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Story of my baptism




Story of my baptism


Story of my baptism


Research Assistant

I got a small job as research assistant and I started to earn Rs.200/ per month, I left a very big job in Air India which had promised me a great future and prosperity, and now I opted for a small job like this. My dad thought that I became mad, by doing whatever my mentors were telling me. He wrote a very angry letter to the Head of the Church, accusing them that they were spoiling my bright future.  This I did not know at that time, but later.

When I was asked to fill up any application for any job or higher studies, I was not willing to fill up the blank opposite to the issue, Religion. I was insisting that I would fill it as Christian but not as a Hindu.  My father told me to apply for higher studies and do ‘PG in Education’ by joining again in the University, or I  should go to IAS coaching along with another girl who was the daughter of a judge.  For anything I had to submit application to join, there I need to fill up my applications as Hindu, for which I vehemently objected to write, and I insisted that I would apply as Christian, for which my father was very angry again and scolded me shouting at me.

One day he shouted, ‘Where it is written that you are a Christian?’ I was weeping bitterly then when I heard him shouting ‘ where is it written that you are Christian, I got a bright idea then and there, I told myself, ”Good,  I will get a certificate that I am a Christian  which could be possible only by taking baptism.” Though my dad was shouting at me, and though I was weeping bitterly, suddenly all my tears stopped, and I got PEACE in my heart. Yes there is a way to apply any job as a Christian, and not as Hindu, I was still for a moment, with great joy and peace in my heart. Anybody saw me at that moment could never understood how my demeanour changed in a second, cool and quiet without any tears, almost hiding my smile on my face.

Joy springs within, in times of persecution is possible if we could hear His voice.


‘ So I worked harder in KGH as research assistant, from 8 am to 8 pm everyday in hot summer, saved every pie to go to Madras to attend a Retreat, where I could take Baptism.

One of those retreat days, while I was sitting and praying in the big prayer hall, I saw Br. Joe standing on the dais, so immediately I got up and went to him and told him that I wanted to take Baptism.

He said, ‘Ok You can take” (what obstructs you? was the question of him)

“Brother but they are afraid of my dad.” He laughed and asked me

WHO?’ I turned my head towards the rooms beside us and pantingly said .

 “They” .I answered him with wry grin on my face and turned my head towards the rooms they stay.

He understood immediately because there was his sister, and mother and other counsellors stay.

He laughed and said, “Ok, but you are ‘major’, know? Sister?”

Immediately I understood what he meant by that, I too laughed happily and affirmed, “Yess Brother” a bit louder ,

We both laughed aloud knowing the meaning of becoming ‘Major’ in age.. (It’- means one completed the age of 18 years, having Right to vote, freedom to choose any one to marry, and to choose any religion to practice or to do any work for livelihood.)

That night I fasted and prayed for my baptism, I got guidance from the scriptures about Baptism,

Acts 16:11-15 ;  Especially the verses 14, 15 the verses– talked to me straight to my heart

.              “Now a certain woman named Lydia heard us she was a seller of purple from the city of Thyatira who worshipped God. The Lord opened her heart to heed the things spoken by Paul. And when she and her household were baptized, she begged us saying..”If you have judged me to be faithful to the Lord, come to my house and stay” So she persuaded us.

I prayed God, “Lord I am going to take baptism just as Lydia took, her household also took baptism that day. But my family, my dad, my mom, my younger sisters  still need to come to thee to take baptism, but just as Lydia, I claim this promise that if I take baptism now, my whole household would take baptism in coming days. “– Thus I prayed in faith and claimed that promise to my family too.

The next day they announced that those who wanted to take baptism could come and give their names to so and so at so and so time. So I ran to the men of God that day, Brother Cornelius, Br. Job doss, and Br. Abel were taking the names. I went and told them that I wanted to take baptism and asked them to note down my name. Brother Abel happily announced, “Ok   amma (child), hereafter your name would be Lydia”– my joy knew no bounds, I almost wanted to jump and shout, ‘Halleluiah Praise the Lord”

The next day i.e., 19th. May, 1976 I took Baptism, I was the first girl who was given Baptism in our group of girls who gave names to take baptism that day, and Brother Cornelius gave baptism to me. Brother Joe was standing beside the water tank, and sang the song loudly and happily    “Happy day, Happy day that fixed my choice; When Jesus washed my sins away.”  I experienced the Heavenly joy at once.

There were boys group waiting to take baptism after the girls. I got married on 6.7.1979 and I found the baptism certificate of my husband, Tadigiri Yesuratnam ,  on which the same date as I had on my Baptism certificate  was typed. It means he too took baptism on the same day I took and he was literally in the same group of boys on that day.  So we both were in the same place on 19.5.76 but we were married on 6.7.79 after three years. Everything God arranged beautifully.

I took the Baptism certificate and came home in triumph.



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Hello All! I am a retired Lecturer, Former Air Hostesses, and a writer. I love to share MY STORIES, WITH MY GOD.

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