Old Age

Rtd…Is it not how God gives answer to our innermost feelings?

Yesterday I was just sharing my views about my after life of the retirement, I said, “hey thereafter I will be no body, neither I would be known as w% or D% or as a lecturer, no designation, I will be known without any prefix or pro fix.” Then they said, “oh once upon a time you were known as Rtn Leelavathi, that is Rotarian , now you will be known as Rtd. Leelavathi, that is Retired Leelavathi. ”

We had a good laugh over that truth but the joke.

And today while I was reading my daily portion of the Bible and the Our Daily Bread, version, I was wonderfully comforted by my Lord, and now I am very happy to share what I learned to day.

And How God has wonderful ways of meeting our thoughts.

“We too grow old and wonder if the Lord can fullfil His promises to us. We no longer have prominence or status. Every day we seem to lose more of the things we have spent a life time acquiring. Robert Frost underscores something we sometimes ask ourselves, ‘The question is…..what to make of a diminished thing.’

Not much , if we are left to ourselves. But God is able to do more with us than we can imagine. Is any thing too hard for the Lord?

Growing old but not retiring,
For the battle is still on;
Going on without relenting
Till the final victory’s won.

As God adds years to your life, ask Him to add life to your life

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Hello All! I am a retired Lecturer, Former Air Hostesses, and a writer. I love to share MY STORIES, WITH MY GOD.

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