Insignia of God!!

Signatures of God
                  Signs of God, should we ask for them? Jesus said, that we should not; He said that we will get only one sign, that is, about the Son of God being laid down in the cavity of the earth for three days and three nights,that is the only sign to look for  for this generation.

But He also said ‘be aware of the marks/signs of the end days,’ and He has quoted many things that would come before the dooms day/ judgement day.
I get signatures of God in my life about the presence of God. This I found out very strangely, unexpectedly and as a source of great comfort, joy, and Peace to me. In  fact I must say it was so spectacular, and so awesome.

Every time, either in a bus, flight or church or in a house , or in some prayer meeting  Our eyes meet. Those eyes are full of joy twinkling either they wave hug, continuously smile play hide and seek, or say I love you, I am sorry, Do not worry with their eyes or a few soft words. These children are not known to me before,  most of the times.

Incident .1.     Once I was asked to give a message in a cottage meeting,in Rajahmandry, where there were many families gathered together.
I give message of God often, but that day I felt that I am at loss.. It was so unexpected, when the pastor asked me to give a message to the group all in a sudden. They were altogether unfamiliar group, which I never met before a group of families. I spoke about the love of God, for a few minutes, may be thirty or forty minutes.   There was pin drop silence, and when I stopped there was no sound any where.I do not know how far I had reached them, or how far  the message was apt for them. so I came humbly to my seat which was beside a big bed and had burried my face in my hands to pray.
There were two children on the bed,sitting as there was no place for them on the floor.Then  one of them suddenly jumped into my lap and whispered into my ears that she and her sister like me very much.
I was shocked, I do not know what to say. my heart was light, all the heavy curtain overlaps me suddenly lifted up. I felt the presence of God immediately. I never knew these children, I never talked to them I did not know who were their parents, but the message from God through them made me very happy
Incident 2.        Next time when I was traveling from Hyderabad after I left my son at the airport, I was heavy in my heart, I was tired physically and mentally, as my daughter already left me after her marriage to USA, and now my son left me for further studies to Australia.
People used to say, ‘why you are sending your children to distant countries> why do not you make them to stay with you. why to live alone?’

Am I a selfish woman to be like that/ ? If their father is alive, would I ever think like that. Should the death of their father be a hindrance to their bright future? and ambitions? I may live for some more years, for my sake, should I ask them to forego their plans for life? after my death won’t they feel that only because of me their future plans were spoiled? nah, no, never would I be a stumbling block to their life’s ambitions. I will encourage them till I die. Though it may be a lonely life for me, though I need to depend on others for many a tasks at home. Though I may need to end my life in an Old age Home, I will never never make them to think, that because ‘our father is not alive we need to sacrifice our bright life plans for the sake of our mother’.

So with these and many other thoughts I slumped tiredly into my seat in the bus. the next seat was empty. I reclined my seat back and leaned back. suddenly after a few minutes one sweet little face emerged between the gap of the seats, from the back of me and smiled at me touching my face with her soft little palm.
. I was literally shocked and lifted my head to see the face of the girl clearly. she went back to her mothers lap, and again came back and did the same thing as before. Now she was giggling and laughing as if she knew me very well. Even her mother was surprised by her act. she just smiled at me.

Do you know how immediately my burden was lifted up, with that smile of the little girl and by her touch on my face? No body knows what peace I got in my heart, how soothing was that touch to me, how relaxed I was immediately and I slept peacefully till I reach my destination.

Incident 3.      The other time I and my friend went to a church where she was invited to give a message. We were sitting at the back of the pew and she was invited to the dais to sit. So I was left alone, and I do not know any one in that church so I just reading my bible, till the time for the message comes. The elder of the church came and asked me whether I would give a message after my friend’s was over.

I looked up and saw my friend was nodding her head inviting me to her side. So I accepted the invitation and went and sat with her. I was not prepared for this. I just accompanied her to the Church. so I bowed down my head and closed my eyes to pray for a message from God. As He was revealing His message step by step,and I was grasping it in my mind, and after a while I opened my eyes , actually I was leaning forward and praying.

One sweet little boy with chubby cheeks was standing in front of me, very near to my knees, and was smiling at me. I was shocked , he was so close to my knees and my face, and as I was erecting my back, he slowly went to his mothers lap and sat there staring at me.

This incident calmed me and made me spirit filled. The message was straight from God. I knew that Jesus was with me and His presence was with me.  There are umpteen signs of children like this to me. I will narrate one more, spectacular incident in my life.

I went USA to my daughter’s house to stay for a while, they had given me the room of my grandson who was 2 1/2 years old,  some how this boy who was attached to me so much one year back  was not coming to me, not even near to me. He was just avoiding me and not talking to me. He was saying a few words now and then, but only peeping at the door of the room where I was staying and going away.
One day  James my son-in-law brought a crater of sodas,  We were talking how nice are the sodas to drink etc.  Jayden said he likes sodas very much.

Later  one day I asked him while climbing the steps, while he was playing with his Thomos Rail Engine, which was his favourite game. “Jayden why you are not playing with me or coming into my room?”  He said,’ its not your room, its my room’    What? I said, ‘Its my room” he yelled.  I was shocked and asked his mom , what he is saying?  She laughed and said, “mom since his birth he was sleeping in that room, and he says it is his room, now you are there  and he does not like it seems.” she laughed.    “Oh I exclaimed,and said, ” after all 2 1/2 years+soda ( its a Telugu term like  you little fellow= soda)” you are saying its your room?”  Immediately he answered me “I am not soda(soda= gas liquid for him)  I am Jayden” stoutly he answered me with a long face. I laughed and left the place. I did not know how to deal with this little fellow. I just postponed that program  to another time.He kept this grudge in his little heart for two weeks now.
Next morning all of us were going to the church, and James asked me to pray  before leaving .  I was praying, then suddenly I found a great jerk at my knees, just before I finished my prayer. I found Jayden hugged my knees as if some force pushed him there, and  he himself took a step back from me within seconds, there was a great shock in his face, so was I.  I could not imagine actually what happened.  He went back to his dad knees and staring at me as if he does not know why he hugged me.  Poor guy, I know that  this is the way God reconciled both of us, and thereby we became  like magnet and iron piece.      You know why I like to go to USA just to see my little two magnets.  Jessica and Jayden.
After that many things happened of this sort,  whenever it happened they are spectacular, unexpected and the sweetest.

Incident 4.   well there is yet another signature of God in my life just a few days back , I went along with pastor Jeevan and Malcom and his wife to Gajuwaaka, to help the Hudh Hudh affected people.  we had very hectic and fruitful day , started our journey at 4 am and continued to work till late in the evening. Every body was taking dinner at the end, I retired to a small room adjacent to give rest to my aching knees and back.  I was alone there, and suddenly a young mother came with an infant in her arms. She smiled at me..  I smiled at her still laying down on the little coach there.   she was about to go to other room adjacent to the place I was in, and turned around suddenly and asked me ” Wont you hold my little baby in your lap?” I was happily surprised and said,” oh why not give me your baby”, and I took her into my lap”   the baby was smiling in her sleep, I found a black spot on her cheek,  the mother is very simple looking girl without any ornaments on her, neat and tidy, but this spot worried me a little, so boldly I asked her, Why you put this spot on the cheek of the baby?  As I expected she told me that its a mark to evade the evil eye.  I told her ” Do you know what the word of God tells us?” I opened the Holy Bible and showed the verses from Isaiah 8:11-14 ” This is what the Lord says to me, with His strong hand upon me, warning me not to follow the way of this people.  Do not call conspiracy, everything these people call conspiracy (evil eye) do not fear what they fear; and do not dread it.  The Almighty is the One you are to regard as Holy, he is the one you are to fear, he is the one you are to dread”   so I asked her to wipe the black spot the symbol of the evil on the angelic face of the baby.  She said she would do it from the day after. ‘No , I said, you should get rid of it right now.” so She wiped the spot with her fingers.   and smiled at me. I shared the word of God to her , and told her the meaning of the verses she read.   I saw great relief in her face and with smiles she left the place.   Do not you think this is very odd, a mother asking some body , ‘Wont you take my baby in your arms?’  that too when I was taking rest in a remote room,  strangely  she needed to see her baby in  my arms.,. which is a strange phenomenon on the part of any mother.    Praise God this is yet another incident.

Incident 5.        I was getting ready to go to Lutheran church , it was 8 am, the church would start at 8:30 am, I was in two minds, should I go to this church or should I go to Abraham’s church as the other day two lady tailors of his church asked me to come and give the word of God?   I was getting ready to go, then there was a knock on my Iron gate, so,  I went to open it wondering who would be the person to disturb me at this hour on this day.

There stood Abraham with a packet which I asked him to bring yesterday.  I never expected him today  that too at his early hour of Sunday.  In fact I forgot that I asked him to bring that packet too.  When he was about to go away after handing over the packet , I asked him shall I come to his church as Usha and Suzan and you asked me to come , the other day?  He was so happy and said, “yes aunty  please do so.”

That settled my dual thought of going to Luthern church or this church.  I got ready and went , it was raining cats and dogs, all in a sudden… no one was there except one woman,  in the hall, Abraham children 9 years girl and 10 years boy and 2 years little girl were there.  I sat in a chair and meditating His word…

Abraham’s little daughter do not know me, she never saw me, so it was natural for her to avoid me and ran away from me, as I am a stranger to her.   Therefore as usual I did not bother, nor I remember that there was a little girl there.

As I was looking into the book and reading,  suddenly I found this girl came near me with two musical instruments, (kanjiries, like tadpole like things)  and smiled at me and gave  one to me. She cannot speak because she is such a small girl,  but she made signs and actions was telling me something.. showing the alter. I did not understand so I asked her brother what is she saying?  he told me she is asking you to go to the pulpit and pray.  I was astonished to see her gestures, still continuing.. and asking me to go there.  This thrilled my heart, This filled me with His presence.  Oh God how wonderful thou art!

Incident :6–In Sydney, I went for Telugu Christian conference, I travelled from India to this place along with other members who were coming there, my both feet were swollen terribly, that was the third of the conference, I went back of the seats to stretch my feet on the front row of seats. One grand mother came and sat before me, there was a little boy sleeping in the cradle, beside her, I was listening to the message from the stage, but the legs were so painful, I somehow found myself reclined back, and suddenly I found the little boy woke up and his grandmom took him on to her shoulder, and he was literally giggling at me, and waving his hands at me, I returned my smiles, but did not give much heed to him. Later his mother came and took him from her mother, and about to go away from that place, but this little one keeping on peeping from the side of his mother’s head and waving at me and laughing loudly seeing me. i did not understand this, I asked the grandmother, does he laugh like that always? she said “No, he is rather a very calm boy, that too, he got up from sleep just now, so usually he cries after  the nap, but strangely he is laughing seeing you.”  Later the boy was taken by his dad, even from there he was peeping at me and calling me with his little palms and smiling at me, you know , I could not resist to take him into my arms. His mother, dad, and grandmother were looking at me with some sort of astonishment, and me too was very much astonished by the way the boys shows familiarity only to me among the people there.

Incident 7:-I came to Melbourne, we were attending a Hebron wedding , I was not very much known in this circle, I knew only the mother of the groom who was acquainted to me just a week back , and spend time with her for day in the Lord, while I was sitting in a corner of the seats, I found a little bright girl in yellow dress stretched her hand towards me from the shoulder of her mother who was sitting in front pew of the church. She did not stop waving the hand and smiling at me. Her mother became conscious of her little one gesture, surprised a little and looked back at me, and found me there sitting and looking at them, she was much pleased to see me there and nodded her head smilingly. Later the baby was taken by her aunt, the sister of this mother. So I forgot about the baby, but again I am made to realized that the baby was still smiling at me from distance by looking at me from the folds of the dress of her aunt. This is so sweet.

Incident 8: Children are children whether their parents are poor or rich, christian or non christian, black or white, or of any origin, land, or location.. God look at the children as His own. The other day we were invited for dinner in the house of a Bangladeshi couple, I heard they have a 3 year old daughter, as it was late in the evening almost 8:30 pm we thought she must had gone to bed. But there she was bright and smiling to invite us into the home. She was all the time jumping and playing, none of had any chance to pet her. Even I tried, to take her near me, she was too individualistic and self content , and only fondling child did not bother to come near to us. She did not disturb us while we were taking dinner, or talking among ourselves. She is so sweet and self reliant. with her own songs on the TV. jumping up and down, unlike many loner children in Australia or America. Well mannered and bounty little one. I had really nice time with two couples there gathered. The Hostess is known as Happy, just as my daughter does, was such sweet and lovely in arranging every thing, beautifully and deliciously. We ate almost all the verity of fish of Bangladesh,  We were about to leave the home as it was all ready past 10:30 pm  everybody was busy to wind up the session. I was sitting in my seat and engrossed in my own thoughts, not any thing in particular, and just seeing on the screen of the tv. I was jerked suddenly by a hard push on my knee by the little one, who had come to me in a spec of a second, and ran back to the lap of her dad who was in other sofa chit chating with others who were trying the pudding on the table. I looked at her, and found her she was grinning at me, again she came like a lighting and pushed me on my knee, and again ran to her dad. I asked her dad, Mohammad, ” Did he all by herself came and jerked me so?” He affirmed, “Yes , she herself” I just wanted to confirm that he did not ask her to go to me. after two are five minutes again I asked him the same question, he said, he did not. By this time she became closer to me, we sang rhymes together,  and shouted together, making faces on each other. What made her to give bubble of joy into my heart, when I sat there, brooding over and lost all myself into my own being? do not know, The child was instructed by God to give a sort of smile in my heart. His ways are wonderful and sweet. He chose children often in unexpected moment of my being , to give me immense joy, and completely change the aura of the environment I was engulfed within and without. Praise God for His drops of mercies.

I do not know how many more incidents I would like to write here, most of the stories I forgot to record here in the past years.  /but Reading these incidents again and again make me filled with great joy and happiness.

Children are the signs of God for me. Their angels all ways look unto the face of their Father, thus saith the Lord.
(THURSDAY, AUGUST 18, 2011 (started)to be continued..till my last breath…)
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Hello All! I am a retired Lecturer, Former Air Hostesses, and a writer. I love to share MY STORIES, WITH MY GOD.

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