Summer, Summerer , Summerest


Summer, Summerer, and Summerest

Summer, the hottest season of the life;  No life out side, all faces are withered, all people are tired and sweating, too many accidents on the roads, and the derailment of the rail bogies, death  and thirst prevails the day. No body dares to go out, except the employees and business people.  There is power cut all through the night, and many hours in the day.  Life is  at stand still.  Nobody likes to meet the other or like to invite the other to home. In fact no body like to go to others house.  The heat wave is so much everybody terrified to leave the doors.
The floor and the roof of the house is hot, the chairs and car tops, steering, and the seat of the two wheeler is hot.  the water in the taps are hotter.  There are so many deaths due to heat wave. The children and old people suffer much. The patients and pregnant women suffer much more. Strange disease like swine flu and bronchitis  , colora prevails here and there. Prickly heat makes the faces  ugly.. to look at.  And people shout at the other and quarrel without reason as they are too tired to speak softly.Some people like  us get up early in the morning,  and finish the days course quickly before  the sun rises, and hide ourselves in the little rooms where AC is available.  Takes long showers of bath, and use plenty of talcum powder and some mild perfumes, to make life easier, and drinks lots of water preserved in the clay pot.
White saris, and facial massages, and water melons make life tolerable.  Endless chit chat on the mobile, and endless viewing of the TV news, and real life stories here and there in a few channels help to pass on the hours in the day time to pass on .But only a few people have such easy life, may be the hosuewives enjoy this life all throuh their life time. But as this is the first time to stay back in the blessed Eluru in this month after a gap of 6 years, I am wondering, how come the people in Eluru are surviving all this Summer.

The munjulu( white soft little juicy fruits taken from hard core black bi fruit.), mangoes, mallelu,( white little scented flowers) water melons, karbuja,  make life colorful even in this terrified heat of the day. Shopping in AC malls makes life a bit cozy and comfort.  And the long drive in the evenings thrills the spirit, though the spirit of the engine has become too costly, i.e,. Rs, 81. 35 paise per leter.  The vegetables become too costly, the politics has become too dirty. It look like all mad dogs are left on the streets at once.  Barking , shouting, criticizing, ridiculing, and self boasting  has become the principle of the these TV politician dogs.

For the common man , a few bags of rice, a pot of pure water , and a few clothes only and power isare enough, and he could be easily satisfied , but it also became a rare phenomena in India.  the politicians are robbing crores,  cheating in crores,  talking in terms of crores. Money and power is the rule of the day. Black mailing and corruption is the values of the human dogs.  There is no place for honesty, interety,  students copy  in the exams, and teachers help the mass copying.  children kill the parents for property, and parents sell the children for money.
Life on the whole is absurd, terrible , and stupid.
But still there is the ray of hope for the people who trust in God but not in the money in the purse, or bank.
His helping hand is there always, to shelter his children from the heat of the day, and storms of the life.God  is more needed now in the life more than any time.

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Hello All! I am a retired Lecturer, Former Air Hostesses, and a writer. I love to share MY STORIES, WITH MY GOD.

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