Running the Race, the last mile stone…

        I have completed 65 years on 28th August,2017. somehow I thought I would never could complete so many years in my life.  Yes, I finished and it is mere grace of God that I could still move around, eat well and digest well nd sleep well and still able to think and write on paper. 

But I feel in heart of hearts, that I have not finished many things yet, I feel i should write many more miracle God had done in my life , on paper. My daughter says, who will read , who want to read these days. so discouraging, I feel I am abandoned, of course what she said may be true, but I am looking forward that at least out of 1000 would read my books intensively, and at least 1 person out of 1000 would be benefited by one book atleast and grow spiritually in the Lord. 

My heart melts, and bleeds, when I think of those days how God talked to me and moulded me in my spiritual life by the books I read, al most 45 years back. Oswald Smithbooks,, Pilgrim Progress,by John Bunyan, Isobel Khun books, Richard Wurmbrand books, Oh how wonderful was that world, How sweetly Spirit of God hovers over me, how beautifully every morning Our Daily Bread fills my soul with His sweet words, Back to The Bible Radio preachings edified me, RRK Murthy preaching and the songs, how they helped me to bow down before my Lord my saviour. 

Yes one book at least one book of mine could help a seeking soul, as these incidents in these books were real and true and in fact they were miracle basing on His word.

Often I found myself that I lack words or cunningness of twisting words when I speak with with certain cunning people. I fell into their trap , i am useless not so very clever, but I have incidents , of His revelations, Now I understand why Paul said, or lamented saying, “you people may say, tht I am very powerful when I am in distance and in writing but very weak when I am with you.”   Lord your ways of using those who wished to be used by you is strange, you choose snails like us, who are nothing in the eyes of this world, who are so easy to be cheated by the people, but you have given us experience with you which others could not claim, you have given a language to us which others could not have, thereby I feel that I should write books, only one part of my life I wrote so far, but what about all other parts, my job, my marriage, my children, my job again, my ministry , my house, my church, and my children marriages, my retirement, my journies, everything in my life I knew that you have led me with great care and greater promises,

I am fining that each day is passing by and yet I could not finish many things, knowing very well that I am really running the last mile stone in this race of my life. I see many things are unnecessary and wasting my time, I need more time to start to write the books, many more books, whether people read or not, I don’t mind,, but I need to write, I have no peace until i put everything in book form. Oh Lord help me to do my duty in this short time waiting for me. Amen

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Hello All! I am a retired Lecturer, Former Air Hostesses, and a writer. I love to share MY STORIES, WITH MY GOD.

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