Shaeltiel–A Success Story of a Widow


Shaeltiel —  A Success Story of a Widow

When I lost my husband, therefore I lost the church we served. That chapter of my life which I was accustomed to, as a routine for the past 20 years was vanished. New pages of life opened which were strange and uA Success Story of a Widownknown and dark. They cornered me in a seat in a corner of a room and told me, literally, ‘your status is changed. You are supposed to sit in a corner, unnoticed and behind the curtains, you are a widow now”-They said,  “You should not have a car as a widow, why you need it?”- The President of the church asked me. And as he did not like the name of the car MARUTHI he told me to sell it because its meaning is MONKEY.

Later they told me that I should not have scooter and I should not allow my son to ride  it, and but sell it immediately. So within five days I sold the brand new car ,and   the scooter for loss fo Rs 60000/-“Later they tried to convince me to give away my gold bangles and the chian to the church, in the name of the sacrifice/ They questioned me why should  I have costly sarees and why I am wearing even Rs400/ valued sarees? Ultimately these people who devour the houses of the widows tried to convince me to sell the house to them for minimum price and go and live in some flat. All this was in the name of godliness and obedience.

Lamb & the Wolf story:-

(I remember a story of a wolf and a lamb.— Once upon a time a lamb was drinking water in a brook that flows from a hillock, a wolf was on the hillock  observing the lamb standing, down the hill drinking water that was coming from above. But the wolf wanted to kill the lamb to eat, but it wants to show itself as a justful one by not eating the lamb without giving a proper reason.

So it howled at the lamb and said, “Hey lamb you are drinking the water in the brook and that dirty water is coming towards my side, how dare you are to do this? I am the leader of this creek,.”

The poor lamb said, “Oh no sir, you are up on the hillock and I am down to the hillock. The brook is flowing from top of the hillock, towards me. How can the water I drink, come up to you, Sir?”  He tried to reason with the wolf.

The wolf was angry and shouted again, “How dare you are to answer me back, if not you, your father drank the water yesterday, you have to pay for the sins of your father now, I will kill you.”

       It said coming nearer to the lamb.  The poor lamb was trembling in fear and said, “No sir, my dad went to the other forest long back. He is not here. I am fatherless”.

But the wolf was very angry and said, “How dare you are to answer me back, if not your father, your grandfather drank water here.”

       Then the poor lamb answered him, “Oh No sir, my grandfather died a long back before I was born.

Now seeing its argument come to nill, the wolf was so enraged, howled to the top of its voice, and all other animals in the woods thought that the lamb committed a great sin and thereby the wolf was angry with it. So taking this opportunity the wolf at once jumped down on the little lamb and killed and ate  it.)


God takes care of a widow

The moral of the story, people wanted to devour the widows, because they think they do not have any one to talk on their behalf, and they are helpless and alone.  But the Lord God is their husband and He argue on behalf of them and He assured them that, “Revenge is Mine.” Whoever insult or hurt or cheat a widow, whether she is rich widow or poor one, they will face the consequences soon or later.



Anything may come and anything may go, no problem. As member of this particular organization we are supposed to obey their instructions by all means. We are supposed to seek and oblige their counsel, advice and guidance in our lives at every step of our lives.  I am conditioned along with many others, to obey them out of respect, to every instruction they give us. If anyone do not take their counsel in case of studies, job or marriage and any problem arise they would condemn us saying, “You did not seek our advice, so you are facing these troubles.  You did your own wish that is why you have this disease, accident or problem. So and so did her own wish that is why her husband died or her child died”

       Thus they judge us and would not come to pray for us, unless we confess and cry at their feet that we did a great mistake. Sometimes they would ask us to make a public confession on the dias. Even then they look down at us because we REBELLED  against them  like Korah and Dathan .They used to preach cursing that any one disobey them will taste the death of Korah and Dathan. Numbers 16 chapter, Fearing their wrath we often forced to go to these counsellors or the head of the Institution to get their advice in our lives.

In situations of studies, marriage, job, or buying a house or going to parents house etc etc we were supposed to be under their supervision in the pretext of seeking good counsel. Instead of God they became our gods to depend upon.

The freedom of Truth which was promised by our Lord had no place in our lives but slavery in the name of ‘implicit obedience’ was expected   from us who wants to take part in the ministry. Otherwise we will be treated as outcast and the responsibilities given to us were taken away from us thus making us to face public humiliation in the church.

( like taking care of shoes of the church comers, or ushering the church members, or oversteering seating arrangements, or taking offertory on Sunday worship or conducting Sunday schools will be taken away from us, and we will be excommunicated from the others.) No one should visit other church members without the permission of the pastor or pastor’s wife. No one should talk to others in the church premises. Etc etc, rules reign over. Once we were in the bad looks of the Pastor if anybody talk to us, or read the book we write, or attend the marriage function in our house, or seen by them that they were talking to us on the road even, they will be taken aside and warn them severely and again excommunicated from the inner circle of faithful ones of the pastor.)

This was the organization I was attending. I was naïve in Christian matters; I never knew other churches as I was introduced to this church alone when I came to know of the Lord.  I started to go to this church from the very beginning and as they strictly told us not to go to any other church . We obeyed them.  We considered their words as the oracles of the prophets of the old.

If anyone do not take their counsel in case of studies, job or marriage and any problem arise they would condemn us saying, “You did not seek our advice, so you are facing these troubles.  You did your own wish that is why you have this disease, accident or problem. So and so did her own wish that is why her husband died or her child died”

        .  But they often would say to us, “Seek the Will of God, always, God will speak to you, if you pray.” Some times even when we pray and tell them that we got guidance from God,  this guidance should be on par with their advice, or intentions for us or otherwise they would say that our prayer and guidance from God is futile and call it as cock and bull story.  Thus they judge us and would not come to pray for us, unless we confess and cry at their feet. Often we used to get very good counsel if we go to them, so they are there always for us to get counsel very easily rather than go to God in prayer

 So it was up to us to take their advice or to seek the Will of God even though — we obey their silly rules many times.  When the counsellor called me told me like this:

This I witnessed it in close quarters.  I saw the judgment of God came upon them so severely who insult a widow. Now do not try to bring your useless standards to determining whether a woman who lost her husband is really a widow or not by quoting some verse from the Bible.  A true widow is the one who had been faithful, loving obedient wife who took care of her husband till his last breath.   God loves this widow just because she lost her beloved husband to whom she was faithful till the end.  The tears of the widow are precious to the Lord. He is a justful God; God is a “defender of widows in His holy habitation.” Psalms 68:5
Religion that is pure and undefiled before God, the Father, is this:  visit orphans and widows in their affliction and to keep oneself unstained from the world. James 1:27

The Lord watches over the sojourners: he upholds the widow and the fatherless, but the way of the wicked he brings to ruin.’ Psalm 149:9

Beware of the scribes, who like to walk around in long robes, and love greetings in the marketplaces and the best seats in the church and the places of honour at feasts, WHO DEVOUR WIDOWS’ HOUSES   and for pretence make long prayers.                                                              THEY WILL RECEIVE THE GREATER CONDEMNATIONLuke 20:46-47

1Timothy 5:5   This is such a tender verse because the widows are often left alone and all they have is their hope in God. But what better Person do you  have your hope set on? A widow might feel that she cannot do much for the church anymore but this is absolutely not true. She can do the most powerful thing and that is to pray for others, and her prayers are heard by God and answered by God immediatly because He is her caretaker.—

A true Widow? Yes some widows were never had been faithful to their husbands nor they were obedient to them when they were alive. They never had the born again experience in the Lord. They were ‘Merry Widows.’ They never seek to live for the glory of God. They live for themselves, and finding the new freedom without her husband, she go to house to house on one or other pretext and roam on roads carrying useless news about one to another. A widow who talks much is not a widow at all, according the verse 1Timothy 5:13)

I was distressed, not knowing what to do. All that I considered valuable in my life was vanished within a second, I was alone and tearful , lonely in my room, whispering prayer to my Friend and Father ,  I was fearfully praying for only one thing those days, “ Lord give me courage, Lord give me courage, I am so afraid of people. I am crushed mentally, and spiritually. I cannot stand. I lost everything. Lord save me. Give me courage. So far I was dependent on my husband. Now I have to do things all alone, think alone, plan alone and take care of my children alone. I am fearful, I am not aware of the ways of the world, people trying to cheat me, mentally and financially; Lord, give me courage”—

When we seek the Will of God in our lives, even the bitter events turn up into sweeter things. Mara is no more would be Mara, but turn up into Naomi.



All in a sudden I heard the word Shealtiel thrice, in a male voice, in my ears. I was jerked at once.. And could not understand what it was meant by.

I knew that this name was in the Bible, but I did not know in what context it was there, or the meaning of it. I searched for the meaning of it in Bible concordance. There I found –   “I have-Asked for of God”—Immediately the same male voice was whispering in my ears.. “You were recording all the answers given by Me in a little book titled:“WE ASKED—HE ANSWERED. Now is the time to ASK; not to weep, ask and you will be guided what to do next”

           The voice was clear. All my anxiety and tears vanished. (I have a little bound book in which there were two columns on each page titled

WE ASKED  &  HE ANSWERED—“  I recorded my questions and His answers in two columns from 1975 onwards)

            Therefore, that day I ASKED God for ministry of serving Him as a lonely widow.

He led me to start a monthly magazine AMMAVODI, for children and for young mothers.

        Later HE led me to venture into writing books for the Glory of His name, one by one till now.     First I translated John Bunyan’s Pictorial Pilgrim’s Progress.

 Translated the little book “The sky is your destiny” into “Gaganame nee gamyam

Then I wrote book on David’s first wife MICHAL.  Then a book on Deborah,

Then my life as Airhostess and His Faithfulness.

This book “Your Prayer is Heard.” was also written in Telugu language.

After publishing my books by spending lot of money and wondering how far they are beneficial to the folks, one night in my sleep I heard a voice telling me       “Ecclesiasts 11:1” number of times all through the night in a soft whisper. As soon as I got up I opened the Bible and read that verse, and realized that the verse was very familiar one.”Cast your bread on waters, for you will find after many days”. Though it was a familiar verse, it was speaking to me with new meaning and assurance of encouragement.

Well, I understood that it doesn’t matter to know how many are benefited by my books NOW. The reward comes later in heaven certainly. God is my reward and my crown.

When I was in my 9th class, 1967 I went to a prayer meeting in Guntur, as one of my friends, Johanna Mahimardhini invited me as she herself was a pastor’s daughter. I went and saw with my own eyes how the Man of God, Sol Braken from foreign country, healed the blind, the lame, and the deaf.

The mighty power of God was so much; I liked to take the magazine of his.. I kept it in my little iron box of books.

Later we were transferred to different cities; to Vijayawada, Vizayangaram, Kakinada and then to Vizag. It was 1973, Jesus found me in my wilderness, I fall in love with Him and His Book and books about Him. That was the first time that I realized I had that magazine of Sol Braken which I took home in 1967. I retrieved them out of my little iron box and read those papers reverently, and benefitted spiritually.

The word of God has power, and I believe the Verse Ecc: 11:1 “Throw away your bread on waters, and you shall find it after many days.”

” There are no “If’s” or “BUTS” in God’s Plans. And there are no plans that are safer than the plans of His.  His Will is our only safety.”-Corrie Ten Boom

My toil may not yield anything instantly, but I trust in God who will reap the souls in its season.

 Give God your weakness and He will give you His strength”




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Hello All! I am a retired Lecturer, Former Air Hostesses, and a writer. I love to share MY STORIES, WITH MY GOD.

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