Sweet childhood


Sweet childhood

When I was a child, every ,leaf, every petal of the flower, every drop of rain fascinated me to the uttermost of my being. I still remember those early imprints of my fascinations, my favorite things of early childhood.
As I was the very fondling child of my dady, I was mostly lovingly taken care in our home. I remember the 100 marbles he brought for me to play , as I liked them very much when I saw the street urchins playing with them in our street. I used to play with them on our new soft sofa, in the home , making the knots of the cotton sofa as my goals to spin the marbles one by one into it.
Once I asked my dady for a pen , and I wanted it immediately , so I tried to take his Parker pen from his pocket. He told me that he would bring many loads of pens in Lorry. I just believed him and sat at the gate of the house, waiting for a Lorry with loads of pens, that evening. Looking at the coming and going Lorries in our street, till I was tired of waiting.
Once I told my dady that I want to dance like the top heroin in the movie we saw, then, Anjali Devi, the song being’ jeevithame safalamu, ee jeevithame safalamu, raaga sudha bharithamu,’ and so I asked him to paint our floor with a big flower design because that heroin danced in between a big flower in fron of a king in a palace. so that evening he bought a big carpet for me to dance on it. I used to dance on it ,with the nail polish and lip stick he brought for me.
Once my dady and myself sat on a big bed, in the verendah, the carpenters were working on big boxes for the things to be loaded and transported from Guntur to Eluru. I already joined in St. Joseph convent and studied 1st and 2nd classes there. The sisters there were all foreigners, and we used to have a big play ground where I learned the songs ‘Ring a Ring a roses, pot a full of poses.” we used to play under green trees and on green pastures in the school compound. afternoons we were supposed to sleep in the class room, I never used to sleep, because the first one who woke up from sleep as soon as the bell rings used to pull the others who were still sleeping. so i used to get up first and pull others to wake up, it was great fun those days. the class teacher used to give us a cup of milk, and later we were given so many blocks to play out side the class room. Morning we used to learn English language. One night i got 5 white watery patches on my arm, but dady wanted me to go to school, one constable used to come to take me to school on the motorbike, when i went to school the sister nun came and told me that she would take me to the school clinic, later that day the doctor in the clinic inserted a needle into each patch of white water bags on my arm and sucked the water from there. I do not know how I got them and what was all that about. we used to have socks and shoes. the thin thread that dangles from the socks were a great fascinating thing for we children. we used to pull them now and then to see how long they could be stretched out. The constable had a son, and so he was also er how studying in the nearby school, so the constable used to come to pick me up and later his son too was on the bike. I was sitting in front , and he used to sit at the back. One day he told me that he can sit at the back without holding his father ,and tried to show me how he can sit like that, after a few minutes we found him fall on the road, and his arm was fractured. Later the constable did not come to pick me up. There was one other constable who used to come, some times he holds me in his arms from the school , sometimes he used to ask me to walk. when I told him my legs are paining, he told me that I can jump on one foot and then other foot and walk or run thus I would not get any pain. so I still remember how I used to run with one leg up and one leg down jumping and running which I even practiced whenever I found its difficult to walk too long . I remember how I used to run from Lady yampthil school , in Machilipatnam, to home in my 7th and 8th classes.
Navy blue skirt, white blouse, white socks and black shoes was our uniform, in St.Joseph convent. so when the carpenters were working with nails and hammers, my dad told me not to get down from the cot where we sat, telling me that i may be hurt if I get down. My dad went for a few minutes to talk to a friend on the road, when he called him. then i thought it would be very funny if I could walk in between the nails of the wood, as the workers also went out side to relax for a few minutes, I thought it was the best time for me to walk , on the wood between the nails protruding upwards. so slowly i got down of the cot and started to walk , doing balance walk. suddenly i stepped on a sharp nail, and it went straight into my small and tender foot, and I could not lift it up , and started to wail aloud, then my dad heard it and shouted at once and came running towards me. I was so scared and pulled my leg at once and with one leg limping ran into the house crying aloud, and jumped on heaps of clothes which were there while my mom and aunty were folding them. crying my leg my leg… my dad was after me, and he scolded me severely and brought a bottle of tincture and pulled my leg and poured the medicine with cotton on my bleeding foot. You can imagine how loudly I cried, it was burning and I cried lot of time,
another time my dad called cotton wallah Dhu dhekula vaadu to our home to yeku yekadam repair all the old cotton in the mattresses. I was closely observing him from the beginning. while he was hitting the cotton with his loom the cotton was flying into the air, and becomes fluffy and white. I was so fascinated by it and I want to touch it and lie down on it, and play in it. Because I was seeing Naaradha a mythological figur in the movies how he used to walk in the clouds, I felt I should walk like that, if not in the clouds at least here in this heap of cotton which so fluffy and white. At the time of lunch break the cotton man begged me not to touch the cotton as he is going to take lunch. I said yes, but as soon as he went away I jumped on the cotton and lied down feeling that I was the queen of the world, and I was walking , jumping and sleeping in the clouds. when the cotton man came back he was shocked to see me in the cotton and wailed loudly , saying ‘oh all cotton is spoiled oh all cotton is spoiled now i gotta work again.”
I ran from there as I was afraid of his wailing.
I used to sit on our iron entrance door, and used to swing hither and thither. One day as I was doing thus, my left hand little finger was irrukku poindhi stuck in between and the nail was broken out, and there was lots of blood, my dad again put the cotton ball of tincture on it, which burns like fire, and I cried loud and loud till I lost all my strength.
My dad used to have a motor bike with a seater beside it. I used to sit in it some times. usually my mother with my sister used to sit in it while i sit in front of my dady.we used to to movies like that.
We used to have a neighbors a doctor and his wife. I used to go and play in their home when the doctor was not there. I think they were newly married and do not have any children. I used to play with her hand, as it was very plumpy and fair, she and me used to lie down some times in the afternoon and she used to tell me some stories. But when the doctor comes i used to run home because he used to kiss me terribly, which I could not bear, all over my face on my stomoch on my arms every where. he used to suffocate me with kisses, so I ran and ran out of theier house, while she used to laugh at me while i am running.
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