seeds of faith in sweet childhood


seeds of faith in sweet childhood

I am just observing the people around me, and when I voiced out my opinions to any one, funny, they just think that statement of mine is , may be about them. And they look confused, I find this very funny in fact. why people are all ways think that the statement of any kind is only about them. Its like when we read the symptoms of any disease in any medical book , many times people think that they too have all those diseases. so is with psychological problems, the symptoms of any mental illness , is attributed to some people for themselves.

Well now this blog is again the continuation of my sweet childhood once again.
Well, in those days of my schooling in Guntur, I used to feel that I am the queen of the world, it was how my dad used to treat me all the time, giving the best I need.
My aunt, kantha mani used to stay with us whenever she gets a school holiday. I used to love her very much. At the same time we both used to quarrel over little things, which I really do not remember now. but those quarrels i remember very well. Funny thing is I could not stay one hour also away from her because we both like each other very much. she was 9 years older than me. We used to have a very nice tendril which was planted by my dad in our house. We used to call those tiny little white flowers as Ginni puvvulu, because they look like as little saucers with a small bud like thing in the middle of the flower. They used to give us nice scented smell. It used to climb over our terrace, so my aunty and me used to go up there and pluck those flowers some times. Once I remember that we got angry with each other. I do not know the reason but she said if I go alone to the terrace her devil will come take me out. I said if u get down from the bed where u sat now, my devil come and bite u. haha, that was the threat but I really used to be afraid to go up to the terrace or get down from my bed in the nights.
we used to make funny face showing all the teeth , and make fun of each other. in guntur.
I remember that another aunty called by the same name came to our home for some teacher training to be completed. her name was Kanthamma. She used to take me to her tuition teacher many a times. That teacher skin was reddish, and shining. I used to admire so much , and wonder she might have the same skin of my lip if i turned it out. I all ways used to see the inside of my under lip and wonder this might be the skin of that lady.
But this kantham Aththamma made a lasting impression on me about Jesus christ in my life.
I was hardly 4 years old. But she used to tell me so many stories of Jesus, which I liked them very much. She taught me that whenever i am afraid of any devil or anything I can shout louder like” yesu rakthame jayam, apavaadhi kriyalaku layam” ( In the Blood of Jesus I claim victory over the deeds of the Devil) She told me that I can have victory over the Devil, and he will run away if I shout like that.
so whenever I am afraid of darkness or anything like that I used to shout like that , and i never was afraid of anything. She taught me the morning prayer, evening prayer and prayer for the food God has given me. She made me to learn the prayers by heart.
She used to write letters to me when she went away. Her writing was like pearls. My mom and dad liked her letters very much and they used to read those letters to me again and again. In those letters she used to tell me about Jesus all ways, and about good habits etc.
I owe to her so much, because she was the one who planted the seed of love for Jesus christ. I believe since then , that there is no other God but Jesus christ .
People used to tell me and my parents that I am exactly look alike my dad. They uesd to say” Oh Leela is just like her dad, the very print of him. see the nose, its just like his, such big nose.” they used to laugh also about that. The first part of comment I like very much , that is ” she is exact print of her dad” but the next part about my nose, I was hurt once, for the way they were laughing. may be it was just a comment for them. but for me i was hurt. /so one day when i was really laughed at , i went from them , and went inside the room of my dad and i bolted the room and lied down on the bed of my dad. Because of kanthamma athamma, Dady bought a big portrait of Jesus Christ, and hung it in his room , you know the one usually in every christian house of the old it used to be there. That comely face of Jesus showing his heart with one hand and showing two fingers with other hand.
so when i lied down there and looking at the comely face of Jesus Christ, all the tears in my eyes dried up, which i got due to my hurt in the heart. and I was seeing the face and found the nose of Jesus was very nice, its very sharp and nice. So seeing His nose and face and those kind eyes, i just slipped into sleep. In my sleep i got a dream, which i never can forget even now. Jesus came and sat in the sofa which was in that room. and He was smiling at me. I went to Him and i asked HIm why He gave me such big nose. He was jut smiling at me, then I heard my mom banging the door and calling me ” Leela Leela, loudly.
For which sound i was waken up from my beautiful dream. and found that I was alone in that bed, so i jumped out of the bed still looking at the sofa and the portrait, suspiciously whether Jesus really came there. That dream was so vivid, and I preserved it in my heart ever since.

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Hello All! I am a retired Lecturer, Former Air Hostesses, and a writer. I love to share MY STORIES, WITH MY GOD.

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