Hate, Hatred ,Hating, are the words we do not like. They are the most mischievous words that confuse us, and trap us into the abyss of the life. We  have ambivalence for these words.When it is subjective we love it, but when it is objective , we do not like it, we hate the word hate, because this word come from other side, but  when it comes within our heart, we like it.

                     Why this word is so confusing, HATE…What Jesus did with this word when He lived among men, who hated him without reason, How he handled this word when it comes from others to devour HIM.  Not only on the cross, but even while He lived on earth, how he handled this emotion ?!

                   He was tempted in every way that we are, but He didn’t sin Hebrews 4:15.  Yes its a strange emotion which made the man to kill others or himself,murdering others or go for suicide him or herself. or go for wars, and tantalize the whole world with corruption and uselessness

               To sum up the life of man, usually people quote his last words on the death bed.   People high light the last words spoken by the person who is at the verge of the death. The last words have value, power and analyse the whole life of 75 years less or more .  A man is judged by his last words before he leaves his kith and kin. Thats the way of the world , right?

                 So we know Jesus temperament about the people who hated Him. He just uttered His way of dealing those who hate HIM, “FORGIVE THEM FOR THEY DO NOT KNOW WHAT THEY DO. It was His way of dealing the hating people. He taught the model prayer to his disciple, “Lord forgive us our tresspasses as we forgive others who tresspass against us..

                Is it  so easy to do so? Even at the verge of forgiving who is killing us?    As it is we cannot forgive who hurt us, who offended us, who ruthlessly despise us, who in spite of our kindness hate us and harm us? we give  tit for tat answer, either by word or deed, we retort or give answer back in the same tempo and tone of the other person who insulted us, or we go and tell our friends and thus get console from others, its common man reaction.

                   But how could  God expects the mortal man to forgive others in his daily life, when the others are too cranny, deceitful, cheating, and irritating us, to the utmost even while we keep our peace to the utmost extent?

                      How to deal with the people who live with us, and eat with us, but hate us and use us despitefully and take advantage of us, in spite of our tolerance and forgiveness?

                      Jesus used to encounter with a lot of hatred mobs surrounding Him, who are Pharisees, self righteous, Romans, who were forcibly asking for the submission, and fault finders, every where.

                          HOW JESUS, OUR LORD HANDLED THESE PEOPLE?

                     He lived an exemplary life on this earth for a christian to follow. He left an example so that we could follow in His footsteps.1Peter 2:21.  Of course He rebuked them (John8:47) forgave them, He tolerated them, He avoided them,( Mark 11:28,29) He just did not tell them,to go away from Him, but He argued with them,( pointing the scripture Mark 10:2,3) He cautioned them,( Luke 7:40-42)  He warned them about the coming, judgement, tied to speak to them about the eternal love of His Father to them..

                      His life was complicated one, during His just 3 and half years of span of time, even after He ascended to Heavens, even now He is most complicated person, He encountered many evil hateful, harmful people at every step of His life. He never yielded to their whims and fancies, yet he never showed His hatred towards them. But often cautioned His disciples about the evil ways of such hateful men. BE AWARE OF MEN. He often cautioned. DO WHAT THE PASTORS TOLD YOU, BUT DO NOT DO WHAT THEY DO. was one of His cautions. Be Careful of evil teachings,too, they are infectious. He warned His disciples. forgive others as God forgave them, but never their misdeeds. He loved them as  sinners, but never consented their sins.     “Sin no more” was His warning.John 8:11

                               To learn of Him we have to know of Him much and more, which could be possible only through the reading of scriptures. There is no other way, to deal this Evil quality of Hatred,.Some times God puts the very same person just beside us in the office where we work, or in the same street, or in the same church, ,in the family,you just cannot avoid him or her, you have to deal with them in every step of life, you just cannot avoid him, then what to do? 

   He told us, “do to others as you would have them do to you”( Luke 6:27-31)  Its a Golden Rule of life. Lets learn it in our lives from the Great Teacher who lived as He taught .


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Hello All! I am a retired Lecturer, Former Air Hostesses, and a writer. I love to share MY STORIES, WITH MY GOD.