Only God in His mercy pulled me out and set me on the Rock of His promise once again. Therefore I believe that I need His LAMP, to walk in this wilderness, they walk with Him all the more just by believing that they are in His Plan. Either way is good. In fact their faith is stronger than mine. But still I love this way of depending on Him in my every step.     His special promise in times of my need gives me safe resort to my soul and it keeps me steady and sturdy leaning on Him alone. Unlike them I have confidence for what He called me, and what I have to do for Him in this life. His Word guides me. I was brooding in the rock of His promise. It’s a covenant between God and me. He promised me His love and in return I need to obey Him. I do not have strength to obey Him all by myself, but I need to ask Him to HELP me to have that strength to obey Him. This is the covenant.



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Hello All! I am a retired Lecturer, Former Air Hostesses, and a writer. I love to share MY STORIES, WITH MY GOD.

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