I am living alone literally, i have had an empty nest since the dear husband left for Heavenly abode very coolly and peacefully, i had the joy of doing something for the children and fulfilling my responsibilities meticulously, now that they are married, and busy building their own nests, i feel i have finished my duties as mother and i no more can exercise any control over their doings by pulling the thread tied up to their balloons of lives. I have learned to let it loose from my fist and seeing them fly and fly along with their spouses and kids.
so I experience the real meaning of empty nest not only physically but even psychologically and socially too.
some are very happy to see my children are well settled and see the hand of God and His mighty love for me and my children. But some other jealous people see only my lonely journey and say that it is a curse to live alone. But i see the loving hand of my God who never left me alone at any cost through all my life.
Life is going on and on without me intruding in it anything consciously, i am taking rest to the utmost. Wonder how God teaches us lessons, I thank God for this Chickengunea which i got inflicted in the month of September 2010 soon after my retirement which made me bedridden for a while. I thank God for He has given me enough strength to renovate the house for the utmost comfort of my children for their home visit in November 2010 later again though i fall asick terribly, God provided His amazing grace just to carry on my duties for the marriage of John and Annie on 22nd November and there on till the children left to their destinies. Later again i fall asick , this time with great red boils on my feet which impaired me completely to my bed, as i could not step my feet on the floor. I started to limp around, and could not walk without a support. I praise God , in this terrible lonely situation i found His grace and His Word sustained me, Happy , my daughter sent me a website where i studied about chickengunea and stopped all the painkillers and antibiotics and started to take only that medicine Chloroquine Phosphate 250 mg since 25 days and i see restoration my health day by day. I praise God for this.
I know i was just looking ahead for this retirement and planned to do so many things and visit many a places and do whatever i want to do. But this sickness taught me to be alone psychologically and rest at home peacefully and wait upon God for His time and guidance. I praise God once aga

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Hello All! I am a retired Lecturer, Former Air Hostesses, and a writer. I love to share MY STORIES, WITH MY GOD.

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