Testimony/sundry times 2

“Leela, pray and come to room number 3. Gallery room. Even Sister Principal is coming to your class, along with the ETC ( Effective Teaching Committee)also all the staff are coming to your class and all the BA students too.” said, Miss Mathew Lecturer in English, peeping into my room where I was giving finishing touch to the lecture I was supposed to give. Only a few more minutes are left to go the room she told me to come.

I was told that I need to give a Lecture which will be assessed critically by the ETC and the report will be given to sis Principal to get comments on my performance. Usually she never attend the such classes because they are taken care by the ETC all ways, and the teaching staff never attended before to these lectures after the college hours.

I did not have time to think even.. I heard her words, as soon as she left, I closed the doors of my room and knelt down to pray. I told the Lord to give me courage and wisdom to go through this ordeal. I once gave this lecture before those senior lectures to be selected as a lecturer three years back, now this is my third year of service, and I know all the senior lecturers now.. giving lecture without knowing them was different now giving lecture knowing them very well.
I prayed, and got up knowing that God heard my prayer, right in front of me the scripture calendar was on the wall hanging, I saw those words before .. but now the same verse was bulging out and out to speak to me”Fear not I am thine exceeding great reward.”—
Gen 15:1
My Lord , my savior is there telling me , that I need not be afraid, for He is going to give His exceeding great reward. I felt like a great strength has filled my soul, May be I felt like Samson, in full strength and vigor, and zeal at once… I was so confident while I enter into that big Gallery room, stepped on to the dias and took the chalk peice and wrote the heading of the lesson, “Basic concepts of Social work” Recently one of those staff who was presented there in the room was telling me, ” Miss, I can never forget the way you explained the lesson that day, especially you explained about the Plimsoll’s mark of the capacity of human mind, in taking up stress in life. with a little diagram on the black board…”
yes I remember that bit of the lesson very well, It was 1979 April..!! I said, every human being has some capacity to bear any stress in life , but only to certain extent.. like this Plimsoll mark on the sailing vessel in the sea, ( I drew a little boat and drew a line on the vessel ) this little boat can have cargo in it only till it sinks into the water till this mark, after that if you put even one kg of wieght there is danger of it sinking into the water without a question. So also a human being can bear problems and stresses only to some extent, after wards he needs to get advice, counselling, and comfort from other human being., there the Social worker come in handy with professional skill.—

I gave that lecture so fluently, challenging the students and as well as the staff there with some general questions too.

I finished the lecture within the given time and conveyed my thanks for their presence and got down the dais to leave the room., just then I heard the voice of the Sis principal, Josephine, ” Hey child, come here, and looking straight into my eyes she said,’ You did your level best Miss”

To get such wonderful compliment from such a task master like our Principal was indeed a great boon to me. I thanked her and dignified way I left the room. Later I got the report from ETC.. before the summer holidays, in what areas I have to take care , and in what areas I showed the best performance.
Later I came to know, this class of mine was taken by the Principal in front of every other lecturer to show some of them whether I was worthy to be continued in the service or not from the next year, and make my appointment as permanent appointment. All those other lecturers got termination after they completed three years of service and some of them got new appointment again in the next year. But for me she did not terminate my post. I continued my post as Lecturer without a break.
This is the Lord’s doing, and marvelous in our sight!!

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Hello All! I am a retired Lecturer, Former Air Hostesses, and a writer. I love to share MY STORIES, WITH MY GOD.

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